Titanium(Isaac Lahey)

Mackenzie Swordson and Isaac Lahey have faced everything together. How will they handle it when Isaac becomes a werewolf and there lives change forever. Will stay as close as they always were or will they fall apart. Read to find out.


15. Chapter 15

  That night I cried more than I had in years. It finally set in that Isaac's a monster. He won't change. I reach my hand up to touch my cheek again and wince. 

  "Don't touch it you'll make it worse" Stiles says coming back over to me with some rubbing alcohol and some bandages. 

  "It hurts" I say as I start to cry again. 

  "I know" Stiles whispers placing a kiss to my other cheek. 

  "No not the scratches Stiles. My heart" I say and he pulls me into a hug. 

  "I know. It's going to be okay. He didn't mean to hurt you. He was going for me. He could never hurt you. Why did you push me out of the way?" He asks cautiously applying the rubbing alcohol. It hurt like hell. 

  "Why would you ask me that. You know why Stiles I care about you. I couldn't deal with anything without you. I need you you idiot" I say chuckling slightly through my tears. 

  "I need you too" He says as he starts placing a bandage to my cheek. I sigh happy that the huge scars on my cheek are covered by the bandage. 

 He wraps his arms around me when he's down and I start to break down again. It hurts. The one person I had left that I trusted more than anything hurt me. I know that he wasn't aiming to hurt me but knowing that he would have been okay with ripping Stiles open bothered me. He would have killed Lydia. All because Derek told him too. He's a monster. 

  "It's okay Mackenzie. I'm here and I won't let anyone touch you. I don't think I could live with myself if something like this ever happened to you again. I won't let anyone hurt you" He says placing his forehead against mine. 

 I look into his eyes to see he is a hundred percent serious which makes me feel better slightly. I started to realize then how close we were and strangely enough I didn't want him to move away and even stranger I wouldn't mind if he moved closer. 

  "Can I sleep with you tonight. I don't want to be alone" I ask him and he nods. 

  "Come on" He whispers pulling me with him to his room. 

 I lay down against him feeling better. Feeling safe. 


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