Titanium(Isaac Lahey)

Mackenzie Swordson and Isaac Lahey have faced everything together. How will they handle it when Isaac becomes a werewolf and there lives change forever. Will stay as close as they always were or will they fall apart. Read to find out.


13. Chapter 13

  I followed Stiles and Scott outside after school confused when Scott started walking opposite us. 

  "Where's Scott going" I ask Stiles. 

  "To try and stop Boyd from joining Derek" 

  "Do you think he'll listen?"  

  "Probably not" Stiles says with a sigh unlocking his jeep.  

 We rode home in silence. My gaze falling on him every once in awhile. I could tell he was stressed and worried and underneath that I could tell he was afraid and to be honest so am I. Everything seems to be falling apart. 

  "It will be okay stiles" I say when we reach the house. 

  "How do you know" He asks turning to glance at me. I take his hand and give it a squeeze. 

  "Because we have eachother. You and Scott and me are in this together. As long as we have each other to turn to we won't ever be alone. We can get through this" I say and he smiles. 

  "Yeah I know. It's just hard to remember it sometimes" He says and I nod.  

 We both went inside and sat in the living room to watch a movie. We got halfway through batman before Scott showed up taking a seat on the other side of me. 

  "He got the bite" Scott says placing his face in his hands. I rubbed his back trying to make him feel a little better. 

  "You did all you could" I say. 

  "I mean is it really such a bad thing" Stiles says and we both turn to glare at him. 

  "What I'm just saying Boyd doesn't exactly have much going for him and have you seen Erica. The word phenomenal comes to mind" He says trying to defend himself. Scott and I just shake our head choosing to ignore him. 

  "I just feel like everything is falling apart" Scott says. 

  "It's not Scott. Things are hard right now but you just have to believe that we can all figure this out. It will get better" I say. 

 He sighs but nods his head. We all turn our attention back to batman. Which is the first normal thing we have all done together sense I became friends with them. It feels good to be a normal teenager sometimes. 

 The next morning I woke up with a terrible headache. I groan when I hear someone knocking on my door. When I don't respond stiles invites himself in. As usual. 

  "Mackenzie it's time to wake up" He says shaking me but stops when I groan again. 

  "Hey what's wrong" He asks turning me so I'm lying on my back. 

 He looks down at me with concern before leaning in and kissing my forehead. His lips linger for a moment before he looks at me again. 

  "You have a fever" He says with a sigh. I move to sit up but he pushes me back down. 

  "I'm fine Stiles" I say though I don't move to get back up. 

  "your not going anywhere" He says placing my covers back over me. 

  "I don't wanna stay home all alone though" I say with a pout. I hate being alone especially when I'm sick. 

  "Don't worry when I leave school I'll bring you home some ice cream and watch vampire diaries with you " He says with a groan. He hates sitting through vampire diaries with me. 

  "Promise" I ask and he smiles. 

  "Promise" He says placing a kiss to my cheek then running out of my room to his jeep. 

I fall all back to sleep quickly begging my headache to go away. I'm really dizzy. 

 A couple hours later I woke up feeling a little better. I glance at my phone to see four text messages from stiles. 

 S- you feeling any better 

 S- Jackson took back his statement and Isaac is here at school along with Erica and Boyd 

 S- Derek is having Isaac and Erica test Lydia to see if she's the kanima if Isaac lays a hand on her I'm gonna skin him and make a fur coat 

 S- I'm coming to get you after school and take you with me to Scott's along with Lydia and Allison I'll explain later 

 I sit for a second trying to take in everything that's gone on in the last two hours while I was trying to get some sleep. 

 I get up heading to the bathroom. My head is still pounding but it's not as bad as before. I take some aspirin and hop in the shower. I hurry to get dressed and head downstairs to wait for Stiles. I lay down on the couch and fall back to sleep. 

 I wake to Stiles shaking me and pulling me up. Before I can even say anything he places his hands under my thighs causing me to jump slightly. He picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist rubbing my eyes still slightly asleep. When we reach the car Allison climbs in the backseat with Lydia and Jackson. I barely had time to buckle my seatbelt before Stiles pulls out of the driveway the tires screeching as we pull off. 

 Someone's in a hurry. 

 I glance back at Allison for an explanation but she just mouths that she'll tell me later. When we reach Scott's house everyone is hurrying inside and I follow behind confused along with Lydia. 

  "Come on I need to talk to you" Jackson says pulling Lydia with him. 

  "What is going on with everyone" Lydia says glancing around at us before following Jackson. 

  "Okay for the first time ever I agree with Lydia. Can someone please tell me what's going on" I ask as Stiles starts locking the door and checking the windows. 

  "Derek had Isaac and Erica test Lydia to see if she's the kanima and she didn't react to the venom" Allison says pacing  around the room. 

  "So she's the kanima?" I ask. 

  "I don't know" She says looking out the window. 

  "Look just because she didn't react to the venom doesn't mean she's the kanima Lydia's different she didn't react to the bite either. We can't let them get her" He says looking out the window with Allison.

  "What do they want with her?" I ask. Stiles shares a look with Allison before answering me. 

  "They are trying to kill her" 

 I feel fear start to set in and I run to the window too. Isaac wouldn't do that would he? He wouldn't hurt someone. No wonder Stiles was in such a hurry. 

  "Where's Scott?" I ask wishing he was here. I would feel better if Scott was here. 

  "Trying to change Derek's mind" Stiles says. 

  "Do you think Derek will listen?" Allison asks us. 

  "Not a chance" Stiles and I say together. 



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