He is the reason i got her

18 year old Kayleigh Miller left Canada for England to avoid a ex and meets him soon to be 19 year old niall horan and she finds out she is pregnant. her life is changed for ever


3. 3

The next morning I woke up to Niall brining me oatmeal an Orange juice.

"Thanks Niall"

"I will be right back"

He came back with a Box in hand.

"Here do you think you should take this"

" the morning after pill? Why would I need this if I am on birth control"?

" just incase I would feel better if you took it".

"Alright Niall. I'll take the pill and hope it works" . I barley know him, all I know is he is good at sex and singing.

"So what are your plans today" Niall asked.

"Look for a job and maybe get to know you"?

"Definitely I want to get to know you too"

"Um do you think I could use your computer"?

"Ya what for"

"to see if any salons are hiring receptionist, that's what I did when I was in high school then I worked at McDonald's I don't want to work there again even if it's in a different country".

"Bad experience"?

"Yes and nO"

"Well my friends sister is a hair stylist and her salon is hiring we could go there"


"Yea I wouldn't lie to you".

"I will have to go home and get ready"

I retch over and grab my cell that is on a. Canadian plan because I haven't had time to change it. I check what the address of my flat is. And I tell Niall

"Can you drop me of there to get ready"?

"you can get ready here".

"Nope you don't have a curling iron my make up or clothing".

"Oh right I can drop you of and pic you up again"

"No need it won't take me long to get ready just wait there"

I go over and give him a kiss on the cheek.

"Ready"? He asked


We ride over to my flat

When I walk in Sarah is there and happy to see me. "Where did you go last night"?

"I .… was with"

"She was with me last night sorry if we worried you" Niall says walking in the door.

Sarah's face went from worried to happy.

I then Take of my shoes.

"I will be getting ready Niall you can watch tv with Sarah if you want".

"Um you can watch by your self I have to talk to Kaykay. Here is the remote have fun". Sarah says handing him the remote.

"Alright I just watch the sport channels" he says siting down

Sarah and I walk to my room.

I whisper "why did you call me Kaykay in front of him you know I don't like that childhood nick name".

" I always call you that because I couldn't say your full name when I was little it just stuck"

"Ya well how could you not say Kayleigh its a easy name to say"

Sorry I had pronunciation issues when I was little".

"Fine. What did you come here"

"I live here and pay the bills"

"No here in my room"

"Oh to here every detail of how sex with him was"

"Come on how did you know I had sex with him"

"I didn't you just told me"


"God can't help you now"

"Fine. It was great until the condom broke"

"Oh my god. Are you on birth control pills"?

"Yes but I don't remember If I took them yesterday cause of the long day"

"Check then".

I open my top draw and dig for my pills and see I never took them yesterday or the day before.

"Shit shit shit"

"Let me guess you forgot"?

"Yep I forgot"

"Let me go get the morning after pill" she said trying to help.

"Niall went and got one the smorning. I took it but I could have already been pregnant by time I took it. I have to tell him".

"Yes you do but let me help you get ready."

"What are you doing".

" we are going to his friends sisters salon to apply for a receptionist position"

"Awesome I will curl your hair"

"I am going to put it in a ponytail so let me to that first and you can curl it Like that".


When my hair was curled I did my makeup and got dressed in a sundress and put on a belt and sandals.

"Ready Niall"? I say.

"Yep you look gorgeous"


"I called Lacey and she can't see us till 2:30 so do you want to go for lunch"?

"Yes sounds good cause I need to tell you something. Where do you want to go"?


" I have never eaten there lets go".

I have Sarah a hug and said I will be back tonight.

When we walk in I smell great foods and my stomach growls.

"Hey Niall" a waitress says

"Hey collette"

"Come with me" collette says an we are seated.

I orders chicken nugget And Niall ordered a burger and fries.

"Niall I forgot to take my birth control yesterday. That morning after pill might not work if I am already pregnant".

" I thought you said you took it yesterday"?

"I thought so to it is routine thing but yesterday my routine was messed up because of me moving here and what not it just slipped my mind I am sorry". I lower my head

"hey Kayleigh we won't know till you miss your period and if you are I am going to be a father, and if your not I will not be a father. it won't reck my life to have a child I am Rich and can spoil him or her". He then wipes a tear of my check

"It will make your life harder wouldn't it you missing him or her? It would make my life much harder being a single mother, living with her cousin. No I would have to go back home and I can't do that I can't".

"If you have to then you have to. but you won't because you will have me. Why can't you go home any way" ?

My ex boyfriend he is controlling he beet me and I left him and he made me stay with him so I moved to a different province and he found me and beet me harder, so I moved again and so on. I went to the police but they didn't do anything, so That is why I am here as far away as possible".

"God that is terrible. I am sorry thanks for telling me, I know that was hard for you to tell me". He leans over and kisses me on the cheek.

"Thanks" I say with more tears coming down my face.

"I hope you know I wasn't looking for a one night stand with you Kayleigh I want to get to know you and go on dates and kiss you passionately. I want you eventually to be my girlfriend".

"I'd like that" I say wiping the tears off and smiling".

Are food comes and we start eating.

After launch we go to the mall.

"What do you want to do for and hour and a half" Niall asked

"Get my cellphone switched to a plan here or get a new one".

"Well let's do that"

I end up getting a new iPhone 6 by trading in my iPhone 4s sucker didn't know it was locked to Canadian phone provider.

We then walk around holding hands looking at shops and clothing.

"It's almost 2:15" Niall says

"Then let's go to the shop. what is the name of it"?

"It's called let your hair loose"

"Nice lets go"

When we walk in Lacey walks up to Niall and I.

"This must be your friend Kayleigh" Lacey said

"Hi I am Kayleigh" I put my hand out for her to shake it. She takes it and shakes back

"Nice to meet you Kayleigh".

"Here is my resume".

She looks at it and takes a minute to read over it then looks up with a smile

" your resume is most impressive from all the ones I have gotten but I can't call your old work places it will cost me to much, do you have there emails"?

"Yes I am sorry I didn't even think about that costs. do you have a peace of paper I could right them on"?

"Yes here".

I write down there emails and hand it back to her.

"Sorry again for not putting there emails down on there".

"That's alright if I moved to a different country I wouldn't think about it either".

"Thanks do you think I could use your washroom"?

"Yes down that hall and to your left".

Niall's pov

"Thanks"Kayleigh said and headed off.

When she is gone Lacey turns to me and says "you like her don't you? You want in her pants don't you"?

I blush a little

"You already got in her pants didn't you"

"Yes we were drunk. I only wanted to get to know her and fall In love with her but we had sex. I wanted her to get to know the real me not the famous me".

"But she knows the famous you more then the real you"

"And it fucking sucks".

"I can tell she really likes you".

"She dose"?

"Yes a girl can tell when another is falling for some one. And she most likely will get the job if her references answer my email fast".



"How's it going" Kayleigh asked

"Great" Lucy said

"We have to go but thanks for the chat" Niall said

"I will get in touch with you soon Kayleigh" Lacey said

And with that we left.

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