He is the reason i got her

18 year old Kayleigh Miller left Canada for England to avoid a ex and meets him soon to be 19 year old niall horan and she finds out she is pregnant. her life is changed for ever


24. 24

It's he 28th the boys Niall and I are on the flight to California for there show tomorrow night at the staples centre. 

The airplane  ride was so long and pain full I needed to stand but wasn't aloud to move around unless I used the wash room and if I went to the washroom every 10 minutes It would look suspicious so I sat in pain.  When we land I am the first to stand.  "That feels good to stand my back hurts from all that siting" "You'll be alright now" Niall said rubbing my back as he stud up. When we leave the plain are ride is waiting and so are the paparazzi. "When is the baby due"? One asked  "Is it a boy or a girl"? Another asked  "When is the wedding"?  "What's it's name going to be"?   I looked at Niall and mouthed  "Should we answer"?  He shook his head no. We keep walking  When we're in the limo the ride seams like for ever.  "Why couldn't we tell the paparazzi" ?  "Because after we get settled you and I have an interview with a magazine and we should tell them not the pap". "Alright" We get to the hotel and Seattle in. "Niall what will happen if I have the baby here"?  "What do you mean love"? "Like will I go back home well you finish this tour"?  "Well it depends on when she is born. If she is born from now to the 1st you will go back after your out of the hospital and if she is born from the 2nd to the 8th then you will go to your moms because are last show is in Vancouver".  "That sounds good". "I know your worried. I am too I am afraid she won't know I am her dad with me gone all the time, I am afraid I will be a bad dad or drop her." "Dropping her is the worst of my worries. I worry I will become my mother and be a terrible parent" "You won't be like your mother you're parenting will be like your father". "I guess as long as you don't die I won't got crazy".  "I don't plane on dyeing any time soon" "Good because we need you. Just like the band need zayn for his high notes" "What dose that mean"?  "Well if zayn left you guys would have to sing his parts right"?  "Yes" "Well zayn dose most of the really high notes so you may not be able to sing them if they are to high for your voice"  "Harry could probably do it" "Well zayn isn't leaving so we don't have to worry. Let's go to the interview" When we get there it's just the two of us being interview and are pictures for the article.  "Hello my name is Laura I am your interviewer" "Nice to meet you Laura" I say  " I would like to say congratulations on the engagement and that baby" she said smiling "Thank you" we both say    "How much longer do you have till the baby is born"?  "I am due on the 6th of January" "Know do you know if it's a boy or a girl"?  "It is a girl". Niall said  "Is her name picked out yet"?  "Yes Emily Taylor" Niall replied  "Kayleigh were did you grow up? You don't have a very different sounding accent from people who live in north Dakota". "I am from Saskatchewan Canada" "How did you meet Niall"?  "I moved to England  And was staying with my cousin. She wanted me to go to the club with her. i meet Niall when he and the rest of 1d were playing pool agents my cousins friends"   "Why did you move to England from Canada"?  "I had personally reasons I would not like to tell". " alright. Niall how is it going to be like with the band when the baby born"?  "We plan on doing every thing like before just have Kayleigh and Emily come visit  when we are on tour". "Kayleigh how do you feel about Niall not seeing the baby as much as a normal father would"?  "Niall will be here when he needs to be and I can't stop him from fallowing his dream". After the interview we when to the hotel and sleepy for a bit the long flight made me really tired.    Couple days later It's the 31st and we are in New York. We go touring in the day time.  "Niall are we going to the Empire State Building"? I ask  "No but we can probably go if we don't spend lots of time at the Statue of Liberty". "Okay. I really want to see the view of New York  up there" "Alright" We all go and take pictures Every were we go. I have always wanted to come to New York. After touring around we go back to the hotel so I can have a break and rest. At 8 we leave again but for the boys to perform in time square.  The boys perform at 10 and we stay and watch.  At 11:59 we start the count down. Every one in time square  "Five four three two one .... Happy new year".  
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