He is the reason i got her

18 year old Kayleigh Miller left Canada for England to avoid a ex and meets him soon to be 19 year old niall horan and she finds out she is pregnant. her life is changed for ever


17. 17

When we go pic up Harry Sarah seams nervous. 

"Sarah there is no need to worry". "I know it's just I think I might of Hurts his feelings by not inviting him in the first place".  "You probably did but he didn't care now that you invited him, even if it was after you got here". "I guess"  Whe we get there Sarah goes in by herself to talk to Harry. When they get in the car Niall and I both say hi. "How was your flight"? "Good happy to be here". Harry said  "So tomorrow   We are having a picnic with my mom" I roll my eyes and continue speaking"my brother Sarah and is other cousins and are uncle Doug and auntie Starla" I say  "Harry  and Niall are cousin  Darcy loves you guys she is 10 so she may not know how to act around you". Sarah pauses "auntie Starla is going to talk to her about you being there but she still might not listen". She says  "Do if you could be nice to her and if you have to ask her to leave you a lone for a little bit". I say  "No problem"Harry said  "I understand. We could have her sit in between Harry and I and you girls sit beside us".  Niall said  "What do you mean"? Sarah asked  "It will go Sarah Harry Darcy me Kayleigh for  the seating arrangement". Niall explains.  As we pull into the parking lot of miles apartment. "Harry did you book a last minute hotel "? I asked.  "No I couldn't remember the name of the hotel you and Niall are staying at".  "well  we can go see if they have any rooms available. It's only a couple blocks from here". I say  " let's go" Sarah said When  we get there only Harry and Niall go in. "So Sarah are you still going to stay at mikes"?  "No. Harry and I will get a room together". "Good I hope he gets a room here. They are always busy at this hotel even if it isn't a fancy one". "I know do you not remember the family reunion was here" "Yes I remember.We were ten right"?  "Yes that was the first time we saw each other scene  I moved to England". "That 2 weeks wasn't long anuff". "No visit we ever had after moving was long anuff even when I stayed at grandma and grandpas for the entire summer". "That was a great summer you have to admit that". Niall and Harry come out of the hotel. "We got a room Sarah" Harry said  "And we are all checked in Kayleigh" Niall said.  "Awesome let's take are luggage to are rooms" I said  Niall Sarah and Harry take the luggage out of the car and I go park. When in the elevator I get a text from the she witch (my mom)  Mom: "hey honey do you and Niall want to come for dinner tonight I am making your favorite chicken Alfredo but in lasagna with Broccoli and  spinach". Me: " I will ask Niall if he wants to" "Niall my mom just texted" I pause and breath in "she wants you and I to go for supper. I don't want to go very badly but I need to" I look down at my stomach "for tad. Do you want to go"? "Yes I want to meet her. Even if you and her don't get along very well she is your mother". Niall said he leans in and kisses me on the cheek. I text my mom back Me:"we will come. What time do you want us there"? Mom:"6:30 sound good"?  Me: "yep we will be there" Mom: "Rob is back as well so he will be here" Me: "great" Rob is my step dad, I hate Him with every fiber in me. He is a pig but my mom is with him because his family has money. Rob travails a lot so he isn't home for weeks at a time.  "We're to bet there at 6:30" "Sounds good". At 6:20 we arrive at my moms.  We go to the door and nock . Rob answered the door. "Hey sweetie" he said to me  "Hi Rob. You calling me that won't make me like you more". He got a little mad at my remark  "Well what will"? He asked "money"?  "No I do believe Niall has lots and I have a job as well". "And I am willing to share my money with my girlfriend" Niall said "May we come in"? I ask  "Yes" We walk in and I give Niall a look that says I don't want to be here. "Hi honey" my mom said like she never called me a slut and I slapped her. "hi mom. This is Niall my boyfriend and the father of my baby". "Hi Niall I am Donna".my mom said putting her hand out for him to shake her hand. Niall takes her hand and shakes it. "nice to meet you Donna" "Supper is almost ready". My mom said "Rob are you going to the picnic tomorrow as well"? Niall asked  When that comes out of Niall's mouth I dread the answer "Yes but only for the eating not any games and stuff like that I work tomorrow". I breath. no one in my family but my mom like him so knowing he isn't going to be there long makes me feel better. "My Suppers ready. Come and get it". "Smells great mom" I say as I grad a peace of lasagna.   When siting at the table we eat and talk. I can tell my mom is trying to civil.  After supper mom asked me to do the dishes with her.  "Kayleigh I" she pauses "I am sorry I called you a slut. I am sorry you felt you had to run away from here because of what Chris did. I am sorry I have been a terrible mother since your father died. I am sorry for everything". She said starting to cry. " I am sorry I didn't tell you why I left till after I was gone. I am sorry I slapped you and ruined the surprise of you coming to visit me".  "I ruined it. I am so happy you are happy there and have found the love of your life". "How do you know he is the love of my life? I don't even know if he is". "I know he is because of the way you guys look at each other, even if you guys haven't been together long I can tell because that how your father and I looked at each other".  "So sad was the love of your life. I don't remember you guys ever getting along from the time I was 12 till he was killed". "There were issues yes but every night he told me he loved me even if we had an argument". "He did really love you. After he died I missed your happy face when he would randomly buy you flowers".  "I loved that" she takes I deep breath "I miss how thought full he was". "At his funeral you sang from this moment on by Shania twain. Was that your guy's song"?  "Yes. Do you remember when you and mike went to live with grandma and grandpas for 2 month"? "Yes" " I stayed here and listened to that song on repeat. All I did was sleep cry and eat". "I miss him. I came home to see his grave".  " I miss him too. I know that's why you came home". She gives me a hug well I am crying.  When we get back to the hotel I get ready for bed. In the middle of then night Niall wakes me up.  "Princess wake up"  "Hmmm what" "You were crying are you okay"?   I touch my face and feel my tears. I know why.  "I had a dream that my dad. He woke me up well I was sleeping in the dream he told me he loved me and that he is happy I found you. He also said he has already meet are baby and that he loves her with all his heart". "How would he have already meet the baby and know it's a her"?  "He said that God made him come meet her before she was conceived. It sound weird but I saw my dad again and I feel better like he is in peace now". "So know you definitely think it's a girl don't you". "Yes only because my dad said so". "Well in August we will find out what it is and we will find out if he is right". "Alright. Let's go back to sleep we have a big day Tomorrow". "Night my loves"he said kissing me and then kissing my tummy".  

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