February 13, 2015 is Liaisacookie's anniversary, so we made a movella to honor the special day! (Awesome cover art by ♠ Aldrin ♠.)


1. Anniversary!

You might not know this but today, the thirteenth of February, 2015, is Liaisacookie's third year anniversary! Liaisacookie is a Movellas Ambassador and has written over 320 Movellas! She is featured in the Most published spot when you click on the ¨People¨ section at the top of your screen and has been a loved member of the community with about 650 followers. She has followed over 600 people and even made a list with a few of her favorite users. :)


Well since this is "Friday The 13th" (Love2write's observation XD ) we're trying to make it a bit lucky for her... This total "cat person" has a life time supply of cat pictures, but we might just give her a few more. :) If one searches ¨cookie cat¨ on google, then one can spot a smaller picture of a cat standing up saying, ¨I made you a cookie... but I eated it.¨ If you look at that and click on the similar pictures to the bottom right you will find a few others of the same theme. :)

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