A love to fight for(George Shelley)

Hazel landers life is not normal. She has ex werewolf hunter parents and a older werewolf brother Stefan. Her parents retired from there strange line of work when Stefan was born. Though every once in awhile during their lives her mom and dad would help out other hunters in exchange for them not bringing harm to Stefan. Being a seventeen year old in high school is hard enough but she soon finds out that her life is about to be even harder. When George Shelley one of the four mysterious boys that moved to town a few months ago suddenly imprints on her and a serial killer after werewolf hunters and their families they all have to join together to stop him. Will George be able to keep her safe? Will this serial killer be stopped?


1. chapter 1


My life isn't normal to say the least. Well who's is? Mine just happens to revolve around werewolfs and hunters. Yeah it may sound cool but when your seventeen and you have to pray that it doesn't get you killed before your eighteen it's not so cool anymore. It's not fair. I'm not even the werewolf! 

 My whole life I have lived in my brothers shadow. The only one to ever think of me first is him. I love him even though he makes my life he'll sometimes. Coming home from a meal or from a fight covered in blood I'm the one to help him clean his wounds and wipe up the blood he would leave trailing behind him on the hardwood floors. 

 I remember when I found out about werewolves. I was six and Stefan was eight at the time. I heard screams from his room and ran in our parents behind me. I stood at the door as his skin tuned to fur and he stood on four feet instead of two. My parents had been devastated. 

 Since then they started to take jobs hunting again with other werewolf hunters in return for them not harming my brother. There really wasn't time for me so I have always kind of had to handle myself. Not that I mind. I am a big girl I can handle myself. Besides I'm not completely alone. I have Stefan. If there was ever anything I needed he was always there. We keep eachother safe.  

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