Titanium(Isaac Lahey)

Mackenzie Swordson and Isaac Lahey have faced everything together. How will they handle it when Isaac becomes a werewolf and there lives change forever. Will stay as close as they always were or will they fall apart. Read to find out.


6. Chapter 6

  The next morning I wake up to someone poking my cheek. I open my eyes to see Stiles standing over me. He chuckles when I start to push his hand away. 

  "Wake up sleepyhead we have to go to school" He says. 

  "Okay I'll get up go so I can get dressed" I say pushing him to the door. 

 I grab some clothes slipping them on then finding my shoes. I go up to the mirror in my room and put on a little foundation and eye liner. I hurry to put them away and I grab my bag for school hearing Stiles shout on the other side of the door. 

  "Mackenzie would you hurry up it's been a half hour" Stiles yells. 

  "I'm coming" I say sighing. He's so impatient. 

 I open my door and standing there waiting. He grabs my arm pulling me downstairs. He pushes me toward the kitchen were his dad is sitting eating breakfast. There are two other plates sitting next to him. I couldn't remember the last time someone made me breakfast. I was still adjusting to everything. 

  "Hey sweetheart I made you and Stiles breakfast" He says. 

  "Thanks" I say sitting next to him Stiles sitting on the other side off me. 

  "You sleep okay" He asks.

  "Yeah it's been awhile since I slept so well" I say. I would normally be afraid to sleep because I was afraid of Isaac's dad getting mad about something and beating us during the night. 

 "Well I'm glad" He says ruffling my hair and grabbing his coat. 

  "I'm going to head to work. Be good. Try not to let Stiles get into to much trouble. Have a good day at school kids" He says heading toward the door. 

  "Okay" I say laughing at Stiles pout face. 

 How much trouble does Stiles get himself into? 

 A few minutes later we head to his jeep. 

  "Where Are we going" I ask when I notice the direction he's going. 

  "To pick up Scott" He says. I nod turning my attention out the window. 

 We pull up at Scott's house and he runs to the car getting in. 

  "Hey Mackenzie what are you doing here" He asks sounding confused but happy to see me. 

  "I'm Stiles new roommate" I say causing Scott to turn to Stiles for explaination. 

  "I'll explain later" Stiles says to him. 

  "How was last night" I ask. I had been worried about how he handled the full moon. 

  "I chained myself up. Just another usual full moon" He say less than thrilled. 

 We told Scott about what happened with Isaac and Derek and he told us what happened with his girlfriend Allison and about the weird creature with the reptilian skin. You would think id be freaked out but after learning about werewolves just two days ago nothing suprises me. 

 When we get to school I thought they would ditch me to go find there other friends but they pull me with them. 

  "You guys are okay with being seen with me" I ask surprised. They are popular and I'm barely noticed. 

  "Your our friend of course we would want to be seen with you" Scott says confused by my question. 

  "Yeah come on" Stiles says agreeing with Scott and pulling me with them. We head to Scott's locker where Allison is waiting for him. I was surprised she was standing there because Scott had told me about her dad and that they were dating in secret. 

  "What are you doing here" Scott whispers to her surprised. She looked slightly worried about something. 

  "I need to talk to you" She says. She turns her gaze toward me. 

  "This is Mackenzie. The girl I was telling you about" He says explaining. I give her a small wave and she waves back smiling. 

  "Nice to meet you" She says. 

  "You too" I say. I had always liked Allison. She was really nice. 

  "Well I'm gonna head to my locker come on Stiles" I say grabbing his arm and pulling him with me. I could tell she wanted to talk to Scott alone. She sent me a grateful smile. 

  I would normally walk to my locker with Isaac but sadly he isn't here. I have no idea where he is. 

  "Don't worry he's safe. Derek's not gonna let anything happen to him" Stiles says as if reading my mind. 

 I hope he's right. 

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