He is the reason i got her

18 year old Kayleigh Miller left Canada for England to avoid a ex and meets him soon to be 19 year old niall horan and she finds out she is pregnant. her life is changed for ever


5. 5

"Niall and I have been dating a month. I can't believe it. It feels like yesterday he asked me out".

"I know" Sarah said well she was frying fish in the kitchen.

"Oh before I forget here is my part of rent" I say well walking into the kitchen. I immediately run to the bath room cause I had to throw up. I haven't been feeling good lately and I think I know why. Sarah follows me.

"I think you need to go to the drug store" she said with a serious face.

"I know I do but what if I am my life is screwed. If I am I will have to move back home I won't be able to stay here work and pay you my part of rent".

"Niall is famous I am pretty sure he can afford a baby and pay your rent. Or you might end up moving in with him.

"Shit that makes it harder when he is on tour I will practically be a single mother".

"Do you want to go now"?

"Yes I will drive"

I haven't gotten my full license but I have my learners. Driving always calms me down so that's why I am driving.

When we get to the drug store I text Niall.

Kayleigh: you home I need to come over its important.

Niall: Ya but the boys are here

Kayleigh: When are they leaving?

Niall: Not till late

Kayleigh: shit can I still come over and talk to you in private.

Niall: Ya what is it you need to talk to me about ?

Kayleigh: can't say over text be there in 20-30 minutes 😘

Niall: okay babe 😍

We get in and get a clear blue pregnancy test that tells you how far along you are. Then we are on are way to Niall's house

Niall's pov

"Hey guys is it okay if Kayleigh comes over ? She needs to talk to me and that it's important".

"Sure as long as she stays and watches the football game" Louis said.

"Why not we can invite are girlfriends". Liam said

"Hey I don't have a girlfriend"Harry said.

" Kayleigh's cousin is probably coming too, you can hang with her". I said knowing Sarah has a boyfriend.

"When will she be here mate"? Zayn asked

"She said 20-30 minutes. The foot ball game doesn't start for 45 minutes. Invite your girls will make a fun night out of it" I said.

15 minutes later I hear a knock at the door.

I open it and Kayleigh storms in and pulls me to my room. I wave to Sarah as we go to my room.

"What is wrough babe"? I ask so confused.

She pulls a box out of her pocket. It reads clear blue, my heart skipped a beat.

"Well my period is a week late, I also have had morning sickness all God damn day".

"What if you are pregnant? You can't abort the baby."

Sarah's pov

I introduced my self and every one remembered me when I hear Kayleigh


"We don't even fucking know it I am pregnant, you can't fucking tell me if I can of can't abort the fucking child".

The boys then Look at me and I have no clue what to say.

"Look I don't know if she is pregnant or not but she is scared she came here to start a new life. I didn't think she meant to start a new life like this". I the giggle at my self.

"What ever happens we have to keep them together. Sense she has been with him she has become the girl I knew when We were 14".

"Niall has been so happy and has started working on a song for her, he wants it to go on are second album. Its a Beautiful song". Liam said

I walk by Niall's door quietly.

"How about you just take the goddam test and then we can have this argument latter" I hear Niall say

"I don't want to take the test right know I want you to see why I have to choose".

"I do understand but I can't tell you my opinion"?

"What ever"

Kayleigh's pov

As I am heading for the door Niall grabs my arm and pulls me in and kisses me.

"Kayleigh I know this might Be early to say but"

"I love you too Niall"

"I love you and what ever this thing says I will still love you". He said thenKisses me on the for head.

I walk to the washroom. When I get there I struggle to open the box, but when I get the box open I am shaking in fear. I pee on it and open the door. "Niall, Sarah come here please"

We stand there and wait for 2 minutes till the results show up.

Niall reads the results out loud.

"Pregnant 4-5 weeks along"

I start to cry I so scared but happy.

Niall hugs me, I could tell he is scared too.

"I am going to be an aunty" Sarah said haply.

"Technically this baby is your second cousin so your not going to be an aunty" I say

"Ah that's were your right and wrong. I am also your best friend and that makes me more like a sister to you there for I am an aunty".

I roll my eyes


"We need to tell the boys. They probably heard you screaming at me". Niall said.

"Ya they did I think Tokyo heard it" Sarah said laughing.

We walk into the living room.

"Look you probably heard me screaming at Niall about being pregnant".

"And she is pregnant".

"I know this is going To be scary for the both of us but I have no doubt we will be great parents". I say

"What will happen when Simon finds out"? Harry asked

"I don't know. I do know he won't be happy but he won't me angry" Niall replied.

"Do we have to tell the public right away"? I asked

"Most likely when you start start show your pregnant. The media already know your a couple" Louis replied.

"I know they know that and it scares me. I guess you guys should know why I moved here. My ex back home is a pig he beat me and suck so I left him and. He found me and raped me, I moved out of the province I lived in and he found me. He raped me again and brought me home. I went to the police but they didn't believe me, so I moved as far away as possible. Sarah I am sorry I didn't tell you about him taping me I couldn't tell you I wasn't ready" I said with a couple tears rolling down my faces

"Who all knew about That he raped you"? Sarah asked

"My brother mike, my mom and Niall.

I never told Niall he just figured it out".

"We will talk about this tomorrow. Because the girls are here for the foot ball game. You to are staying to watch as well". Niall said the. Walked to the door to let in Eleanor, Perrie and Sofia.

I never meet them. I get kinda excited.

We all sit and watch the game. We talk, we pig out on food and have the best Time.

The next day I call the doctor and schedule a time for an appointment to have an ultrasound. The soonest is on Friday the 18th 2012. I text Niall to tell him.

Kayleigh: hey babe I have a appointment for an ultrasound on Friday the 18th. So this Friday.

Niall: what time ?

Kayleigh: 10:30 am can you make it ?

Niall: yes we all took that day of so we could work on are new album together I can ask the lads if we can start after the appointment.

Kayleigh: awesome thank the boys fro letting you come. I gotta work

I love you.

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