A love to fight for(George Shelley)

Hazel landers life is not normal. She has ex werewolf hunter parents and a older werewolf brother Stefan. Her parents retired from there strange line of work when Stefan was born. Though every once in awhile during their lives her mom and dad would help out other hunters in exchange for them not bringing harm to Stefan. Being a seventeen year old in high school is hard enough but she soon finds out that her life is about to be even harder. When George Shelley one of the four mysterious boys that moved to town a few months ago suddenly imprints on her and a serial killer after werewolf hunters and their families they all have to join together to stop him. Will George be able to keep her safe? Will this serial killer be stopped?


4. chapter 4

 I stand up from where I was sitting at the edge of the stream. The wolf moves slightly closer and I stumble back. I let my eyes wander taking in its beautiful fur. It was brown and auburn with white mixed in. It's dark eyes stared intently at me. 

I squeeze my eyes shut as it jumps at me but I hear something behind me so they snap open. The wolf jumps over me as this figure across the stream shot an arrow towards me. I watch shocked as the wolf gets hit blocking me from the arrow. It turns back into its human form as it lands on the ground in front of me in the shallow water. 

I gasp as I recognize who it is. I quickly fall to my knees next to George Shelley. Blood flows from where the arrow entered flooding the water with the Crimson liquid. I feel fear fill me as I see its a silver arrow. He cries out in pain as it burns at his flesh. I quickly wrap both hands around the arrow and pull it out of his stomach. 

I look up to see the dark figure putting another arrow in the bow. He pulls it back in the bow going to fire again but George moves quickly pushing us out of the way and landing on top of me. I look up at him shocked but grateful. As I'm about to thank him my eyes meet his. I feel a sudden and almost overwhelming pull toward him and suddenly feel like I have known him forever. Like the only place I ever wanted to be was next to him. By the look in his eyes I know he feels the same. I sigh slightly as I realize what happened. My brother had told me stories about it before. 

"Did you just imprint on me?" I ask him in a shaky voice. 

"Yeah" He whispers looking just as shaken as me. 

Another arrow hits in landing into his side causing us to remember our current situation. I reach up and pull it out as he transforms again motioning for me to climb onto his back. 

He takes off speeding through the woods. Dodging arrow after arrow as he speeds forward. When we reach my house he transforms back and I pull him inside with me shutting the door. I run upstairs grabbing my phone and calling Stefan. 

"Hey what's up" He asks though he sounds distracted. 

"Stefan please get home I need you I was out at the lake and someone started shooting arrows at me" I scream into the phone for the first time in a long time crying. I jump slightly when I feel arms wrap around me but calm down when I notice it's George. 

"I'm on my way stay inside okay" He says and I could hear him running through the phone. 

I sat on my bed with George right beside me. I keep glancing at him every few seconds because I'm having a rush of so many emotions. Fear love confusion and worry we're filling me. 

"It's okay we'll talk when our lives are not in danger" He says glancing out my window. 

"Okay" I say staring out it too. 

"I won't let anything hurt you" He says taking my hand and I believe him. I nod leaning into him slightly taking in his comfort. 

"Hazel!" I hear Stefan shout from downstairs followed by him running up the stairs. 

"Stefan" I cry jumping into his arms as he walks into my room. I hear a growl from behind me and turn to see George staring menacing at Stefan. I can literally feel his jealousy. 

"He's my brother" I say to him quickly so that he doesn't attack my brother. He calms immediately but keeps his eyes on me. 

"I'm gone a couple hours and you find your one and only soul mate?" My brother asks me laughing slightly. 

"Shut up Stefan" I say glancing out the window again. 

"Thanks for being there to help my sister she doesn't know how to listen" Stefan says placing a grateful hand on George's shoulder. 

We sat down explaining what happened. He glanced out the window every now and then while listening. 

"I think I know what's going on" George says. 

"Who's doing this?" Stefan asks. 

"I don't know who I can here with my friends trying to track him down. He's going through werewolf hunters and there families. The ones that he didn't get moved here to find help and get away from him. Your parents are known everywhere and so they came hoping to get help ending him from them. They are next on the list which is why I was checking the woods. I was hoping to find some sign of him though I wasn't expecting Hazel to be out in the woods and it threw my guard off and he got a couple shots in" He says pulling a peace of paper with a list of names. I stare at the list of hunters and families that had been killed to see half of them crossed off and the next one was ours. 

"I'm gonna go call mom and dad and tell them that they need to come home now" Stefan says taking hold of the list George was showing him and heading out of my room. 

"Now we can talk" George says and I groan. 

"Can't this wait. There's a killer trying to kill my family" I say though really I just don't know how to handle this. I haven't felt this strongly before. 

He shook his head bringing his hand up to my cheek so that I will look at him. When I stare into his brown eyes I feel the pull again. I stare at his slender yet muscled form and his lightly tanned skin. I let my eyes stare at his lips for a little to long before looking into his eyes again. 

"Your mine and I am yours. We are soulmates. I know this hard to take in. We literally talked for the first time today. I'm sorry if this feels like to much for you but we can't change it. Your my imprint" He says staring at me so intently I feel myself starting to blush. 

"Okay and I know how it works Stefan has told me about it before. I just didn't picture myself as someone's imprint" I say and he nods leaning closer causing my breath to hitch. 

"So you accept the imprint?" George asks biting his lip waiting for my answer. 

"Yes I accept the imprint George" I say and he beams at me relief. 

"I have to mark you okay. It will hurt at first but I'll be gentle" He says moving his hand to my shoulder. I nod letting him know to continue. 

I brace myself as he moves aside my shirt so that he can see my shoulder. I shiver as his lips brush against my shoulder and wince as I feel his teeth sink in. Soon the pain fades as he moves away wiping my blood from his lips. His eyes glowing for a second before they go back to normal. 

"It's official your now my imprint" George says wrapping his arms around me. He sits there just holding me as I lay against until his phone rings. He sighs pulling away. 

"I have to get back my packs waiting for me" He says though I can see that he doesn't want to go. 

"Okay" I say just as sad about him leaving as he is. 

He gets up to leave but turns to me pressing his lips to mine catching me by surprise and I pull him closer. 

George depends the kiss turning the shocks into fireworks and I moan pulling at his brown curls. Our tongues battling as his hands move to my waist. I bite his bottom lip and he growls lightly moving on top of me. He leans in more pushing into me until his phone rings again. 

We pull apart staring at each other intently before he moves off of me. He pecks my lips once more before smiling at me and walking out the door. I watch him walk down the hall and smile when I see him grinning as he walked away. 

That night I went to bed early after changing. I trace the bite marks on my skin as I drift asleep trying not to think of the serial killer that's roaming the town.

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