A love to fight for(George Shelley)

Hazel landers life is not normal. She has ex werewolf hunter parents and a older werewolf brother Stefan. Her parents retired from there strange line of work when Stefan was born. Though every once in awhile during their lives her mom and dad would help out other hunters in exchange for them not bringing harm to Stefan. Being a seventeen year old in high school is hard enough but she soon finds out that her life is about to be even harder. When George Shelley one of the four mysterious boys that moved to town a few months ago suddenly imprints on her and a serial killer after werewolf hunters and their families they all have to join together to stop him. Will George be able to keep her safe? Will this serial killer be stopped?


2. chapter 2

"Why is it always so damn foggy here?" I ask myself with a sigh as I start to get dressed for another day school. 

  "Hazel you ready?" Stefan asks from the other side of the door. 

  "Yeah" I say as I apply my eyeliner and grab my bag. 

 Stefan is standing against the hallway wall across from my door waiting for me. I grab his arm and pull him with me down the hallway. Our footsteps echo through our huge house. 

 It's more of a morbid mansion really. Guess killing werewolves is a well paying job. I like living in a big house though. Our rooms are all far apart. Feels kinda like living alone sometimes. 

  "Drive careful" my mom calls to Stefan as we elk past the parlor where she's sitting. 

  "Okay mom" 

  "Have a good day Hazel" She yells to me as we head outside. 

  "Yeah" I call back to her. 

  We hop in my brothers car slipping into a comfortable silence. 

  "It's so foggy today" Stefan says causing me to roll my eyes. 

  "I know it's shocking" I say and he smirks shaking his head at my sarcasm.   

 When he arrives at the school he parks close so I don't have to walk so far. 

  "Have a good day Hazel" He says pulling me into a hug. I hug him back quickly getting out of his car. 

  "I'll try" I mumble more to myself though I know he can hear me because he's a werewolf and he picks up on things other people don't. 

 I watch him pull off before I head into school. The halls are full so I have to squeeze my way through to my locker. The school is decent size for how old it is. It was a college back in the 1920's. They changed it into a high school in the 1950's. 

 It's kinda cool to be going to school at a building from the 1920's. It's old eccentric dark. I like it. 

 I ignore everyone's stares as I gather my books. They think I'm a freak because I don't talk much. Maybe I just don't have much to say. Though it's not really they're business. 

 As the bell rings for first period I hurry to my seat. Which is by the window. No one ever sits by me. Who would want to sit by the weirdo with the brother with anger issues. Though I don't see what makes them think they are better than me or anyone else. We all have fucked up lives. Some just more than others. 

 About halfway through class the four boys from London came in. Mr. Rallece was pissed but they really didn't seem to care. They moved here a few months ago which suprised me. Who leaves London to go to high school in the U.S. Shouldn't it be the other way around? 

 I let my eyes glance slightly to the back were they sit. The one with the slightly buzzed hair on the sides with brown eyes and a decent amount of tattoos is Jaymi. He's the most out spoken. He is probably my favorite. The one with the Bieber hair do and dark blue eyes is Josh. He looks sculpted almost because of his unbelievably flawless skin. The one with hair like Josh's but slightly shorter with blue eyes too is JJ. He is the quietest out of the bunch. And the one with curly but slightly wavy brown hair and brown eyes is George. He's a bit like all three of them. He is kind of hard to read. There's something about him though. He intrigues me to say the least. 

 I turn my head back around to face the board. Trying to focus on my notes. 

 Towards the end of class the mysterious four are making a bunch of noise again. The class turns to look at them. The girls squealing and talking about how cute they are causing me to roll my eyes. They are so juvenile. 

 And they say I have problems..... 

 I find myself getting amused as Mr. Racelle reaches his limit. 

  "Office now" He shouts pointing a menacing finger a them. 

  "Do not point at me" Jaymi warns in his British accent pointing one of his own fingers at him. 

 Gotta love that British accent.

 Jaymi starts to shake lightly causing the other three to grab him and give him a warning look. 

  "Fuck you" He growls as he walks past the teacher slamming the door open causing the glass to shatter. Everyone jumped murmuring to eachother. 

 And they say Stefan has anger issues. 

 The rest of the day went by pretty normal. Well normal for this town anyway. Jaymi left after first period along Josh, JJ, and George. I guess they had had enough for one day. 

 Stefan picked me up at the end of the day and I told him what happened. 

  "Yeah he's defiantly a werewolf" Stefan says about Jaymi. 

  "Yeah I figured as much" I say glancing out the car window trying to see through the fog that seems to haunt our town. 

  "The others are probably werewolves too" Stefan says. I nod in agreement pondering to myself.

 Why would they decide to come here?  


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