What If

Comas though. They suck. They happen. Its like you vanish from the world for a while. Like you just disappear. Like you have no care in the world... But what if lets say.. You are living your own life? In your own head. Without recollection of your old life. All you know is you're in a coma.


1. My story

Hey, I'm sage or atleast thats the name I gave myself. I can't remember anything. I don't know whats going on. I don't know where I am... But I do know I'm in a coma. Thats one thing I know. The only reason I know is well.. I am in and out of conversations. I try to tune it out because its mainly just sobs telling me I could let go. They never seem to say my name though. So I'm going with Sage. Another thing I know is that theres this boy. I don't know if he was my boyfriend or friend or something but I keep seeing him. over and over. He doesn't seem to want to leave my mind. So I name him too. His names Louis and this is my story.

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