How to Be a Heartbreaker

A story in which Marco Bodt manages to break the hearts of others to get to the one heart he truly desires.


1. Rule Number One

It was a great day. 

       The sun was shining, the breeze was warm, everyone had the day off from class, and Marco just happened to turn around right when Jean was taking his shirt off. Even though most of the guys who had gotten together today already stripped their own off, i.e. Reiner, Connie, and Eren, Marco paid rapt attention to Jean. He watched one muscular arm reach behind his neck for the collar of his burgundy colored cotton t-shirt and slip it off with ease, revealing a tanned and toned torso. Marco almost drooled at the sight. Never mind the fact that his face managed to blush every shade of red imaginable in a matter of seconds. Sure, he had seen his friend shirtless plenty of times, but there was just something about him today...
       Absentmindedly tossing his shirt onto the ground, Jean turned around just in time to see Marco duck his head in an effort to avoid Jean (or anyone else for that matter) noticing his cherry red face. Unfortunately, that didn't work. With a wicked grin, Jean stood up a little taller, and proceeded to tease his friend. 
       "Nice burn ya got there, freckles." Jean said while simultaneously poking a thin finger into Marco's cheek. If only it was a sunburn. 
       "Shut up." Marco mumbled as he swatted at his best friend's hand. Jean let out a gruff laugh, his eyes wrinkling in the corners as a result. 
       "Wanna say that again, Bodt?" Jean inched closer to Marco, his bare chest practically rubbing against Marco's clothed one. Marco's eyes widened slightly, his face flaring up again. Jean received no response from Marco, who was looking rather flustered right now. Which only made Jean's grin grow wider. With Marco being two inches or so taller than Jean, Jean had to angle his head up slightly so that he was in the face of his freckly companion. He was so close that he could feel Marco's breath hitch and then be shakily released, the warmth fanning out on his face.
       "Hmm? I didn't hear you..." He teased further, pleased that he had made Marco into such a mess. Taking a shallow breath in, Marco raised his face, jutting his chin out, and making eye contact with Jean.  
       "Jean?" Marco's voice was quiet and his eyes were innocently wide. Jean had the urge to pinch his cheeks and coo over how cute his friend could be. 
       "Yeah, freckles?" Jean still had that cocky smile that Marco so badly wanted to wipe off his face. 
       "You’re ass is grass!"  Marco cried out as he tackled an unsuspecting Jean to the ground. Instantly the two started exerting more energy and effort into their mock wrestling match than what was really deemed necessary, but both had intentions of pinning the other down. Grunting and letting out little laughs at their ridiculous behavior, they rolled around the grass. The green blades sticking to their backs and getting stuck in their hair. Jean and Marco continued fighting for dominance, completely forgetting about the rest of their friends who had initially met up there to play some football.    
       "Ready to give up Marco?" Jean asked, as he successfully managed to pin Marco beneath him. 
       "Never." Marco grunted.  He squirmed and did everything he could to escape, but nothing worked. Jean straddled Marco's waist, using his thighs as a vice to keep Marco in-between his legs. Feeling cocky as ever, Jean watched Marco struggle, his face growing red again. While Marco moved, Jean couldn't help but notice that their crotches would occasionally rub together, and whenever that happened Marco would flinch and try to separate himself. 
       Feeling devious, Jean stared straight into Marco's deep brown eyes and subtly started to grind his hips down onto Marco. 
       Marco stopped moving and let out a meek sounding squeak at the realization of what Jean was doing. 
       "Speechless again?" Jean chuckled, his body starting to heat up at the fact that he was now grinding harder into Marco. From underneath Jean, Marco glanced around them, looking at their friends who, luckily, were all distracted at the moment. 
       Holy shit, Holy shit, Holy shit, Holy shit.
       Was Jean really rolling his hips over his own? Well, this was a (wet) dream come true.
       "J-Jean...stop..." Marco spluttered out, but his friend continued to act like an asshole. 
       "Why? Is there a problem Marco?" Jean asked naively, knowing full well what inconveniences his actions would end up creating for Marco. Marco didn't answer, instead he finally glanced up at him quickly. His expression was pleading, and Jean felt a slight pang of guilt flash over him. Sighing, Jean finally stopped his torturously slow movements and just sat on top of Marco. Jean looked down at him, but Marco ceased to make eye contact anymore, his entire face was red and he was biting into his bottom lip. Obviously he was feeling embarrassed, but what for?
       Jean almost felt like giggling like a schoolgirl as he felt the stiff bulge in Marco's shorts press against his thigh. If he had known how easy it was to get Marco riled up, he would have started taking advantage of it a long time ago.
       "Jean, can you p-please get off me?" Marco begged, his voice higher than usual. Jean stared off into the distance, pursing his lips in thought as he brought a hand up to his chin in a mock thinking man pose. 
       "I don't think so." Jean concluded, laughing at Marco's crestfallen features. 
       "Besides, don't you think that this is cozy- ah!" Jean was interrupted as Marco narrowed his eyes at him then proceeded to sit up and wrap his arms around Jean's chest, tackling him down onto his back, so Marco was now on top. 
       "What was that Jean?" Marco teased, batting his eyelashes down at his friend. Now it was Jean's turn for his face to flush. Jean opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. 
       "Hmm? I couldn't quite catch that Jean." Marco used Jean's own line against him. Receiving great joy out of Jean grimacing beneath him, Marco laughed.
