Ella is living in a world that's falling apart. The bombs are starting and everyone is more than scared. People are panicking, stealing, killing, doing anything to save themselves from going insane with the virus. Until one night, she falls asleep, and when she wakes up. Everything starts over, she is not in the same world that she was that morning. This world was green with real grass and forests everywhere. But she was abandoned, and will never find her way back.


1. Survival of The Fittest

   Ella closed her eyes but the light from the air was still blinding her. She couldn't hear in her right ear and when she opened her right eye lights flashed in the other. A bomb hit near her and impacted the whole right side of her body leaving her half paralyzed and in a daze.

   "Come on Ella, we have to go!" Called out her brother pulling her out of her dizziness and bringing her to her feet.

   "They said there would be a safe house, just over the hill over there." Her mother shouted pointing North as bombs dropped overhead.

   Ella heard her mother's warning in her voice. She started running trying to keep up with her mom and brother. Every time she got dizzy from the wound in her side she forced herself to run by scaring herself into saying she was going to die if she didn't keep moving.

   She heard another bomb go off ahead of her and in the second she turned her head to see her mom land onto a pile of charred grass. Her mother was unconscious and bleeding. Blood was coming out of her mouth, running down the side of her cheek in a thin crimson line while a tear was noticeable in her dust soaked face. Ella heard herself scream and fall to the ground but she didn't even try to scream, it just emerged from her throat and she wanted to cry, but she knew she used up all her tears from crying with fear from the past month. She started to cradle herself, wrapping her arms close, thinking that securing herself would take away everything she was feeling and seeing. She grabbed her injured hand that was bleeding and tried to rub it away. She scrubbed and scrubbed until her fingers were burning and turning pink. She had a deep anxiety her entire life and right now it was terrible.

   In a rush, she felt several hands on her shoulder and feet walking all over her. She ducked her head covering her face. When they were gone she tried picking herself up so she was stable on her feet. She started screaming again, still not knowing why.

   Ella wasn't just scared, she was terrified. When her father tried trading her for a little bit of food she was scared, but this was true terror and it was running through her veins like a wildfire. She needed to run against the crowd that was pulling her away from her mother but she just continued screaming, covering her ears, and standing there like an idiot.

   She heard another bomb to her left, they were getting closer. She tried to pull herself out of the trance but her mind was blank and her thoughts were dizzy. She didn't know which thought to grasp.

   "Ella!" She could her brother screaming her name.

   "ELLA!" She heard it again. Was it her mind screaming at her or was it her brother.

   "ELLA!!!" The voice was getting louder. She turned around and saw her brother running with a grenade in one hand and their mom in the other. Before she could realize what he was going to do, he grabbed her hand and started pulling her away from the crowd. He threw the grenade backwards and hit a large group of people that were poisoned with the virus. The safe house was in sight when her brother collapsed, carrying her down with him. She had already lost one of her brothers, she wouldn't lose this one. She also would not allow herself to die. Especially because of how far they have gotten. She got up, wiped herself off, and grabbed her brothers hand. trying to drag him to his feet, instead he was dragging her.

   The acid gas was coming, she could feel it already seeping into her lungs. She was starting to choke on her own blood. Her fingernails started to sting and she could feel herself getting weaker. Ella fell as her skin bubbled and boiled in blisters. Her heart rate started to pick up skipping beats and she felt her stomach get smaller as if someone was shrinking it. She started coughing up blood and her brother fell again, carrying her mother's lifeless body. She could see the safe house doors, where she knew she would be safe from the gas. She was dizzy and was seeing hallucinations. Her brother got back up with there mom but kept falling like there was a tripline at every other step he took. Ella knew it was her mind playing tricks with her. She got up again and looked down at her feet, they were soaked in blood and her hands were shaking uncontrollably.

   It's just a trick Ella don't get yourself caught in it, just....just move your feet forward and walk to the safe house. She always talked to herself in her mind if she ever got lonely, so by now, it was the most normal thing she could do.

   The front doors were right in front of her, she just needed to extend her hand to open the door and-

   "Nooooooooo!" She heard an agonizing scream right behind her. She dared not to turn around but she had too. 

   "Please help me!" She turned around and saw a woman and her child, only an infant with crystal blue eyes that seemed to be sparkling. 

   "Please take him, his name is..." she started to close her eyes and her face started to turn pale, "His name is..." the blisters started popping all over her neck. In that instant, her eyes looked glassy and still. She still had a smile on her face. She was at peace. Ella knew at that moment that the woman was dead.

   She grabbed the little infant, grasped the door handle, and whipped themselves inside the metal door before the rest of the gas could reach them. When she turned around, she saw only a few hundred people in the room. The place had two floors with stairs that were starting to rot. it looked like an old factory for making chocolate. The last time she had chocolate was six years ago, but she could still taste the bittersweetness on her tongue from the first time Ella tried dark chocolate. That's when she remembered that she hadn't eaten in two days. But she knew there would be food in the morning in the safe house. But just thinking about it made her stomach gurgle. 

   She looked around, some people had little candles to light the small room. All the generators died and nobody's had technology for thirty years. Soon we would run out of candles and the only light would be the stars at night. The moon and the sun disappeared. They were still there but you couldn't see them.

   The first Country to lose electricity was Great Britian. Next Germany and Italy. A few weeks later, China and Russia joined. Soon all of Europe lost power, and everyone went crazy. Then came North America with the United States and Canada. Until all of South America shut down. Nobody was safe to even leave their homes. Ella's parents had their neighbors break into their house one night. That was the first night she ever saw death. Her father was stabbed while she was injured. She had a large scar across her rib cage to prove it.

 When Ella climbed up the stairs in the factory, holding the infant, she noticed most people were wrapped in blankets or holding their loved ones with a rag over their mouth, trying to prevent any disease from anyone there that may be sick but may not realize it. Nobody even gave her a slight glance, she was almost invisible just like everybody else. Since the war started most people only cared for themselves. She didn't know why she saved the child. She could have just let him die, and she thought about it.

   The little child started crying in a whimper. She started singing a lullaby to the child, an old lullaby that her older brother used to sing to her before he was drafted and killed in the war that neither side won. He sang her all the battle songs, even the most gruesome ones. She memorized every single one. She started to sing in a whisper.

  "Oh say can you see, by the dawns early light, what's so proudly we hailed at the twilights last gleaming."

  She continued singing as the child hushed. She sang softly and quietly in a tone that only they could hear.

   "Whose broad stripes and white starts through the perilous fight,"

  The child stopped crying and just stared at her, She stared back at him. She knew her face must be filled with week old scratches and dirt that never came off. Her clothes were ripped and her greasy brown hair hadn't been comed since the day they left the last safe house. 

  She found a corner she could sit in, along with the child held safely in her arms. He was small even for an infant. He had freckles all over his nose and she looked at his eyes again, they seemed to be sparkling even without the light. 

   "Noah..." She said out loud to herself. That was her older brothers name. It was a name to comfort the ones that are scared, she thought it was a perfect name for the child. Knowing she would never see her mother or her brothers again while she was alive. Noah would be her family until death.

   "It's okay Noah. I'm here. I'll protect you and I will never let you be abandon."

   As nightfall came Noah drifted off to sleep. She set him down on a pile of blankets, gave him a small kiss, blew out the candle, and went to sleep herself. But in the morning, neither of them woke up....


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