He is the reason i got her

18 year old Kayleigh Miller left Canada for England to avoid a ex and meets him soon to be 19 year old niall horan and she finds out she is pregnant. her life is changed for ever


4. 4

Niall dropped me off at my flat. I don't see or hear from him for a week. Until He texted me

Niall: hey how have you been ?

Kayleigh: I have been good I got that job, but. You probably already knew that. How have you been?

Niall:good been busy planning are tour and Ya I knew you got that job. How is Lacey as a boss?

Kayleigh: she is awesome her and some other workers and I are going out soon for dinner.

Niall: do you want to go on a date soon?

Kayleigh:Ya what night works for you ?

Niall: tomorrow night and Friday night.

Kayleigh: I work tomorrow night,I can Friday.

Niall: awesome. Dinner and a movie sound good to you ?

Kayleigh: yes great I just have to go Talk to you later about the details we are going out now.😘

After dinner I text Niall saying I was done and can talk more.

Kayleigh: Hi I am done

Niall: hey welcome back. Did you have fun?

Kayleigh: yes a blast. Thanks for getting me that job I fit In Great.

Niall: your welcome.

Kayleigh: what movie do you want to see?

Niall: the movie Neighbours looks good. Do you like comedy ?

Kayleigh: yes who doesn't like comedy?

Niall: grump old men

Kayleigh: lol Niall. I have to get ready for bed see you in two days.

Niall: pic you up at 5:30.

Kayleigh: alright.

I get a Skype call and it's from my mom. I answered.

"Hey Kayleigh your brother got arrested for Beating up you boyfriend". "My mom says crying

Mom I don't have a boyfriend right now". "Yes you do Chris he said you got back together"

"Did you tell him were I am"?

"No he came here looking for you but by the time he was siting in the kitchen you brother beat him up"

" promise you won't tell any one back home were I am. I and not with Chris and never will be again he is a violent bastard. the reason mike beat him up was because mike knows what he did to me".

"What did he do to you that was so bad? And why couldn't you have told me before you left"?

"He beat me" I pause and breath I am about to tell her the one thing every one but mike knows about.

" He also raped me".

"So mike was just protecting you"?


"I am so sorry he did that why couldn't you tell me that and be able to tell mike"? "Mike is my big brother I trust him not to over react or judge me".

"I don't do that"

"yes you do"

"When have I ever done that then" you judged me for getting my belly button pierced. You said only strippers and prostatotst get them done".

"That Doesn't count"

"Yes it dose mom.I also don't trust you because my whole childhood you were in and out of my life, you missed so much".

She makes a face that pisses me off even more. I slam down my lap top screen and start crying. I cried my self to sleep that night wishing I could snuggle Niall, that moment I knew I was falling in love with him but I couldn't tell him that.

On Friday I go shopping with Lacey

We have become friends.

I get my new outfit from a cool little clothing store. A long black and sparkly dress and I get some cute ballet flats. After that we go back to the salon. Lacey did my hair I asked her to highlight my hair but make it look grown out, and she did it looks great she then curled my hair and put it in a half up do for the date. When She is done it's about 4:30 so I go on the bus home. I still need to take my Test here in England so I can drive.

I get home at 5:00 so I run in and get Sarah to help me get my dress on with out wrecking my hair. I put my make up on. By the time I am don't it's 4:25 so I talk to Sarah.

"Oh my god i love your hair who did it"?

"Thanks I love it too. Lacey did it"!

" do you think she could do something to this mop? I wand it layered and thinned it's so thick. I also want purple in my hair".

"The purple Would look good with your dark brown hair".

Ding dong.

I open the door and Niall is there smiling.

"You look gorgeous" he said

I start blushing.

"Thanks "

"Ready to go"?


When we get to the restaurant

We are seated right away.

"What are you wanting to eat" ? Niall asked me.

"I want something spicy but it will give me heart burn. So I think I will get shrimp fehttuchini".

"Get some thing spicy with a glass of milk"

"I should but now I want fehttuchini"

"Your that type of girl" Niall says rolling his eyes.

"Hey just because I don't want Harry burn and really love fehttuchini makes me a girl who can't make up her mind"? I flash him a joking smile

"Yes it dose Kaykay"

"Hey now I don't like being called that I only let her call me that because she is my cousin and she is my best friend".Giving him a joking evil eye.

"I know you don't like being called that"


" I heard you giving Sarah shit for calling you that in front of me"

"How did you hear that? I whispered that"

"You whisper wasn't that quiet. And being mean to her about not being able to say your name when she was little just so mean tisk tisk tisk" he said with a smile so I knew he was joking.

I get up from my side of the booth and go to his side. I kiss him and then bite his lip.

"Hey now that is turning me on" Niall said

I go and do it again.

"Well then deal with it"

I then go back to my side of the booth.

The waitress comes and takes are order.

After Talking for ten minutes Niall suddenly stops talking.

"What's rough" ? I ask confused

"Nothing it's just.... I wanna ask you something"?

"What is it Niall"

"Will you be my girlfriend"?

The question shocked me, i want to so badly but what if this gets to Chris and he finds me?

Chris doesn't have his passport he won't be able to follow me that is why I moved so far away. I know he doesn't have one because my friends and his were planing to go to the states but he couldn't cause he didn't have a pass port. I know it would take a long time for him to get a passport so I am safe for know. I also could ask Niall to keep it privet between has the boys, Sara and Lacey. Ya I will.

I replied

"Yes Niall I will but can we keep it privet. People that we are close to can know like the boys, Sara and Lacey"?

"Okay but eventually the public will find out you know that right "?

"Yes" and that is what I am afraid of.

I smile

" you look scared. I am not going to hurt you like he did, I am not him".

"It's not that at all. I am afraid of Chris finding out where I am. That is why I asked to keep us private"

"Ah I understand"

Are food came and are confers action was cut short by the smell of are food but I could tell he was going to bring it up again later.

After supper

We shared a price of cheesecake

When he said something that almost make me choke on my cake

"He raped you didn't he"?

I started crying and Niall came and gave me a hug. He knew the moment I started to cry what my ex did. I could see Niall was mad that it happens to me and got away with it.

Being in his arms makes me feel better.

"Can we just go back to your flat and watch tv or a movie instead of going to a movie"?

"Yes We can"

Niall pays the waitress and I tip her.

In the car I go in the passenger Side ( well the Canadian passenger side)

And Niall laughed so hard.

"You aren't driving this thing even if you had your licence here" he said

"Hey know this is the passenger side were I am from I am still getting use to it being on the other side"

"I may not live in Canada or the usa but when I am there I never go to this the drivers side there hoping not to drive".

I get out and give him a light push and say "meany head". we get to his flat half an hour later at 7:30.

"Want any thing to drink"?

"No I am good but thanks"

"Want to watch something in the living room or in my room"?

"Your room. Beds are better for snuggling".

We go to his room and watch Greece because I don't want to watch a horror movie.

I text Sarah and tell her not to wait up that I don't know when I will be home. I end up staying over night

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