       Meanwhile, the pair earned an eye roll from Eren and Connie both, who stood at a distance from the two.
       "The lovebirds are at it again."
       "Do you think they'll ever man up and admit that they both want to suck each other's dicks?" Connie asked. Eren took a second to send his friend a concerned look before he answered.
       "Probably not." Eren said between gritted teeth. "Oi!" He yelled towards the tussling duo. Both of them stopped and stared over at Eren. "Are we gonna play football or not?" Now everyone was staring at them; Reiner was snickering, Bertholdt stood there awkwardly, Connie was grinning, and Eren just looked pissed. Marco, nor Jean moved. They just stared at their friends in embarrassment. Plus, how was Marco going to get up without everybody and their mother noticing his....problem
       "I'm not getting any younger!" Eren shouted. Jean sighed beneath Marco and started to get up, pushing Marco off of him. 
       "What are you doing?" Marco asked in panic, beads of sweat were already rolling down his temples. 
       Oh god, I've turned into Bertl.
       "Well," Jean started as he finally got up from underneath Marco and started to stand, wiping his back and butt of any grass in the process, "I don't know about you, but I'm going to play some football." Jean turned around and noticed that Marco wasn't facing him, a fact that made Jean chuckle. He walked forward towards his friend and peeked down at him, what he saw made him laugh even more. 
       "And judging by the size of the lump in your pants, I'll probably never see you again this afternoon. Good luck buddy." And Jean left him, cackling as he jogged over to the rest of his friends. As Jean got closer to the group he saw Reiner raise an eyebrow at him while Eren tossed the football up and down, catching it with one hand. 
       "What's up with Marco?" Reiner nodded his head in the inconvenienced boy's direction, puzzled as to why he was just sitting there. 
       "Someone else wanted to play." Jean said vaguely, shrugging his shoulders and grinning. It took Reiner a couple of seconds, but he finally came to the assumption that Marco, did in fact have a boner at this very point in time. Reiner let out a guffaw of laughter and clamped a hand down on Connie's shoulder to steady himself. Eren looked horrified while Connie just looked confused.
       "Wha-" But Connie never got to finish. 
       "Alright!" Jean clapped his hands together and continued on, "who's ready to get their asses handed to them?" He announced, staring down his friends. And just like that the boys had already forgotten about Marco. 
       "You're going down horse face." Eren practically growled as the group started to argue over who should be on each other's teams.
       All the while, Marco was off to the side burying his face in his hands and thinking of every possible thought that could get his dick to calm down.
       Marco's attention was briefly interrupted by the chirping of a few birds flying overhead. 
       Okay, birds, uh... puppies? Yeah no, definitely don't want to think about anything cute right now......Connie? Nope, nope, nope. Oh god, why does this have to happen to me...just focus on something, Marco! 
       While Marco's inner turmoil raged on, everyone was still fighting over who should make up the teams. Mainly because Eren and Jean couldn't stop bickering for even a few seconds, but they always did that.  Taking a moment to listen in on what they were saying, Marco realized he had limited time before things got really weird. 
       Okay, just take off your shirt and stand up. Then use your shirt to cover your crotch, turn around, fix yourself, and throw it aside. Simple, right? 
       Sighing, Marco removed his hands from his burning face and looked down at his lap. 
       Well....the thought of Connie did kinda help... 
       Standing up on shaky legs, Marco easily slid out of his own t-shirt and then pretended like he was folding it, all the while he was sticking one hand down his shorts and adjusting himself in his underwear. Quickly, he re-situated himself and discreetly glanced down, it looked normal enough. Feeling completely relieved, and happy that his stress induced headache was starting to ease up, Marco jogged over to the group, trying to look normal as can be. 
       "Me, Reiner, and Bertholdt against you, Connie, and Marco. I think that's fair." Jean said, glancing over at Marco as he joined the group. 
       "No way! You can't have Reiner and Bertholdt, we would be crushed by them. Do you see how small Connie is?!" Eren shouted back.
       "Hey!" Connie said, but they ignored him. Marco sent him an apologetic smile, but Connie still dropped his gaze to the ground and muttered something dejected to himself. Everyone who hung out with Jean and Eren both had developed a knack for tuning the two out until they resolved whatever it was they were fighting over. Which could take days sometimes, but it proved a foolproof method.
       "So Marco...what were you doing over there?" Reiner asked innocently enough, but his taunting expression would suggest something else. Instantly, Marco was sent into panic mode again. 
       "I, uh, I got a text from my mom and I was...dealing with that." The end of his sentence turned into some mumbling, while he rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably. Reiner snorted. 
       "Whatever you say..." 
       "God, Eren can you just shut up! Me, Bertholdt, and Connie against you, Marco, and Reiner. There, happy?!" Jean was finally at his breaking point. 
       "No! Who put you in char-" Even though Eren was pleased with the teams he was just fighting for fighting's sake. But Marco made sure to put an end to it, because he couldn't handle the heat Reiner was giving him anymore.
       "Sounds good by me! Alright let's go!" Marco said as he smiled enthusiastically and broke away from the group, yanking Eren by the arm with him. Hesitantly, Bertholdt followed.
       What ensued next could only be described as the worst, yet most competitive game of football ever played. 

