1. Adoption

Beep beep beep ugh why can't 11-12 get to sleep till they want. I just bet the teenagers unplug it and risk getting in trouble. Well whatever I'm getting adopted today so in that case I'm gonna get packed.

Lola meet ur new family ms homes said as I was trying to take a nap after hours of packing so I decided to say What if don't want to! And right then I heard gentle footsteps which I definitely knew was not ms home. So I waited for like 1 minute and a gentle knock, knocked on the door so I slowly said come in which was the worst idea ever.

End of flashback

Calum pov

Stop it Calum whhhhyy u never where like this we first meet. And what does that mean Hey don't call me that and when I first meet you you were so gentle AND ur like some drunk punk women. Hey don't u ever call me that again or I'll freaking punck ur lights out and I'll tell Luke ur the mean tickle monster under my bed. Oh whatever I'm not scared of I amazingly stuttered out. Well aren't you lets just tell lukey pooky!! Plz no he will literally rip my balls of in his sleep.

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