The last vampire

“During the time of Jovin, the world was filled with wars and evil. People are dying without notice for vampires can make their victims don’t remember they fed on their bloods. There are also these werewolves who have always been an enemy of vampires. They also feed on people but not as clean as what the vampires do. Polices and investigators started to suspect about supernatural beings so they warned the people, however nobody believed them. They started to hunt these suspected beings but all of them just died without knowing why. And there are these witches who didn't like what was happening in the world. They worked hard to stop it, but it didn't. They were also slowly dying as they perform some kind of magic which always has payment. But they still failed on every of their plan. These became a conflict between them. Many lives are sacrificed so my grandmother took the side where they should stop their plan. But many still continued the plan."


9. " I made a spell that killed the werewolves here in Europe."-one line from the letter of Agnes's mother.

7th chapter:

HAVING a little fun with Josh! *grunts* He really grew. We were still little since mom hardly allowed him to go in Hollywood and study there after he cried for almost blood on begging mom. I hugged him so tight as he also did. We were very close like real brother and sister when we were child and I really missed him so much. Agnes and mom were standing just beside the couch where I and Josh were having some moments. Agnes seems to not believe it. I didn’t tell her anything about him so she was just standing awkwardly as mom watches us with a smile.

After playing like a kid, I stood up and introduced my witch friend to my known brother.

“Joshua, meet my friend, Agnes Abbey.” I grinned as I introduce her.

“Hi,” she also grinned as she shakes hand with him.

“Well, sorry for not telling you but, he’s Joshua. Mom’s true baby,” I said.

“Yeah, she told me about you two earlier. Uh, he’s so adorable.”

“Uh-huh,” I agreed.

“Thinking of another party?” Mom asked.

“Um…music with some drinks might do,” I said as I put my arms around Joshua’s shoulder.

So this night was filled with happiness.


NOW’S another morning! Agnes wasn’t on my side when I woke up from bed. But then, I saw her rush excitedly near me. “Mom sent a mail,” she grinned while holding up an envelope.

“Congratulations, that’s so happy for you.” She opened the envelope. She was about to open the letter but she suddenly stopped and her smile faded.

“What, am I more excited than you?” I frowned.

“Nothing I—I just felt something not right.” She frowned and we looked at each other. I squeezed my lips and she continued on opening the letter. She began on reading it as I waited for her to finish. Hm…she wasn’t smiling, she was frowning. Why? I extended my neck and tried to read also. I noticed she finished reading it so I grabbed the letter. I frowned as I look at her. She was like about to cry. To know the reason, I read the letter. Here’s what it says:


My dear daughter,

          I almost lost my mind when I found out you were gone. You are my daughter and as a mother, I do not want you to be involved in perils. But I guess, you really are against my protection so I am allowing you to stay there and do what is needed to be done. But before that, I wanted to tell you that I made a spell that killed the werewolves here in Europe. I successfully did it. It was to make your work easier so I guess it will only be the two Collins there. I know you’ll succeed. Just be strong and have faith, it will make you stronger than what you fear. Please don’t lose hope.

        Don’t think too much about the consequence, at least I am happy I helped. Besides I should’ve done this before but anyway, you should always know that I loved you so much and all I wanted for you is to live happily and peacefully.

                                                                                                      Signed by: Hemma Abbey



*Breathes deeply* I heard my friend starting to sob. “It’s her life, she sacrificed her life.” She said while sobbing. So, what she meant is, Hemma’s life is the consequence of her own curse. I immediately hugged her. I felt so sorry about it.


I was sitting down on the kitchen alone while stirring my coffee which I didn’t notice I was doing for long time that I even didn’t take a sip on it. I just felt so sorry about my friend. It will be hard for her to move on, I think.

“Mm…the coffee’s cold.” Joshua sat on the chair across the table in front of me.

“Hmh…I, I forgot about it, I guess.” I don’t want to drink cold coffee so I threw it through the zinc and again made one.

“Want me to make one also for you?” I asked him as I bring the containers out.

“Yeah, you always do that when we were child.”

I forced a chuckle, “You remember.”

“I missed it.”

I topped his coffee on the table then I sat back my chair. I started taking sips on my coffee as he watches me. “You can’t taste my new seasoning by watching me,” I tried to smile.

“Mom said, you’re in a mission.” He faintly asked with his eyes still on me.

*Sighed* “Yeah, I am but…gotta say I don’t need to do it in Europe like planned.”

“Why is that? Although I’m happy to hear it.”

 “They’re already dead except for the two in this town. Agnes’s mother sacrificed her life for that.” I arched my lips, “Mother-daughter love.”

“Agnes might be so upset.” He commented with pity.

*sips* “True. She asked me for her to be alone.”

“Where is she?”

I shrugged. “She didn’t tell me where she’s going.”


*long silence between*


“How are you?” he asked.

*Sigh* “I have to kill. Uh the werewolves, you know.” I took a deep breath, “I’m a monster aren’t I?” I groaned.

“I wanted to see that vampire of you. I think you’ll look hot.” He chuckled then soon went serious. “Monsters are not seen on ones appearance Sam. It can be seen through your heart. You are kind and you’re not a monster. Can’t you see, you’re going to save many lives…this town?” I’m not contented. I just raised an eyebrow.


I stood up and pulled my phone out from my pocket. I searched for Spencer’s number which he just saved yesterday and dialed it. I told him I’ll drink with him. He immediately responded.


“What was that?” Joshua asked.


I grabbed my leather jacket, “if Agnes get’s back tell her I went for a drink with Spencer.”

He stood up, “drink with Spencer?” he frowned as he opens his arms.

“Just tell her please,” I said then I started walking out the house in my blue jeans and not so fitted violet t-shirt. I was putting on my jacket as I walk through our leafy road. I inserted a silver knife in my jacket and made sure it won’t fall. The fresh air started to blow as it brushes the trees beside the road and dead leaves again started to fall. My hair gently flew with the wind as some of it crosses my face.


I reached it, the bar. I went in and I think my heartbeat was going faster than before, probably it was because of the deafening music inside. There are so many people dancing and the light keeps moving that I even can’t see where Spencer is. I felt tired after searching for hours. Maybe he’ll be late so I just sat on a chair facing a bar tender named Kelly across the divider table. It’s what I heard. “So, what does this lady need to drink?”


I’m starting to suspect Spencer. What is taking him for so long?! I just glanced at the sexy outfitted bitch, “water.” I said answering her question.

Her jaw dropped and tried to say something but she can’t. She just grabbed a glass and filled it with iced water and put it on my table shaking her head. I was about to drink the water when Spencer suddenly sat beside me.

“Halo,” he said then slotted his eyes.

“Do you have any idea how long I’ve been waiting here?” I asked.

He just grinned and ordered for liquor.

“Hi handsome, you were with a girl.”

“Yes Kelly.”

“My first time to see you with a girl.”

I frowned. “You know her? Tell her to stop looking at me like that.”

He took a sip from his drinking glass as I watch him. I’m starting to think werewolves do have a very hot and charismatic human form. His body was more strongly sculpted than Benedict. Huh, too bad the world’s going to lose them. *slowly pulling out a silver knife secretly* He was close to me enough for me to stab him through his belly. Oh, I was planning to push it up his heart. Suddenly, he grabbed my hand so tight until that my hand felt pain. Ouch, it’s starting to crack. My mouth’s circling as I felt the pain.

“You can’t do that,” he heavily almost whispered to me with his face near mine.

No!*breathes heavily*

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