He is the reason i got her

18 year old Kayleigh Miller left Canada for England to avoid a ex and meets him soon to be 19 year old niall horan and she finds out she is pregnant. her life is changed for ever


28. 28

Kayleigh's pov

I walk out of the bathroom wearing this dress that is blue and white and the length goes to the floor.

"Did he just do that?" I ask

"He has been planing this for a week. to be able to watch Emily we had to take a babysitting class taught by Niall himself."

"He really loves us hey Emily?"

"He really dose" Harry replied in a baby voice.

"When will the boys be back?"

"Soon I hope. Now go get ready before Niall gets back."

I do as told.

I pull my hair into a bun like what Cinderella dose and leave a peace of hair on each side of my face. Then hear Emily starting to cry she is hungry it's around supper time for her she normally eats at 5:30 and it almost 6.

"she is crying I think I broke her" I hear Harry yell.

"She is just hungry it's past the time I normally feed her". I say taking her from Harry. "Harry can you grab that blanket out of the diper bag?"

"Yes this one?" He asked grabbing the blanket and handing me it

"Yes this is the one".

I take Emily to the couch I put the blanket over my shoulder and start to breast feed.

Five minutes later the boys walk in.

"Why did you have to do that" I heard zayn say.

"Hey guy how are you?" I ask

"Good. How is miss em"? Liam asked as he was walking into the living room.

"Good just feeding her now"

After feeding her I give her to Liam and go finish getting ready I just have my makeup to do.

Niall's pov

I get back to Harry's flat and just walk in.

"Hi is Kayleigh ready?"

"Not quite she just finished feeding Emily she was hungry." Louis said

"Here is her sleeper clothing for tomorrow and 3 bottles of breast milk. If you need any thing call me or Kayleigh."

"Stop worrying mate. She will be fine" Liam said.

"Yes and if something goes wrong uncle Loui is here remember I have little sisters who I took care of for a long time".

"I know Emily is in safe hands with her uncles." I said and take her from zayn.

"Hi Emily you be good for your uncles. Mummy and I will be back in the morning." I give a her a kiss on her forehead."her head feels warm. Harry feel tell me If its a fever".

Harry then felt her head, from the face he made I could tell she had a fever.

"I think she has a fever mate, I can go get baby Tylenol and give her some."

"Yes please. If anything gets worse with her please call one of us well were out."

"I will get a thermometer as well" Harry said in his way out the door.

"I am all ready. How is Emily?" Kayleigh asked.

"She has a fever. Harry just ran to the drug store for baby Tylenol and a thermometer." Liam said

"Then we aren't going out she needs me". Kayleigh said looking worried.

"Kayleigh honey we need a night to us, it's just a fever it's not like she is crying upset and throwing up. She is happy right now, if something chances we will come right back."

"Okay but we wait till Harry comes back with the medicine and the thermometer." She said taking Emily " hey tad are you okay?"

Emily smiled and reached out at Kayleigh's.

"See she is saying go have fun mummy" zany said " plus Niall is right you need time together".

When Harry came back her fever was higher then we thought. We gave her the Tylenol and left but had the boys text me every 30 minutes so Kayleigh would leave her with the boys.

We went to the nicest restaurant in London.

"Hello do you have a reservation" the host asked.

"Yes for Horan at 6:30 sorry we are late we had a problem with are child." I said it was almost 7:00.

"You are lucky we didn't give the table away. That's what we do if your this late but because your Niall Horan I was not aloud to".

"Well thanks to ever didn't let you give it away" Kayleigh said really rudely.

"I will show you to your table follow me" the host said

"That was so rude of him to talk to you like that. I know I shouldn't have said what I said but still." Kayleigh whispered to me.

We are seated and a lovely young lady who looks like she's 15 comes to are table.

"Hello" she said smiling " I am katrena. I will be your server tonight."

"Hello Katrena" I say and she blushes.

"Katrena I don't mean to be rude but you look a little young to be working at such a restaurant." Kayleigh said

"Yes. I am only 15 I graduated from school when I was 14. I am waitressing here to earn money for university"

"wow" Kayleigh said

"What are you wanting to do in Uni?" I asked.

"I want to become a surgeon. My parents can't afford to send me. So I moved in with my auntie who lives here and started working at her restaurant"

"Your Lucky to have got a job at such a fancy place. You must get lots of tips here. We're are you from then if you moved here?" Kayleigh said with a smile.

"Manchester. Any way here are your menus. today's special is steak shrimp and lobster tail with any dessert."

