He is the reason i got her

18 year old Kayleigh Miller left Canada for England to avoid a ex and meets him soon to be 19 year old niall horan and she finds out she is pregnant. her life is changed for ever


12. 12

It's Monday June 11 the day I pick up

Kayleigh. I am excited to show her what I have done to are flat.

I walk in and see her waiting for me.

"Hey" I say smiling

"Hi how are you"

"I am great my princess is coming home to her new castle"

"That's cheesy". She said giggling

I grab her suit case and her hand.

We walk to my car. I put her stuff in the trunk. When I turn on my car call me maybe starts playing.

"Turn it up. I love this song. Did you know she is Canadian".

"Yes I did Justin's bieber told me when he found her". I say turning up the music.

"I don't like Justin bieber. Something about him gives me a feeling that in a few years he will be a complete fucked up".

"Hey I like him and his music". I say a little offended.

"Oh his music is great and he may not be a bad guy now but I just get that vibe from him".

"Well he is my friend and untill he dose something stupid I am going to like him and his musical".

When we get to are flat Sarah is waiting for us. She got out of the hospital Friday. When Kayleigh sees Sarah she just about jumps out of the car well it's still moving.

Kayleigh's pov

Once we are parked I run to Sarah an give her a big hug.

"Ouch still hurts sometimes" Sarah said

"Oh shit I forgot"

"It's okay I have missed you".

"I have missed you too"

When we walk into are flat I am blond away. Every thing was in packed. In the living room all my pictures are seat up. The one of Sarah and I as a children, the one of Niall mike and I, and of cores the one of my daddy and I. Niall also had pictures up as well. him and his brother. Him and I. Also one of him and all the boys.

"Niall this is well set up who helped unpack and set up"? I say

"Sarah, the boys and there girlfriends".

"We then go see are bed room"

"Is this a new bedroom sweat"?

"Yes the old one is seat up in yada room till we get closer to it coming".

"It's beautiful it's just like the one I looked at for when I moved out of Sarah's apartment that I was going to use in my own apartment before I found out I was pregnant".

"That's because Niall was going to get a new one and I told him what one we looked at" Sarah said

"It's the same mattress that was on the old bed and that bed isn't seat up"

The sweat is dark brown with a tall chest of draws and the other is long with a mirror on it.

"Thanks you guys" I say giving them a big hug.

We had launch and caught up.

"Harry asked me out on a date Friday". Sarah said


"He did what? I told you he likes you".

"Yes you did".

"So when is your date"?

"Friday do you think Lucy would do my hair"?

"I will text her and ask later".

"Niall will you pass me the potato salad"? Sarah asked

When Niall picked it up he nocked over my glass of juice and it feel all over. My pants were soaked.

"Niall" Sarah and I both said at the same time.

I got up and ran to my bed room as graves the only pair of jeans that looked good with my top.

"Babe I am sorry" Niall said coming in to are room.

"It's okay it happens"

I take of my pants and put on the jeans I picked out.

" I love how now that I am starting to show I can still squeeze into my jeans. I weighed my self today and I have gains ten pounds I hate knowing that I have to gain so much weight".

"you could weigh 3 hundred pounds and I would still love every inch of you. I your weight will go away after your pregnancy is over any way".

I go in and give him a hug.

After launch Sarah goes home and Niall are left at are flat alone.

"Hey want to make are voicemail messages"? Niall asked excited.


We go set it up

"Hi this is Niall" Niall said

"And Kayleigh sorry that we missed you".

"Leave a message after the beep and we will get back to you" Niall said finishing the message. He played it and I started to giggle.

"I don't like the sound of my voice on tape I sound so different then what I sound like in my head"

"Story of my life"

We were siting on the floor in the living room.

I push Niall down on the ground

"What's the for" he asked proving himself up with his elbows.

I go in and kiss him.

Niall then bites my bottom lip.

I pull away.

"Let's go to are bed room" I say

He gets up well walking to the bed room he slaps my ass I jump and giggle then run away. Niall then chases me. When we get to the bed room Niall graves me an kisses me roughly. He then slides his tough in my mouth and me fight with are tongues he wins. I un button his pants and slide my hand down and grab my favorite thing.

I slide my hands up and down then pull away and spit on his dick and start to slide my hand faster.

Then Niall jumps up and scares me

"Well I didn't need to see this" I hear Liam say. I look at him blushing.

"Mate what the hell" Niall said

" you forgot we all were coming to see you and Kayleigh".

"Shit I did"

I get up and go to the wash room and freshen up. When I walk out Niall and Liam are gone. I go to the living room

And see Liam. I am happy it was him who walked in on us not some one else. Liam and I have become close. He is like my second big brother in away. I give him a big bear hug.

" I missed you"

" I missed you too"

"I have something for you. I will be right back".

I leave and grab all the letters for the boys exempt Niall's.

Liam's pov

Niall is so lucky he got Kayleigh. She is sweat beautiful honest and humble.

I saw Kayleigh coming back.

"Here Liam read it"

I take it and open it

It says

Dear Liam


I love you. you are like my brother

Mike. Loving protective helpful strong. You are my second brother.

I had to write my feelings down on paper for this program and I decided to write every one that has changes my life a thank you letter. You get one because of your love. You understand me. I saw your face when I told you and the others I was pregnant, you wanted to beat Niall up I could tell but you didn't because he is your best mate. Thank you for that.

