Titanium(Isaac Lahey)

Mackenzie Swordson and Isaac Lahey have faced everything together. How will they handle it when Isaac becomes a werewolf and there lives change forever. Will stay as close as they always were or will they fall apart. Read to find out.


9. Chapter 9

  A few days later I'm sitting between Scott and Stiles at lunch. They babbled on while I proded my food not very hungry. We are currently discussing the giant lizard. Trying to think of who it could be. Well they were I was just kinda putting my input in every now and then. I still haven't quite adjusted to the supernatural world yet. 

 I wonder if this is how Allison felt when she found out about Scott. I'll have to ask her later. 

  "Is that Erica" Stiles asks and I glance in the direction he is to see Erica not looking at all like normal. I always thought she was pretty the way she is but right now she was gorgeous. 

 Her blonde hair no longer frizzy but curled eyeliner causing her eyes to stand out. Her walk was unbelievably confident and her lips were bright red from her lipstick that looked amazing next to her tan skin. 

 Some got a makeover. 

 Scott and Stiles along with probably every guy in the cafeteria watched as she walked up taking a bite out this guys apple giving him a flirtatious smile before walking out. 

 I shared a shocked look with Scott and Stiles before we run out after her. We run to the school entrance to see her walking up to a car but not just any car it's Derek Hales car. She turns to us winking and gets in the passenger seat a smirk forming onto her face. Derek wears the same smirk as he lovers his sunglasses some to glance at Scott before speeding off. 

  "She's a werewolf to now" I ask Scott though I already know the answer. 

  "Derek is making a pack" He says grabbing my arm. 

 He pulled me back inside with Stiles by our side. 

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