"That sounds great I will have that" I said looking at Kayleigh.

"Me too sounds great"

"Alright any drinks?"

"Your finest Champlain please"

"Sounds great." She said and left.

We talked for a while.

"Did I tell you Greg and his girlfriend got engaged."

"No really?"

"Yes they are getting married in April".

"Here is your Champlain" a waiter said poring us each a glass then leaving.

"Oh god this is good. I am so happy you convinced me to come out".

"I am glad your happy. I wanted this to be special for us because we haven't been able to have much fun."

Then are food came.

Harry's pov

"She popped, it really stinks" Zayn said"here take her Loui"

"Why should I just because I have a little sisters?"

"yes" zayn said

"I will do it but Lou will you show me how?" I asked.

"Yes I guess that's better then me doing it".

I grab Emily from zayn.

I laid her down on the ground and took of her pants.

"What next?" I asked Lou

"Take off those tabs then lift the front of the duper down" he said

I do as told.

"Then wipe the poop off of everywhere"

"It's everywhere all right it up her

shirt. He has diarrhea."

"Liam fill the kitchen sink. We have to bath her. Zayn did Kayleigh pack baby soap and shampoo? And Harry wipe as much of that Off of her" Louis said.

"What are you going to do?" Harry asked

"I am going to text Niall and tell him about the situation" he relied.

Niall pov

Buzz Buzz

Niall pics Up and see a text from Lou

Lou: Emily had major diarrhea so we are bathing her. She will be fine baby's have this sometimes. There is no reason to worry.

Niall: did her fever go away ?

Lou: not completely. It not so high.

Niall: alright keep me in The loop about her Kay?

Lou: yep I will

"Who are you texting?" Kayleigh asked

"Louis he was just telling me that Emily pooped."

"Dose he have to tell you that well we eat supper?"

"Well no but I told him to keep me updated on her so he is I guess."

I hate lying to her but I don't want to get worried and want to leave.

"Alright but don't tell me alright". She said taking a bite out of her stake.

"This food is so good."

"I do enjoy this shrimp"

"You enjoy any food that is put on your mouth" she said giggling.

I go and kiss her. "God do I love you. I am so happy we meet".

"I am so glad we meet too"

Zayn pov

"She has a red rash all over her. She looks like she is in a lot of pain we need to take her to the doctor" I said

"Okay but it could be nothing and your over reacting". Lou said

But we hoped in the car and wheat to the emergency. On our way there Harry had called Niall and Kayleigh. We meet them there.

Kayleigh's pov

" I should have stayed home she was sick I could of helped her" I said almost in tears.

"Kayleigh baby it's not your fault she just has a red rash for all we know it could just be chicken poxs"

"Yes but it could be worse"

"We don't know until we get there".

When we get there the Emily is with the doctor

"What is going on" I ask right away

"Emily has Meningitis. Unfortunately she has had it for about 2 days and is just showing symptoms. This can be very bad for her. She has started to lose her hearing and it may not come back. We have started her the medicine needed to get rid of it but it will be a couple of days before we can tell if her hearing will go back to normal and there are chances it may go away completely."

I start to cry the moment he said she might not hear again.

"What are the chances she will hear again?" Niall asked.

"Right now It's 50% chance. I will tell you tomorrow if she has gotten do better or worse. Right now it's up to her to fight and get better."

The next morning

The next morning we have a meeting with the doctor.

"Hello mr and mrs Horan it loos like Emily is getting worse before she gets better she has lost all hearing in her left ear. She may never hear from that ear again. We are doing everything we can to help her."

"What will happen if she hose completely deaf?" I ask in tears at this point.

"Well there are 2 options. You learn sigh language and she will learn when old enough or get a cochlear implant so she can hear again." The doctor said.

After the meeting we meet up with the boys.

"How is Emily?" Zayn asked

"She has lost hearing in her left ear and may not get it back." Niall said.

"The doctor told us are options if she dose lose her hearing in the other ear. She will rather have to learn sign language or get a cochlear implant so she can hear again."

I said.

"How dose the cochlear work?" Harry asked

"The doctor said A cochlear implant is a small, electronic device that can help to provide a sense of sound to a person who is deaf or severely hard-of-hearing. The implant consists of an outside pice that sits behind the ear and a second pice that is surgically placed under the skin." Niall answered.

"But we don't have to worry about that right now because it hasn't gotten that far." I say.

"What ever happens we are always going to be here for the both of you." Liam said.

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