Little lies


1. One

"So I'll leave you to get on with your work and the substitute teacher should be here in a minute or so." The teacher says picking up her bags and leaving.

"Are you staying late after school today?" Emma asks straight away.

"Yeah I've got nothing better to do and I forgot my house key so I'll have to wait anyway." I answer with a gutted tone.

"Ahh poor you, I'll be back in a second." She coos walking away to another table.

I look around the unsettled classroom in a deep sigh.

I catch the eye of Nash Grier and I flash a quick smile before turning back around to the front again.

"Ash! Ashley!" A familiar sweet voice sounds I look to the front by the door to see my mother, I quickly get up with all eyes watching me.

"You forgot your key! Here it is, where's your teacher?" She asks handing me a house key.

"She or he will be here in a second, how did you get in?" I ask shocked.

"Oh the receptionist let me in."

"Right well I've got to get back to my work." I say pointing back to my table.

"Oh of course! Oh and I'm going to be late in so I urge you to stay at school and I should be home about half five, I'm up for a promotion but I'll talk to you at home okay? Bye!" She says kissing my forehead I feel my cheeks burn.

"Wow is that your sister?"

"She's hot!"


People start commenting.

"It's just my mother calm down!" I shout getting back to my seat.

The bell rings and everyone gets up and leaves pretty quickly.

I walk to my locker and put my books into my bag before shutting it.

"So are you coming out later?" Emma asks getting her bags out.

"Naah I'm just going to stay home, is Saturday still on?" I ask questioning about her party.

"Yeah, everyone's coming at like eight but you can come at like six if you want, unless you want me to hook you up with one of my friends?" She asks winking.

"I'm good! I'll see you tomorrow haha." I reply walking to the common room.

"Yeah see you."

I walk into the common room to see no one but Nash Grier. I sit down and get my laptop out switching it on.

"It's Ashley right?" He speaks up.

"Uhh yeah," I reply logging into my twitter account.

"How come you're staying late?" He asks typing.

"This English coursework, I'm falling behind quite rapidly." I say opening up my files from my USB.

"So am I, what units have you done, maybe we could help each other?" He asks sitting next to me.

"Sure, I've done unit six, three and two, I'm really stuck on five, two and one." I say looking at his screen.

"I've done one, five, four and one."

"Good, so we could help each other." I say smiling.

"Yeah," he replied smiling,

*1 hour later*

"Are you friends with Emma?" Nash asks getting his stuff from his locker.

"Yeah, why?" I ask putting my bag on.

"So are you going to her party on Saturday?" He asks as we walk out of the doors.

"Yeah, are you?" I ask biting on my lip.

"Yes! So I'll see you there?" He asks looking at me with his eyebrows raised.

"Maybe." I reply winking.

"Do you need a ride home?" He asks with a smirk.

"Nah I'm good." I say smiling.

"Alright I'll see you tomorrow." With that he left in his car.

I get my phone out and dial the number of my agent.

"Okay I'm ready, come pick me up?" I ask

"Right here." He replies rolling into the car park.

I get inside the all black rolls Royce.

"How was school?" Mark asks driving.

"Normal, how was your day?" I ask getting undressed.

"Well I've been on a look out for recruiting I've trained to level two but I need your help." He says with excitement.

"Really? Who?" I ask curious.

"His name is Cameron Dallas? You know him?" Mark asks as I zip up my black jacket.

"Err, yeah! He goes to my school I don't really speak to him much though." I admit as we pull up to the training ground.

I get out of the car and walk into the centre scanning my hand print before I enter.

"Well he's here and I want you to show him how to battle a level three enemy."

"Okay that's fine." I say putting my bags down on the tray to get them scanned.

"I'll let you warm up first and then go into the demonstration lab and you'll be challenged with a level three crime enemy and you'll have to defeat them using a kel-tec PF9 blued revolver." He explains.

"Cool, I'll do that fine!" I say entering the gym.

*ten minutes later*

I enter the demo-lab which is formed as a laser tag centre which always amused me.

A man dressed in black charges towards me in a car, I run up the wall landing in a back flip and I shoot at the tyres making the car holt.

Out storms a man coming at me fast, he trips me up, I grab his leg punching the back of the knee making him fold to the floor, I get up jumping into the the man immediately searching incase he is armed. He grabs my arms dragging me over to his car and I rebound from the car door making me forcefully get up I smash his head in the car door knocking him on conscious I get my hand cuffs out I roll his body over with my foot and cuff him up.

The lights go on and I release the man unveiling the mask as Lenny my trainer.

"Miss brown, you just get more and more skilled." Lenny compliments fist bumping me.

"Wow, Ashley? I never knew!" Cameron says with shock in his voice.

"Oh yeah, it's just a thing." I say lost for words over his reviled body I feel my cheeks burn slightly.

"Well I look forward to training with you." He also mentions.

"Yeah like a secret." I mumble.

"So when do you start training with me?' I ask.

"Tuesday." He answers,

"Well I'll see you then." I say walking out of the room.

For once I feel like I have power over something.. Over someone even, I love it.


So this is chapter one, how do you like the introduction? What is it you think Ashley does? Hmmm!;) I'll do updates as much as I can but I have some exams coming up quickly and I'm not even expecting 100 reads from this I'm using this as some fun and someone requested for me to do this and they mean a lot to me so I am!

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