He is the reason i got her

18 year old Kayleigh Miller left Canada for England to avoid a ex and meets him soon to be 19 year old niall horan and she finds out she is pregnant. her life is changed for ever


15. 15

"We got the test results back 3 days later stating that the baby was his child" I tell Lacey. 

"Why did management want you to do it in the first place"? She asked  "Because I was a one night stand that turned into a relationship".  "So they thought you could have been pregnant before".  "Yep I did it to prove them rough". "And you did. What day are you leaving again"? "The 30th of June. Thanks for giving me even more time off". No problem you are part time now any way. It's not like you need the money".  "That's true but I do it to get out of the house". "I know. How has it been senesce Niall left on the tour"?  "Lonely. 4 more days till he is back". "Have you guys talked much senesce he left"? "No he has been so busy. I know he is happy doing the tour.  I miss him, I miss him more then I did when I was away for 2 weeks. He came to visit every visiting day and face timed every  night. When he is gone all I get is a good night text that I don't see till the morning" "That sucks but he is busy. I heard that a fan had a sign that said Kayleigh + Niall = tad, Niall then called her on stage. He asked to trade the poster for a picture with him. He got it and that I m m p girl got a picture with him".  "See that's part of why I love him,he cares so much about his fans" Lacey's client showed up and got busy with selling retail.  I wake up the next day and get ready today I have my driving test to see if I can drive by my self. I am using Sarah's car for the test. She comes and pics me up and we go to the testing area.  I take the test and pass.  So we go out for celebratory ice cream. "How have you and Harry been"?  "Great. Did I tell you about are first date"? "No what happened"? "Well we went for supper at a really fancy restaurant. We talked and got to know each other a little. Harry asked me what my favorite weirdest food combination was and when I said marshmallows and BBQ sauce he nearly stopped breathing from laughing so hard. I then called a waiter over and asked if they had marshmallows and BBQ sauce. They did I asked them to bring some to are table. He ate one and said this is actually really good. On are second date we had a picnics and he brought some to eat". " I am surprised he didn't think you were crazy". " oh I am crazy and he probably thought I was". "Good he needs crazy in his life" We later went to a movie and then to the mall I needed some clothing that fit a little loser.  On Friday I drive in Niall's car to pic him up from the airport. When I see him coming out from the plain I run and give him a big hug.  "I missed you. Please promise next tour I can come". "Actually you will have to". "What?"I ask really confused. "are next tour will be around the time tad is born" "What why can't they book it before tad is born"?  "Because it will be around Christmas time and we all want to be home with are family's". "Oh I guess I see and after isn't an option because we will be busy bonding with are baby" "Right the tour starts the 28th of December and ends the 8th of January. On New Years we are performing in New York". "And I will be coming"? "Yes. Now let's go home".  

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