Titanium(Isaac Lahey)

Mackenzie Swordson and Isaac Lahey have faced everything together. How will they handle it when Isaac becomes a werewolf and there lives change forever. Will stay as close as they always were or will they fall apart. Read to find out.


8. Chapter 8

  The next day we had gym and we were climbing the wall. I heard someone crying as I was changing and walked over. Erica this girl I knew from a couple classes was sitting crying. I hurry over and sit next to her. 

  "Erica what's wrong" I ask placing my hand on her shoulder hoping to comfort her. 

 Before she can even answer me a couple girls what by making fake convulsions and laughing at her. I just glared at them turning back to her. 

  "It's okay Erica. They are nothing and they know it" I say and she gives me a small smile in thanks which I return. 

  "I'm just scared" She whispers and I nod. I couldn't imagine dealing with the seizures she has. It's terrible. 

  "If you tell coach I'm sure he would understand" I say and she shakes her head. 

  "No I need to do this. To show I'm just as strong as everyone else" She says wiping her tears. 

 I look at her in amazement. She doesn't need to prove anything to anyone but she will just to show how strong she is. 

  "Well I don't don't care what anyone says I think your great" I tell her. 

  "Thank you" She says beaming from my compliment. 

  "No problem" I say and we head out to the wall with the others. 

 The first ones to go are Scott and Allison. I laugh as Scott starts to beat her and she kicks him off sending him flying backwards to the mat on the ground. Stiles and Erica were up next. I stood toward the back praying that she would be okay. 

 She made it halfway before she started to freak out. Everyone started to crowd around her which wasn't helping. 

  "Coach I don't think she should be up there with her seizures. Coach gave her a scared look and turned back to Erica. 

  "How come no one tells me these things" Coach yells clearly worried by the new information. As she reaches the bottom she starts to have a seizure. Her eyes rolling back into her head. 

 The parents arrived later taking her away and I stood with Stiles, Allison, and Scott watching as it pulled away. 

 I hope she will be okay. 

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