You accepted me into your life before Niall and I were even dating. That night at the Club you became my friend. Thank you for being my first friend in England. Thank you for pushing me on getting help with my abuse. Thank you for being my best friend.

Sincerely yours

Kayleigh miller

P.s your going to be a great uncle.

"oh Kayleigh you rock"

I gives her a hug and she smiles.

"I have other letters to hand out so I will talk to you later".

Louis pov

I see Kayleigh getting a hug from Liam. Then hear

"I have other letters to hand out so I will talk to you later".

She is coming over hear. Why would she be giving me a letter?

"Hey Lou. I missed you" she then gives me a hug.

"This is for you just read it then talk".

I open the letter

Dear Louis

I had to write my feelings down on paper for this program and I decided to write every one that has changes my life a thank you letter. You always seem to have my back. Even when your mad at me. Thank you for that.

Thank you for all those long conversation I we had about are family's and how they drive us crazy. Thank you for showing me that my mom may not have been there for us because she was grieving the loss of her husband. You are truly lucky to have Elinor. She truly loves you. I can see you marrying her some day. Oh and also thank you for accepting me into your life.

Sincerely yours


P.s your going to be a awesome uncle to tad.

"Thanks so much Kayleigh. Have you guys chosen the names yet".

"Yes but we aren't saying until we know the gender"

"aw I wanted to be the first to know the names".

" I guess I can tell you the middle name if it's a boy"

"What is it"?

"Matthew after my dad"

I say whispering into Louis ear.

"That sweet"

"If it's okay I would like to go give these last two letters out".

"Ya go. We talk to much any way"

Harry's pov

I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see who it was and I saw Kayleigh's face.

"Hey mate what's up" I say

" nothing much but this is for you"

"What is it"?

"Just open it".

I do what I am told and open the envelope.

Dear Harry


I have 2 reasons for writing you this letter. First things first. I know you like Sarah, I also know she likes you. What ever happens do break her heart like the last guy. She is my rock dont break my rock. Be a gentlemen be you. she likes that your tall like her, she likes that you aren't afraid to be weird in front of every one, she likes that you are sweet and gentle.

Now for the second part. I had to write my feelings down on paper for this program and I decided to write every one that has changes my life a thank you letter. Thanks for always making me laugh even when I couldn't. Thanks for showing me the good in every situation. Thank you for that cookie recipe it's delicious. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you.


Sincerely yours


P.s your going to be a fabulous uncle to are baby.

"Kayleigh I will treat her right, don't worry. And your welcome.

"Well Harry I have one more to give out" I said

"what about Sarah she will be here soon. Do you have one for her"?

"Hers is the longest. When will she be here? she was here earlier and never said she was coming back".

"Because I just invited her back we are going to all hang and watch tv with are girlfriend it's a house warming party. She will be here in 10 minutes she said".

Awesome I am going to give this letter to zayn.

"Alright Talk to you later"

Zayn a pov

"Hey zayn I know we aren't really close but I still wrote you something" Kayleigh said handing me a letter.

I open it and read it


Dear zayn

I have been so busy trying to get to know every one I let you slip through the cracks, I am sorry about that.

I had to write my feelings down on paper for this program and I decided to write every one that has changes my life a thank you letter unfortunately we don't know much about watch other. But I thank you for letting me in your group so fast. Thank you for sharing perrie with me. As you know we have been getting to know watch other a lot. Something about her personality matches mine.

She truly loves every thing about you.

Don't let her get away. If she gets away fight like hell to get her back. Girls like her only come around once in a life time.


Sincerely yours



aP.s I may not know lots about you but you will be a great uncle to Niall and i's baby.


"I know that we haven't talked much. It's not your fault I haven't really wanted to get to know you. I thought Niall would have just stopped talking to you or something. I know now that that was a bit rude of me to think but

You didn't look like his type. Now I know he didn't have one when there is a girl who he likes he really likes. He loves you I Can see it in his smile, when he talks about you his eyes light up".

"I even thought I wasn't Niall's type that he was only with me because I was pregnant. He could have left me that hole month before I found out I was pregnant tho".

We sat there and talked for 10- 15 minutes.

Sarah's pov

I walk in to Kayleigh's flat because I. Have a key

  Sarah's pov  I walk in to Kayleigh's flat because I. Have a key. I  walk in to the living room were the noise coming from.  I walk in and see Harry and smile.  "Sarah" I hear Kayleigh say. K I turn an walk to her "YA kaykay" I say  "When you were here earlier I forgot to give you this".  She passed me an envelope.  I open it well we go and sit down.  Dear Sarah    I had to write my feelings down on paper for this program and I decided to write every one that has changes my life a thank you letter.  If it weren't for you I couldn't have been able to live in England. You gave me a home when I needed one most, thank you for that . you May be my cousin by blood but your more like my sister.  Thank you.  If it weren't for you I never would have meet Niall and learned how to love again thank you for taking me to that club. Thanks for everything you do. I don't know what my life would be like I you weren't in it. When you moved here, when we were 7 I missed you so much and counted the days till summer and Christmas every year. Now I am so close to were you live, my childhood dream came true to be in the same country as you again.  I love you with all my heart.     Sincerely yours  Kayleigh    P.s will you be the godmother?   I put the letter was on my lap and look at Kayleigh and hug her  "I love you with all my heart too.  I only do those things because you are my family. I will be the godmother". I say smiling.   Then all the other girls showed up and we watched the titanic.  That night Harry and i snuggled on the couch beside Niall and Kayleigh snuggling.

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