Untamed Heart (a Wild at Heart novel)

Mehmet Narvaéz has had a rough few months. After repairing his damaged friendship with Zayn, he thought that maybe things would get back to normal as time passed. However after discovering the truth behind who framed him for a crime he never committed, Zayn was determined to make justice prevail by any means necessary.

Now, it's been two months since Zayn took a bullet for him, and despite the fact that Mehmet's brother Eduardo is alive and well, he knows not to sit back and pretend all is safe. He has become tougher and more reliant on himself, tries not to rely too much on others. In fact he doesn't rely on anyone, period.

However, his mom reveals that they are once again moving to England, but to Bradford, Zayn's hometown. Once there, he will discover truths he didn't know existed. Now, more than ever, his untamed heart will further test him, beyond the breaking point, and learn things he never knew of.

All Rights Reserved © Johnny El-Hajj


1. Rough and Willful

Chapter One

Rough and Willful


            Two months have passed since Zayn was shot. I have not seen or heard from him since, and to me, that felt odd. I figured he was still recovering, but I had seen some interviews on TV where he talked about him having gotten shot, and of course to not raise any eyebrows and stuff, he basically said that he and I were mugged.

            Ok, so it was smart of him to have said that, because if news about Lulú and the fact that she was Louis’s now psycho ex, not to mention that she was also my brother’s ex, let’s just say that would for sure end up in some gossip tabloid magazine. Thankfully, paparazzi were no longer following me around. My mom and Zayn had managed to get lawyers to get those photographers to back off, and of course it was all thanks to Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry speaking up about how kids should not be the subject of paparazzi harassment. So far it was working, and I hoped it stayed that way. The last thing I needed or wanted was photographers following me around when going to school, or simply skating around town to enjoy some time to myself, or when hanging out with Paola and Marco.

            I looked for information on Zayn online. I came across some photos from when he got out of the hospital, with his family and band mates. Then there were more recent photos from a week ago, and he was looking just fine. He looked recovered, but of course I’m sure he was still a little weak. Question now was, why was he not responding to any of my emails, or Facebook posts?

            It made me feel a little heartbroken, but after all that has happened, I decided I was going to try and not let my emotions get the best of me. Of course that was easier said than done, as I tended to lose it when people pissed me off. Also at school, Ronnie was often times bullying and making fun of me, and of course it had a lot to do with photos that were taken of me and Zayn. He always insinuated stupid things because of how close Zayn and I were, and there were a few times I nearly punched his guts out. I tried not to give into my anger, because I knew I would get into a lot of trouble, but that worry was fading more and more with all the insults he threw at me.

            I was finally done with class, and had one remaining class to go. I could not wait for this tedious day to pass. I needed to go home and recover from being here all day. I headed to my locker to drop off and pick up more books. I stood in my locker and opened a photo of me and Zayn on my iPhone. Yeah, we both looked happy and content here. I missed him so much now, it hurt. I knew he probably had his stuff going on, and probably he still needed to take it somewhat easy. After all getting shot, and then having a kidney transplant, was no small matter. I just had to take it on a leap of faith that we were both still friends.

            I closed down my iPhone and put it back in my backpack. Suddenly, I felt someone pushing me hard against my locker, and hit my lip. I heard laughing, and immediately I knew who it was. I didn’t even have to turn to know.

            “Missing your boyfriend?!” Ronnie teased, his friends behind him. Two airheaded jocks, just like him, only they were more like his followers, unable to think for themselves and needed him to do the thinking for them.

            I turned around, wiping blood from my lip. Yeah, that locker was hard metal for sure, and I could taste massive amounts of blood flowing all over.

            This did it. I was no longer going to use my words. Words with Ronnie and his stupid friends, didn’t work for nada. I balled my fist, and before he could react or do anything, my fist landed underneath Ronnie’s jaw. He held his jaw, painfully, and then his two friends came at me, but as soon I landed a hard punch on the other’s eye, the other one immediately backed away. I could tell he was afraid of me, and he should. I started practicing Ninjutsu all over again. I’d decided that after what Lulú did, I needed to be able to protect myself. I wasn’t about to rely on anyone to protect me. I couldn’t expect that help from anyone, except from myself.

