He is the reason i got her

18 year old Kayleigh Miller left Canada for England to avoid a ex and meets him soon to be 19 year old niall horan and she finds out she is pregnant. her life is changed for ever


9. 9

I woke up the next day at 7:00 and made breakfast.

"Mm what are you making"? Niall asked with sleep still in his eyes.

"Home made waffles" I found the waffle maker when I was looking for a frying pan to make eggs and I couldn't resist making waffles instead".

"Well there is bacon In the fridge if you want some to go with it".

"I know I am planing on making you cook it".

"Oh really"?

"Yes here is a a frying pan, get cooking"

Niall takes it and sets it on the stove turns to me mixing the waffle batter and unplugs the mixer.

"Watching you cook it kinda sexy". Niall said with a big grin on his face

"Oh it is"?

He pulls me in And grips my ass.

"Well then do you think we should take this to the bedroom"?

I say grabbing his pyjama pant and guiding him to the bed room.

He pushes he up agents the hallway wall. He starts Fondling my breasts. I

Slide my hands down inside his pants and grasp his length. He takes my shirt off and I take his off. He kisses his way down to my panties and pulls them off. He lifts me up so my legs are on his shoulders.

He starts to lick and suck my clit till I moan. He slides me down and lowers me on to his dick. He slides in and out of me, he starts to go deeper and I start to moan loudly.

"Oh god Niall give it to me" I scream

He starts to go faster and deeper. He slowly starts to get sloppy and I know he is close but not as close as me. I find my self coming with in minutes and that pushes Niall over the edge and he comes inside me.

He lowers me down and we stand there panting.

"God that was great" Niall said. I put back on my t shirt and panties and head back to the kitchen I wash my hands and turn on the waffle maker I look at the time and it's almost 8.

When breakfast is done we eat and get dress and head to the hospital.

I see the same nurse that I saw check on Sarah yesterday.

"How is Sarah today"?

"She is great. The room most of the machines late last night and she woke up the smorning".

"Great thanks so much".

Niall and I head to her room.

"Hey Sarah how have you been"? I asked

"Terrible it hurts to breath it hurts to turn my body. I am happy they gave me oxygen it makes it so I don't have to breath as deep of breaths".

I go in and give her a light hug.

"How's the baby".

"The baby is fine. My arm on the other hand isn't. The gorse of the truck hiring the car pushed me agents the car door and I broke it".

"At least that isn't as bad as me. I am thankful your okay and the baby is okay".

We sit ant talk for a long time.

"Sarah I need you to write down that o can get all items out of your at I am only wearing something else today because Niall took me to get an outfit yesterday after I was discharged from here"

I pull the papers out of my purse and hand them to her. She signed them and Niall and I get ready to leave.

"We will be back tomorrow. I am so happy your okay".

"Bye get better"Niall said

"Bye guys love you both"

When we get out side we are bombarded by paparazzi

"Why wormy they here yesterday"?

I ask Niall

"They wore but we left out the back exit. I Only saw a couple hiding in the bushes at that exit. I didn't want to upset you more then you already wore".

They were taking pictures and "screaming stuff like are you okay? Are your really pregnant? We didn't even know you guys were a thing".

"Don't answer them".

"I wasn't planing on it".

When we get to the place they took Sarah's car. Niall and I walk in.

"How may I help you" the lady at the desk asked.

"Hi I am Kayleigh miller my cousin Sarah miller and I were in a car accident yesterday and I am here to pic up the stuff in her car".

"Do you have her permission to pic it up today along with the paper work"?

"Yes" I pull out both types of paperwork and hand it to her.

"Alright please sit down we will bring you her stuff soon".

"Kay thanks"

We go and sit.

"Well we sit and wait lets talk about baby names" Niall said

"If it's a boy can my dads name be his middle name" I ask

"Yes. What names do you like for if its a boy"?

"I like Jacob shaw and kayden"

"I don't like kayden to close to your name. But I like Shaw its a good strong name"

"Shaw Mathew Horan for a boy"

"Now for a girl"

"Hi here is your stuff 2 suit cases and 2 garbage bags of clothing and a small bag of nick nacks from the car"the lady from the front said.

She helps us take helps us take my stuff to Niall's car. I have the 2 suitcases Niall has one bag of clothing and the nick nack bag and the lady has the other bag of my clothing.

On the car ride home we finish choosing the baby's name.

"What girl names do you like"? I ask Niall

"I like Cassidy, Emily, Alexis and tayleen"

"I don't like Cassidy. I don't know what one to pic".

"How about we give then middle name to the first name and go from there".

"Alright. I like Emily Taylor Horan.

"I like that. What about Alexis Jane Horan.

"Very nice. Tayleen Ava Horan"

"That just made it harder to pic"Niall said as we pulled up to are flat.

We get in and un pack some of my stuff so I can live here for 3 days.

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