He is the reason i got her

18 year old Kayleigh Miller left Canada for England to avoid a ex and meets him soon to be 19 year old niall horan and she finds out she is pregnant. her life is changed for ever


29. 29

It's been a month since Emily was put in the hospital. She's gone completely deaf. I think this has upset Niall more then me because his baby girl will never hear him sing again. I have learned to deal with it. It may be hard but she didn't die and gets to learn a new language. Niall seams to think she needs Cochlear Implants well I think she does not need them.

"Niall please listen to me Emily does not need to hear there are tons of people who are deaf and are completely happy."

"But those people probably can't afford the surgery to begin with and have excepted never going to be able to hear ."

"That may be true but your missing the point"

"No you are missing the point Kayleigh I am trying to do what's best for are daughter. She needs to be able to hear to be able to get a good job, to make friends and to be normal."

"What is normal any way? I don't want her to have surgery what if something goes wrong ? What if it didn't work?"

"If something goes wrong there is a whole hospital of doctors. And if it didn't work at least we tried." Niall replied and gave me a hug.

"I know. I guess"

"I have to go for soundcheck for are concert tonight. Greg will be here to watch Emily at 7. I will see you before the concert"

"Bye see you later love you" I say kissing him.

Later that night.

“You know what that dress does to me. I can’t be hard onstage; you know that, baby,” Niall spits into my ear as he grabs your arm, pulling me closer to him, “Can you take care of that for me real quick? Before I go?” He asks, lips pressed to your ear. I nod eagerly as he latches his teeth onto your neck, looking around to make sure no one sees him pulling you into the closet. It been a while sence we did this. sence Emily has gone deaf we haven't had much time to are self and with the tour starting we have been busy.

“I had to have you. I really did. Your legs in that dress…I couldn’t help but imagine them wrapped around me while I fuck into you. How does that sound?” Niall murmurs as he roughly picks me up and leans you against the wall. My legs wrap around his strong hips as I feel myself getting wetter and wetter.

Niall pushes your dress up above your breasts, licking at my nipples as he yanks your panties to the side, rubbing you deep.

“Hold on to that shelf for me, babe,” Niall whispers as he unbuttons his jeans and pulls out his hard cock.

He groans as he sinks into me slowly, but quickly starts thrusting into me at such a fast pace, your wetness can be heard from the dressing room.

He grasps my thighs tight as he grinds his hips into mine biting on my neck and moaning into your ear. His hand comes down with a hard slap on your ass, and he feels you clench even tighter around him. He takes that as the cue to smack you again.

“Ya you like that? Yer gettin’ so wet from me swattin’ your ass,huh? Mmmm, come on, darlin, we don’t have much time. His nails dig deep into the flesh of my thigh as his hand comes down again and again. He angles his head to kiss me ever so gently, slowly enjoying the taste and feel of my lips as he fucks me harder and harder.

"NIALL!! Where the fuck are ya?” Harry called from outside. You both heard all the boys walk into the dressing room, looking around for the two of you.

Niall doesn’t stop thrusting into you.

“I’m- Niall— I’m gonna come! They’re gonna—-hear me,” you whimper as he slams into me even harder. licking and sucking your neck. He brings his hand up to your mouth, muffling your building moans and stifling his own.

“Come on, come on, baby…come on my cock right now, that’s it…” Niall murmured in your ear breathlessly, circling his hips and hitting my g-spot repeatedly. My orgasms hit me like a hurricanes, our bodies radiating heat and grinding against each other, lips locked as your tongues mingle and he swats you lightly for the last time.

He gives you a final, passionate peck before he pulls out of you and sets you back down. His soft, tousled hair is unruly and slightly sweaty, and his cheeks are red as fire. “Ya ready, babe? That was perfect. Thank you,” Niall murmurs into my ear and grabs your hand. I pull my dress down and he opens the door slowly, the both of you greeted with jeers and whistles from all the boys.

“You lucky bastard,” Liam calls to Niall, “L

"There is no time for this we have to get on stage" Harry said showing the boys on stage.

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