He is the reason i got her

18 year old Kayleigh Miller left Canada for England to avoid a ex and meets him soon to be 19 year old niall horan and she finds out she is pregnant. her life is changed for ever


16. 16

When Sarah Niall and I land in Saskatoon my brother is waiting for us. 

"Oh wow your getting big".Mike says as I give him a hug. "I know it's weird but little tad is growing in me" I pause and open up the baby tracker." Your baby is about 5.4cm long from her crown to her rump and weighs slightly less than 14g. The big news this week is that your baby's reflexes are becoming more honed. She'll squirm if you prod your belly, although you probably can't feel her moving around yet. Fetal wrgtttynerve cells have been multiplying rapidly and the neurological connections in her brain (synapses) are forming. She can close her fingers, curl her toes and clench her eye muscles. 

All the while, your baby's face is beginning to look more human. Her eyes, which started out on the sides of her head, have moved closer together. Her ears are almost in their final positions on the side of her head. Inside her body, her organs are performing more complex tasks". I say smiling. As we walk to the car Niall starts to talk. 

" how have you and your girlfriend been"? Niall asked mike "Shayla"? "YA her". "Great we have been dating since we were in high school".  "You live with her now how is that"? I ask "It took a little bit for us to get to know eatch others routines and cleaning habits. She is very messy and doesn't clean much but she cooks for us every day so it evens things out I guess. How are you to with living together"?  "Good for the most part. We haven't been home long anuff". I say  "And I was on tour for a week before we came here". Niall said  "Fun" mike said then turned to Sarah"what's new with you"?mike asked well we got into the car. "Nothing really. Harry and I are kinda a thing". "and that is nothing"? He asked "It's no big deal".  "Yes it is Sarah. You have made Harry so happy since the moment he meet you at the club. He new you had a boyfriend but he still likes you". Niall said.  " that's funny Harry said something simpler to Kayleigh being in your life. He said before Kayleigh you were lonely even if you were with the boys all week, that she made you hole. Also the moment you started to talk to Kayleigh she dropped her protective wall that she put up after you know who came along". " that's true Niall I did drop that wall the moment you smiled at me". "Why  didn't Harry come"? Mike asked  " I didn't invite him". Sarah answers  "Why not? He told me he wished he was coming".niall said  "I just thought it was to early for him to visit my extended family. Also to go on a trip with me even".  " I know you wanted him to come" I said. "I... I did but it's to late now for him to come".  "We are here my apartment" mike said We get out and grab are stuff.  "You know it's not to late" Niall said " he would probably be here as soon as he could if you invited him".  I state. " I just don't know" she said nervously.  When we get inside mike gives us a tour of his small apartment.  Sarah is staying with him well Niall and I have a hotel a block away we have to check in before 8:00 pm tonight and it's 7 am here.  I pull Sarah to the kitchen well every one else is in the living room.  "Sarah why are you scared to have Harry here"?I ask  " because I think are  relationship Is moving to fast. Inviting him here would mean moving even faster". "Sarah talk to him about it. Invite him here and say that he can only come if he promises not to take it the rough way. Communication is key in a good relationship".  "Okay. I am also afraid I love him that's why I think we are moving to fast".  " why are you afraid of loving him"?  "Because he is famous, he is way to hit for me" I cut her off  " really your the hottest brunet who lives In England. Him being famous is hard but if your meant to be with him then that will only get easier to except trust me on that one". "I will call him but you have to go back to Niall".  "Fine" I leave and she calls Harry. "Hey shayla" I say "Hey girl your looking gorgeous and pregnant" she said going in for a hug.  I introduce shayla to mike, he liked her and she is my best friend from schools older sister. "Well aunti shayla what do you think about taking me to Tim Hortans" "You miss your ice caps don't you"?  "YES. and Starbucks is shitty even if it's free trade coffee". I say  "Let's go" she said happily it will give us time to ketch up  "Niall do you want coffee"  "Yes please 2 sugars and 2 cream please" "Here in Canada that's called a double double" shayla said being a bit cocky.  "Alright I will have a double double". Sarah walks in right.  "Harry is on his way"she said happily. "Good talk about it later. Shayla and I are going to Tims want anything"?  "Yes please I would love a single single". Witch is one cream and one sugar. " oh and 10 Tim bits" "Alright". Shayla let's me drive. I miss driving on the right side of the round.  When we pull up to the drive though there are 7 cars ahead of us which is the usual thing since its 7:30 even if it's a Saturday, Canadians are addicted to Tim Hortans.  "Mike told me about you being raped and why you moved. I hope that's okay that he did". Shayla said softly. "Yes it is your family".  "Thanks. Now how did you meet Niall the first day your in England you lucky  bitch". She said jokingly  I drive a little bit closer to the ordering station.  "Well thank Sarah she took me to that club. Also her boyfriend at the time  and his friends ended up playing pool agents the one direction gang". " and you ended up talking then got hammered and had sex I got it"  "Yep but the condom broke.  We eventually started dating the. I found out about the baby".  "Well at least you got nocked up by a famous guy who has lots of money". " why dose every one say that. It is a good thing but kinda rude even if they are joking. I am not mad that you said it but still".  " I know what you mean"  I drive a little closer.  "You want a triple triple right"?  "Yes like always you remembered"  " I have only been gone 12 weeks not a thousand years"  "I know but still that means your a good friend". "Because I remember how you like your coffee"? " yes you remember the little details". "Thanks". When we finally get to Order I can practically already taste  my icecap. "Hello may I take your order"? The worker asked. "Hi good morning. I would like a large single single, 2 large double doubles and a large triple triple.I would also like a large icecap make with cream, 10 sorted Tim bits and a blue Barry muffin".  "Alright is that everything"?  "Oh and 6 honey curlers and 6 random donuts" I said. Mike and my favorite donut is the honey curlers. When we are about to pull into the parking lot shayla calls mike to come help carry the stuff in. Mike takes the Tray of coffee's I take my ice cap and Niall's double double along with the Tim bits and shayla takes the dozen donuts. When I the small apartment we set the stuff on the dining room table.  "Here Niall your coffee" he takes it "thanks babe" I put down my ice cap and open the donuts.  "Mike look what I got" He looks and sees the good donuts  "Are they all for me"? He asked  "No there all for me and the baby" I say giggling "No way sis I at least get 2"  " every one grab one. The extra one is for mike and I to share".  " what's so good about them" Sarah said turning her nose at them.  "More for me" mike said  " that just means mike and I get 2" "Go ahead  I have Tim bits". " they are good what are they called"?  Niall asked  "Honey curlers as you can tell I love them. I have been craving them for a long time"I say "Well I can tell why". "How's the double double"?  "Shayla asked Niall. "It's good coffee that's for shire". "Will some one drive me to the airport at 2:30. Harry's plain arrives then" "I will drive if mike let's me use his car Niall will come too right"I say turning to him.  "Oh ya" he said licking his fingers. "Ya you can borrow your old car"  "I had sold him my car so I could afford a plain ticket to England in the first place". I tell Niall. Ten minutes later after every one was done eating.  "Do you guys want to play cards" mike asked.  "That sounds great but first I want to talk to Kayleigh ". Sarah said  "Alright let's go to the living room". I said When I the living room. "What's up" I asked  " when I asked if he wanted to come he asked why I hadn't asked till now, I said i thought It would be to fast for are relationship he asked if it was a bad thing. I froze some how he could tell any way. He then said he wanted to come and would be here as some as possible. Then  I answered  his question. Harry I think I am just worried if we go to fast something will happen with my ex we went really fast and eventually something happens and we ended badly. If e go fast might lose you. He then hung up. Half an hour later he texted me the time to pic him up he won't answer any of my texts I know he is in a plain but I am worried". "I think he wants to talk to you in person about what you told him and that nothing's rough. Your just over thinking thing".   We go back an start playing cheat. We end up playing till 12 we stopped because of Niall. " I am starving". Niall said.  "I am too" I  say  "What do you want to eat"? mike asked. "Taco's  just don't make them really spicy it gives me heart burn". I say  We make lunch and eat.  I enjoy my family. I miss seeing mine every day.       

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