How to Be a Heartbreaker

A story in which Marco Bodt manages to break the hearts of others to get to the one heart he truly desires.


2. Rule Number Two

It was a great party.
        Marco found himself at a table full of his friends, playing 'never have I ever' with Jell-O shots at a local fraternity house on campus. Some extremely loud, bass-centered song played in the background, but the lyrics were inaudible over the partygoers. So the beat just ended up being a nice silence filler when the conversation went quiet.
        The small circular table Marco sat at with his friends was beat up and dotted with dried liquid rings from the collection of red solo cups that had called the table home for a few moments; making the top sticky and cooly designed in that hippie, alternative way.
        But at this moment in time, they were all a little too buzzed to even care.
        "Alright! Alright! I got one!" Sasha said with an energetic enthusiasm. "Never have I ever walked in on my parents doing it." The brunette said with a grin, knowing fully well that she had been able to catch most of the people around the table.
        A collective groan ensued.
        "Sasha!" Connie whined as he reached for another small plastic shot of colorful Jell-O with a pleading look on his face.
        "Really?" Ymir raised an eyebrow in questioning. "That's the best you got?" The brash woman asked while hastily slurping down another Jell-O shot without even blinking an eye. Christa glanced over at her nervously.
        "Do I really have to?" Armin begged, his hands clutching his stomach while his innocent face was now gray and covered in a sheen of sweat. Mikasa put a protective hand on Armin's back, rubbing it soothingly, while shooting the rest of the group glares.
        Sasha gulped.
        "I think you can pass this round, buddy." Marco filled in for the now lost-for-words Sasha, who gave him a thankful smile. Marco nodded back and discarded of his now empty plastic shot cup, crumpling it up in his hand and throwing it in the pile he and his crew had been working on for awhile now. His shoulders rubbed against those of Ymir, on his left, and Connie, on his right, as he shifted around in his seat to get a better look around the room.
        He craned his neck and observed the currently crowded area, straining his eyes to try and spot the familiar two-toned head of a certain jackass who had promised he would come back for him.
        It couldn't have taken him this long to run his jacket out to his car, Marco thought as he mulled over the excuse Jean had given him as to why he was leaving for a few minutes.
        Marco nearly yelped as he jumped at the sudden feeling of Ymir leaning into him and whispering in his ear, "Who you looking for, freckles? It wouldn't be horseface would it?" Ymir purred in her signature mixture of a condescending and teasing tone of voice.
        "Why would you say that, Ymir?" Marco asked, sounding a lot more confident than he actually felt. Maybe alcohol was his key to looking self-assured.
        Ymir only smirked in reply, "Save your breath, Marco. Everyone knows you like him." Ymir said. There was a fierce look in her hazel eyes, as if she was daring Marco to challenge her.
        Which of course, he did. Slightly drunk Marco was such a joy.  
        "I don't like him." Marco said with the elegance and persuasion of a kid in elementary school trying desperately to deny their 'icky' crush.
        Ymir scoffed at him, "You know I hate when people lie to me."
        "Well I wasn't lying anyway. I don't like Jean, I lov--" Marco's plan was obviously about to backfire, but his cruel honesty was interrupted by the gruff voice of Annie. How they got her to partake in this was still a mystery within itself.  
        "Ymir! Are you fucking listening? It's your turn." Annie said with a grumpy force that made Connie start to tremble in his seat. While tipsy Marco was fun and a bit more unabashed, tipsy Annie was freakin' terrifying.
        Rolling her eyes at the scowling Annie, Ymir lazily looked around the table before she finally smirked. Although, Marco hardly noticed her conniving because he was intently focused on the copper haired boy who had just slunk back into the room.
        Jean noticed Marco's staring, his eyes widening at first as his hands flew up to run through his messy hair and adjust the collar of his jacket and shirt that was underneath.
        Huh, I thought he put that in his car...
        But before Marco could process his thoughts anymore, Ymir finally said, "Never have I ever fantasized about having sex with someone in this room."
        Instantly Connie grabbed another shot, while Armin continued to groan and keep his head down on the table. Slowly, both Annie and Mikasa grabbed another Jell-O shot, blushes on their faces the entire time. To which Ymir only smiled, her plan coming full circle. But her cocky visage faltered when she and everyone else, saw Christa hesitantly reach out and daintily grab one of the plastic rounds into her tiny hand.
        "Christa?!" Sasha spluttered. The small blonde blushed brightly as she slowly slurped down the slimy shot, avoiding everyone's flabbergasted looks.
        "What?" She questioned after she had swallowed it down.
        "It's just..." Sasha continued, watching in disbelief as the petite blonde shrugged and kept her gaze downcast. "You don't seem like the type to have naughty thoughts. You're an angel or something."
        Sasha's comment made Ymir let out a bark of laughter as she slung a strong arm over Christa's small shoulders, effectively catching her off guard and pitching Christa forward. "She's full of surprises, isn't she?" Ymir said, staring at Christa with a playful smirk. "Why, just last week we were--"
        "Ymir! Stop! Don't tell them that story!" Christa squealed, her face growing red again. Ymir only laughed which then caused the rest of the group to laugh, but Marco was a little too distracted to pay attention to what they were saying.  Marco was busy staring at Jean's backside from across the room, his brown eyes glazed over and an oddly content smile on his face. Which Ymir noticed quickly, that little shit.
