He is the reason i got her

18 year old Kayleigh Miller left Canada for England to avoid a ex and meets him soon to be 19 year old niall horan and she finds out she is pregnant. her life is changed for ever


10. 10

Niall's pov

When we get inside are flat I go for a shower. Well Kayleigh in packs.

"Baby I am needing a shower I will be out in 10 minutes"


I go in the bath room turn on the water and get undressed. Not even 3 minutes later I hear the door open and close.

"Hey Niall you ready for round 2".

"I thought you were in packing".

"I was but then I got Horney". She said hoping in the shower.

She comes in and kisses me. I feel her hand slide down and grab my dick. Next thing I know my dick is in her mouth. God dose it feel good.

I grab her head and move it faster.

Then she grabbed my balls.

She put them in her mouth well rubbing my dick again.

"Stand up and bend over"

She dose as I commanded. I slide in her tight pussy.

"Sex with out a condom is so much better" I said

She turned her head so she could see me.

"Hell of a lot better" she said biting her lip in pleasure.

I slowly started to get deeper as I time went on. I could feel her getting close. So I got faster and deeper until I got close to.

"Oh god damn" she said as we road out are high together.

After are shower we went and watched a movie.

"I am hungry" I said

"Well it is 2:00 and we haven't had lunch"


"Want grilled cheese sandwiches" ?

"Yes please. I can help".

"No I am good they are easy to make. What else do you want"

"Just crisps"

"Crisps are potato chips right"?

"Yes" I say giggling

"Hey i didn't"

"Grow up here yada yada yada" I say mocking her.

"Are you hungry "?

"Yes I already told you that"

"Have fun making them with out the cheese and the bread" she took off with them and hid them.

She ran back.

"Either you apologize for being a smart ass or you go find it"

"Me being a smart ass. But I am sorry for mocking you"

"Good Anuff"

She goes and gets the stuff and starts cooking.

Here eat it up. She set down my plate

I take a bite of my grilled cheese and I instantly drool.

"Is that garlic"?

"Yes. One day when I was 12 we only had garlic butter at home and It was in a regular butter container and I didn't know it was garlic butter. I normally butter both sides of the bread. I haven't been able to eat grill cheese the normal way sense".

"Don't think I will be able to either" I said taking another bite.

Later well we were geting ready for bed:


"Yes baby"

"Do you want to make me some chamomile tea"

"I don't have chamomile tea"

"I brought mine here it's with your black tea"

"Alright. But I thought you were getting ready for bed. I said puzzled.

"I am your helping me by making me the tea. I can't fall asleep without a cup of tea".

"You have slept here how many times and I didn't notice this"? I asked puzzled.

"Oh I would always end up falling asleep and waking up and hour later so I would make tea then". She said walking into the kitchen.

I hand her the tea and smile.

"Well why didn't you ask before we went to my room to watch a movie"?

"Because I wanted to be able to watch the movie"

"But you always end up falling asleep at the end of it".

"Yes I may have but not a very deep sleep".

"Why is that"? I asked curiously

"When I was little it would take me for ever to fall asleep, when I finally fell asleep I would awake in and hour of half an hour. My mom and dad took me to the doctor and he said it was insomnia. He discerned me sleeping pills they worked but my grandpa didn't like that I was on them he made me drink tea before bed one week I stayed with him. he said "before sleeping pill were around we used the earth to help us sleep and tea is maid by plants and plants are from the earth". It worked so good that my parents kept doing it". She said taking a sip of her tea.

Is that why she talks in her sleep?

When she is done her tea we head to bed.

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