       After a spending an entire afternoon of purposely going out of their way to tackle each other, both Jean and Marco were exhausted and sweaty. At this point everyone had stripped from their shirts, sweat glistening on their backs and torsos, making quite an attractive scene for anyone walking by. Reiner, Bertholdt, Connie, Eren, Jean, and Marco panted as they all walked over to their discarded items pile. They grabbed their t-shirts, phones, and various water bottles they brought, gathering their belongings so they could continue on with their plans for the day. 
       "Hey guys," Connie said while bending down and grabbing his phone. "Sasha just texted me; she said she's working right now and could get us free ice cream. Do we wanna go?" Connie asked while he slid his thumb over his lock screen and proceeded to enter his passcode in.
       "Sure, I'll come." Marco said as he put his shirt back on and slipped his own phone into his shorts pocket.
       "I'm coming if Marco's coming." Jean said nonchalantly as he then proceeded to take his Gatorade water bottle and squirt water over his head, letting the cool liquid slide through his hair and onto his heated face. Marco looked over at his friend and blushed. 
       "Um, okay, I guess. Everyone else?" Connie asked, looking at the remaining three.
       "I'll go." Eren said, before he took a sip of water from his bottle. 
       "Yeah, me too." Bertholdt added quietly. 
       "Sweet. Reiner?" Connie asked while staring down at his phone as he began to text Sasha. 
       "Well it depends, is Christa working there today too?" 
       "Oh my god. Will the fact that Christa and Ymir like each other ever get through that thick skull of yours?" Jean complained while he grabbed his discarded t-shirt and put it on.
       "I don't know Jean, will it ever get through your head that you and Marco like each other?" Reiner shot back. Taking everyone by surprise and making it a whole lot quieter. Jean only glared back at Reiner while Marco was choking on his own spit that had got stuck in his throat after he gasped so hard. 
       "I'm going to take that as a yes from you Reiner." Connie broke the silence as he finally sent his text off to Sasha. Looking up, he stashed his phone in his pocket and gave everybody a look. "After you, ladies." Connie said sarcastically as he motioned in the direction of the one, single Dairy Queen that was on campus that Sasha worked at. 
       Awkwardly, the group departed for Sasha and ice cream. Jean and Marco fell behind the rest, while Eren stalked ahead of the group, obviously annoyed by something.
       "I think something's bothering Eren." Marco said as a way to fill the silent air that had started to feel like it was suffocating him. Jean only rolled his eyes.
       "Its Jaeger, he's always angry." Jean said, as the continued following the group.
       "I know," Marco sighed as he looked ahead at Eren's back. "But, he seemed a little off today."
       "Don't tell me you have a crush on Jaeger." Jean joked, but deep down he was starting to feel insecure. Worriedly, he glanced at Marco out of his peripheral vision. Marco would never, ever go for Eren in a million years...right? 
       "What! N-no." Marco winced at how defensive his words sounded. He didn't want Jean getting the wrong idea here. The only man for Marco was Jean. And he would try his darndest to make that apparent.
       "Okay." Jean breathed out, finding himself lacking his usual confidence at the moment.