            Ronnie spat specks of white stuff from his mouth. I’d broken a piece of one of his teeth, but of course I could care less as he didn’t show me any mercy when he decided to slam my face into my locker.

            “You’re going to pay for this?!” he cried.

            “Oh, the tough bully is going to cry?!” I taunted him. His angry expression, and of course being humiliated by half the school, clearly bruised his ego like badly.

            He tried punching me, but I blocked his blows and landed a nasty punch onto his stomach, that for a moment he couldn’t breathe because of how bad the pain was. Without hesitation, he jumped on me and we both started wrestling. He punched me several times in the stomach, but I’d developed some muscle strength and sort of had a six pack going, but it wasn’t really developed. Just managed to tighten and harden my abs a bit with a few work outs, because hard punches to the stomach were debilitating.

            The two of us continued fighting and slamming each other against walls, while people around us yelled out for us to fight. Finally, a couple of teachers pried us off from each other, and took us to the principal’s office. Yeah, we were gonna get into a lot of trouble.

            We sat in front of Principal Lively. He was looking at me like a criminal, which of course wasn’t all that surprising. “I’m shocked you know…” he surveyed me. “Last month you were arrested and charged with assault for that little fist fight you got into.”

            Yeah, last month Jack, one of Ronnie’s friends decided he wanted to stand up for his honor by trying to beat me up for humiliating Ronnie when he tried to act all hard. I knocked him down from his silver stool, in front of half the school. I was at the skate park blowing off some steam, recovering from school. Then Jack shows up, pushes me and I fall hard, scraping my fists and arm badly. I ended up losing it badly, and I punched him hard in the face, and the last thing either of us noticed was that a police officer happened to be in the area. He saw me giving him his punch, and even though he’d been the one who started it, we were both charged and had to do a week’s worth of community service at the police station.

            “Are you eager to get into this much trouble?” asked principal Lively.

            “No, but I’m also not going to let a bully beat me up just because he thinks he can!”

            “He started it!” Ronnie lied.

            “No, I didn’t. And don’t lie!” I gritted my teeth.

            The door opened, and it was Paola and her friend Bree. “Mehmet didn’t do anything. We both saw Ronnie with our own eyes, pushing him against his own locker!” she said angrily.

            “They’re lying!” Ronnie had the nerve.

            “Actually…” Paola said, and our art teacher Ms. Mendoza showed up.

            “I personally saw with my own eyes, Ronnie pushing Mehmet hard against that locker. He simply defended himself” said Ms. Mendoza.

            Ronnie was now terrified.

            Principal Lively looked embarrassed. I was surprised that Ms. Mendoza didn’t immediately tell principal Lively that I tossed my fists at these idiots. I was not going to ask.

            Principal Lively turned his attention on me. “While I may not approve of fighting or anyone retaliating with fists, I will give you another chance, since it wasn’t you who started the fight.”

            “What?!” Ronnie questioned. “I didn’t start this!”

            “Don’t lie!” Paola yelled.

            “Ms. Mendoza, me, and Paola saw you…so quit lying! You’ve always bullied Mehmet for nothing!” Bree spat.

            “Yeah, why don’t you quit being a ‘wannabe’ tough guy, and grow a pair of stones and admit your faults…for once in your miserable life!” Paola said angrily.

            Ronnie tried to deny everything like the coward he was, but two witnesses and a teacher, it was enough to make principal Lively not throw a punishment in my direction.

All of us, but Ronnie, were dismissed. Of course Ronnie kept tossing dirty looks at me, telling me that he was going to get back at me somehow. I didn’t care at all that he was threatening me. I was perfectly capable of defending myself from any threat that came my way, and of course that was also due to the fact that since what happened to Zayn, I’d picked up Ninjutsu again.

            Pao had invited me to hang out with her, Marco, and Bree. I decided to head home instead. My hand was really starting to kill me. The whole top was bruised, and there were also bleeding cuts from punching hard. At one point, I’d accidentally punched a locker so hard, I actually ended up scraping myself.


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