Valentine's Day with Willow!

February 14th. Otherwise known as Valentine's Day. For Willow and her friends Lozzie, Georgia, Brooke, Holly and Leah, this is a very boring day indeed... usually. But this year might be a little different.


1. Author's Note

Date: 9/2/15

Location: My desk, my bedroom, my house, my property. Any other details are CLASSIFIED!


Yo yo guys, dis is Willow!!!

So, this came into my mind as I was mumbling this evening. It was a funny picture about being alone on Valentine's Day and I just had an idea!!! And here I am, typing this up! And there you are, possibly reading this, or maybe just skipping right over this. But anyways.

So, this is gonna be a Naruto fanfic. Duh. BUT it's gonna be a Modern AU. That's Author's Universe, in case you were wondering. So, as a Valentine's day gift to my buddies Lozzie (@Gaara's Babe), Georgia (@Georgia WS), Brooke (@Brookestar), Holly (@PillowQueen15) and Leah (@Crazy_Twists_23, who today 11/2/15 asked to feature in this story), this is for you guys!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Peace out!

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