        "Don't think you're getting away from this one Marco." Ymir said as she eyed the freckly faced boy and slid a plastic shot over to him.
        "Huh?" Marco asked as he refocused on his friends in front of him by blinking his eyes multiple times.
        "C'mon. Lover boy can wait, just take the shot." Ymir prompted. Marco scrunched his forehead in confusion as he stared at the bright red slimy substance.
        "What did you say again?" He asked before he took the plastic shot glass in his hand, running his fingers along the smooth edges. Now Ymir had a shit-eating grin on her face.
        "I said, never have I ever fantasized about having sex with somebody in this room." She repeated, anticipating Marco's reaction. But Marco just froze and followed in Christa's footsteps; he blushed like crazy...then he quirked a brow at her.
        “What makes you think I’ve fantasized about anyone here?” Marco asked rather defensively, crossing his arms and resting them on the table.
        Ymir snorted and Sasha smirked, even Mikasa managed a small smile.
        “Oh really? And the fact that you were staring at Jean’s ass over there means nothing?” Ymir countered back with, making everyone snicker at there now flustered friend.
        “Wha-- I-- I was, I mean wasn’t, wait, uh...oh my god, just stop!” Marco buried his head in his arms and tried to ignore the burning feeling that had erupted over his face. The fact that everyone at the table was laughing at him didn’t help either.
        “Perk up, everyone knows he likes you back.” Ymir said dryly while she sent a wink in Christa’s direction. “You’re making us all sick with your lovey dovey acts. The sooner you two grow some balls, the better.”
        Marco lifted his head up and shot a deadpanned look at Ymir, “Yeah, no can do. I can’t just walk up to him and tell Jean I like him.
        “Well why not?” Christa jutted in, resting her chin on her hand as she leaned forward.
        “It’s just not that simple…” Marco said as he looked down at the tabletop and then brought his eyes back up to meet Christa’s wide blue ones.
        “How’s it not simple? You like him, right?” Annie asked, sounding very grouchy and hostile.
        “...Yes.” He replied.
        “And he likes you, am I correct?”
        “I-I think so.”  
        “No, you don’t think so, you know so. Hell, we all know. So guess what that means?” Annie prompted, leaning dangerously inward towards Marco.
        “Uh, no…?” Marco gulped, Annie was getting intense. Her icy glare and sharp features made her expression look deadly.  
        “It means you find that good-for-nothing Jean,” She paused, her light blue eyes scanning the room for their lanky friend, “you march on up to him,” she stopped looking around when she finally spotted him. He was talking to a girl at the far end of the room. But her mind didn’t process quick enough that Jean and the girl were standing close, suspiciously close. And from that far away she couldn’t see how drunk the both of them were, or just how handsy they were starting to get.
        “And you tell him you-- oh shit.” Annie said as her eyes widened slightly at the scene unfolding upon her. Marco creased his brow in confusion and turned around so he could follow Annie’s line of sight. Everybody else at the table also looked in that direction. Even Armin managed to prop himself up enough to crane his head towards Jean across the room.
        What Marco saw instantly left his mouth dry and his heart falling down into his stomach.
        What the others saw left them shocked and feeling awkward, for Marco was right there.
        They all knew Jean considered himself bisexual, but ever since his infatuation with Marco, they thought Jeanmarco- their name for the favored relationship- would be a done deal. But evidently it was not, due to the fact that the girl he was talking to was now shoving her tongue down his throat in an aggressive manner and Jean was groping her ass amidst their clumsy makeout session.
        “Marco...I’m...I’m sorry. I didn’t know that would happen.” Annie said, it being the first time anyone has ever heard her be remotely remorseful. Marco didn’t reply for a second. He kept on staring at Jean while clutching onto the back of his chair so hard that his knuckles were turning white.
        “Marco?” Mikasa questioned softly, worry evident in her tone.
        “What?!” Marco turned around quickly, his eyes wide and face stuck in a pale, stunned expression.
        “Are you okay?” Mikasa questioned, no one else at the table spoke. They all held their breaths, waiting for something akin to an explosion happening, but their anxiety was for nothing as Marco just sat there.
        “I’m so sorry, Marco.” Sasha said quietly, her warm brown eyes conveyed a look of pity mixed with heartbreak. Seeing a close friend get crushed by his crush (and not in the good way) was not exactly something she liked to see.
        “What’s there to be sorry about? He’s just kissing some girl…” Marco couldn’t even take his own defense seriously as he trailed off his thought, he felt too weak to discuss this topic any further. Shakily, he ran a hand through his mop of black hair and sighed.
        “Besides, it’s not like we were getting exclusive or anything.” Marco said, he looked up at his friends sorry faces and cracked a small, but very painful, smile.
        “It was just harmless flirting...that’s all it was.” And all it’ll ever be. Marco thought ruefully as he stood up from his seat at the faint feeling of hot tears pricking at the back of his eyes.
        “I’m just gonna go get something to drink.” Marco said as an excuse to vacate the room.
        “Wait!” Connie called out as he too got up from his seat and started to walk after him, but Sasha reached out and grabbed his arm, holding him back and shaking her head.
        “He just got his heart broken, maybe we should give him a minute.”

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