He is the reason i got her

18 year old Kayleigh Miller left Canada for England to avoid a ex and meets him soon to be 19 year old niall horan and she finds out she is pregnant. her life is changed for ever


23. 23

It's Christmas time and we are at Niall's dads cm this Christmas Eve. 

"How is my gran baby"? Bobby asked  "She is nice and heathy. I on the other hand don't want her in me any more I want to meet her. I also want my feet to stop looking like big marsh mellows". I say giggling  "We are ready for her. We have everything we need and more. Her nursery is all set up her name is picked out we only need her to come" Niall said with an excited smile. "Emily will be wanting out soon too"! Bobby said well handing us are presents.  I opens my gifts and the first one said to Kayleigh and Emily.  It was a mother daughter necklace  Mine said worlds best mommy and her said world cutest daughter.  "Bobby this is beautiful" I said starting to cry "you didn't have to spend so much on me". "Well I didn't have to but I wanted to. Niall loves you with all his heart so that means your my be daughter, you are perfect for him". The second one was a photo album, it had a. Photo slot that said 1 week 2 weeks 3 4 and so on till the baby was 18 years old.  "Bobby thank you so much this means a lot to me" I give him a hug. Niall then opens his gift witch was a old watch. "That was your great granddads watch he wore in world war 1.  My grandad gave it to my dad when he became a father to me and he gave it to me when I became a father to Greg now I am giving it to you because your going to become a father real soon". "But Greg was born first shouldn't he get the watch"? "He may be born first but your a father first that's how it works". "Thanks dad" Then bobby opens are gift for him. "Guys that's so nice of you. A flight to Australia.  I can go see joe I haven't seen him in so long. In February so the baby will be born".  "Yes I asked John what week would work for him he said his holidays were in February. So I talked to your boss to get that week off". Niall said  "Thank you I can't wait". The next morning we go to Maura's  I knock  "Happy Christmas you guys" Maura said  "Merry Christmas to you too Maura"  "Happy Christmas mum" Niall said as we walked int her house.  We have breakfasts pancakes eggs bacon and hash browns.  After break fast we open gifts.  We all sit down Greg Denise, Maura Chris, Niall and I.  We give out are gifts first.  Greg and Denise opens there's first  We gave them  a flat screen smart eve and a blue ray DVD player.  "Thanks you guys. This is awesome". Greg said  "You don't need to spoil us like this" Denise said "Why not ? Your family" I say  Then Chris and Maura open there's  "A suit case"? Maura asked with a confused face.  "Open it" Niall said  "A swim suit"? Chris asked confused  "Open the pocket" I say excited  Chris pulls out an envelope.  "A cruise" ? They both asked excitedly. "Yes it's paid for you just have to go in February" Niall said  "Thank you you guys we will have a great time". Niall and I got a brand new comforter for are bed from Chris and Maura.  Greg and Denise got me the nicest pair of slippers. Niall got  a nice new pair of football cleats.    Later that day  Maura Denise and I went and prepared for dinner a bunch of Niall's aunt uncles and cousins were coming.  "How has your pregnancy been"? Denise asked "Good nice and easy. Except now I have the worst back pain in the world. Niall is so sweet at night he rubs my back then grabs a heated flax bag and puts it on my back. He really loves me and I couldn't me happier to love him back" "I had bad back pain with Niall and he kicked a lot"  "I can't wait till I become a mother" Denise said with a smile. "Miss emm likes to kick a lot as well. And you will be a great mother some day Denise" "When do you guys leave for the small North American tour again" Maura asked ? "28th. We will call you if I go into labor there and get you to were we are the moment it happens"  "I wasn't worried about that. I just didn't know when you left"   All Niall's family came and we had a ball every one kept touching my stomach it was weird strangers graving me but there not strangers to Niall so I was okay with it.  
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