A huntress in London

A story I actually wrote for a competition on here a while back but didn't finish...want to see whether it's worth developing some day!


5. Waking from a strange dream

Heavy.   She felt heavy.  But she shouldn't feel anything, she was dead...wasn't she?  She should be.  So why wasn't she?  Anka took a rasping breath.  her lungs and throat burned, and she felt water rising up and out of her mouth.  she trned her head to the side to spit it out, choking slightly.  her eyelids fluttered open.  the light was too much of a contrast to the darkness she had been in moments ago.  her third eyelid slid shut to protect her vision, and colours became visible, replacing the blinding white.

She was in a room.  Strange.  she should be in a river.  the Thames.  where she jumped to destroy the ethereal artifact.  to prevent the puppeteer from getting it. Anka swung her legs off of the side of the bed she was on.  The blanket that was covering her fell down to reveal she was no longer wearing any clothes.  Anka examined her body.  The marks were still there, if a little blurry.  she clearly hadn't been in the water for too long then.  Question was, how had she ended up in a bedroom, naked.  Anka got unsteadily to her feet and wobbled over to a vanity table that was against the opposite wall to the bed.  as she was examining the marks that the Seekers nails had made in her scalp, the door to the bedroom opened, revealing a tall woman with wavy blonde hair and glowing turquoise eyes.  Anka blinked and the womans glamour fell away piece by piece, revealing rows of small pointed teeth, and skin that had a decidedly greenish, slimy hue.

The woman looked at Anka's naked form, turned her head over her shoulder without removing her gaze and yelled into the corridor behind her, "she's conscious, if you're interested".  The womans voice was flat, monotone, and her expression was equally as uninterested. 

Footsteps echoed from down the hallway, and then a Hunter rounded the corner, a small smile on his face.

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