       When the gang arrived at DQ there were only a few people there, despite the heat of the day. A young couple sat in the corner of the room, giggling and sharing a sundae, while a couple of stragglers waited for their orders. The boys all shuffled in and glanced behind the counter for Sasha. She was nowhere in sight. 
       "This is the only Dairy Queen, right?" Marco asked Connie quietly. Connie glanced over his shoulder at Marco, his eyebrows creased in confusion. 
       Jean rolled his eyes at Connie and marched forward to the display case that showed off a variety of ice cream flavors. After a couple seconds of Jean scanning the area, he finally looked at his friends, smiling while he did so. 
       "I think I found her." He chuckled while pointing down at the display case. The rest of the boys followed suit and peered through the glass. The boys saw the back of Sasha's head, her messy brown hair sticking out the back of the black DQ hat that was apart of her uniform, as she was preoccupied with eating many different flavors of ice cream by using the tiny sample spoons. 
       "Uh, Sash?" Marco questioned while tapping on the glass display case. Startled, Sasha jolted and smacked her head on the glass, everyone winced collectively as she removed herself from the display, groaning in pain. 
       "Ow!" She whined as she rubbed the back of her head. As she stood up, Marco noticed ice cream streaks on her face, while she had a small pout on her lips. "That hurt!" She complained while giving Marco a pointed look.
       "I'm sorry, Sasha." He lamented, genuine concern softening his features. Jean couldn’t stop the small smile that formed on his face at Marco’s sincerity.

        “Sash, I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to be serving the ice cream, not eating it.” Reiner pointed out with a grin. Sasha narrowed her eyes at the bulky blonde as she stopped rubbing the back of her head.
        “Do you want free ice cream or not?” She threatened in a level voice.
        “Woah! That’s not what he’s saying at all.” Connie interjected. “Now I want two scoops of mint chip and a scoop of rocky road with…” After Connie finished running Sasha ragged with his demands of toppings, the rest of the group soon got their own orders and were now sitting at two of the blue grated tables that were situated outside of the Dairy Queen.
        The boys absentmindedly licked their cones and spoons as the hot sun accelerated the melting process of their various ice cream flavors. Although some were not as lucky as the others. Everyone just happened to be watching when a large dollop of chocolate ice cream slid off of Eren’s waffle cone and landed right in his lap. Eren watched the ice cream’s journey in horror and let out a groan after its landing. Everyone else managed a laugh.
        “Smooth, Jaeger.” Jean commented. Eren glared back at him.
        “Well, look who’s talking.” Eren snidely remarked. Jean scrunched his face in confusion, but noticed the giant blob of vanilla ice cream dripping down the side of his own cone at breakneck speed.
        “Ah!” He panicked and licked at the sticky glob that had almost gotten onto his thumb, lapping at the cream and removing the offending mess. Jean shot a grin of triumph over to Marco, but it quickly faltered as he saw Marco red faced and staring at him intently.
        “You, uh, you got something on your face there.” Marco said quietly, his gaze dropping to a spot by Jean’s lips.
        “Here?” Jean asked, his voice low while he stuck his tongue to the side of his lips.
        “No, it's, uh, over more.”
        “Here?” Jean asked again, his voice now sounding muffled as he stuck his tongue out further.
        “No, that’s not even close at” Marco leaned over the table and used one of his fingers to wipe the sticky substance from the corner of Jean’s mouth. Nothing could describe the air around them other than awkward tension, as Jean watched Marco wipe the ice cream from his face and then proceed to pop his ice cream covered finger into his mouth, sucking the dairy treat off.
        “Mmm, I should have gotten vanilla.” Marco said after he licked the ice cream off his finger, keeping eye contact with Jean the entire time.
        Both Marco and Jean were startled out of their small moment by the sound of Connie hitting his head onto the table top.
        “GOD! I can’t fucking stand you two!"

      Loosely based on the song How To Be A Heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds

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