Obsidian Prince

So after around a year of writer's block, I've finally created something that doesn't make me want to gauge my own eyes out. I'm actually very proud of this and for once would like to dedicate this to my super supportive boyfriend, Zachary Hawkins.


1. Obsidian Prince

Oh my obsidian prince, 

Have you no love for your soul?

Can I not yet convince

You that your sins may be atoned?


My heart weeps to see you

In such a state of melancholy.

You may confuse their lies with truth,

But though you fell, you are still Holy.


Let me wipe away your tears

Unshed, trapped within your heart.

Let me take your fears

And show you how to transform.


I cannot be your Saviour

I am not your Guardian Angel

But never will my loyalty waver;

Throughout our years I will remain faithful.


There is no potion or enchantment,

No magickal solution I can find

For you have no physical ailment

My dear, it is all in your mind.


I cannot appeal to Jove,

His judgement will not be swayed.

But I will not give up hope,

That you will be whole once again.


Oh my obsidian prince,

I have nought but love for your soul.

And I remain convinced,

That your sins may be atoned...

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