Titanium(Isaac Lahey)

Mackenzie Swordson and Isaac Lahey have faced everything together. How will they handle it when Isaac becomes a werewolf and there lives change forever. Will stay as close as they always were or will they fall apart. Read to find out.


10. Chapter 10

  "Stiles I'll be fine" I say for the thousandth time. 

 Scott and Stiles got keys to the ice rink from Boyd. They wanted me to come but I told them I didn't want to be fifth wheel. Scott went home to get ready and Stiles was currently standing in my room trying to convince me to come. 

  "Stiles I'm not gonna come with you so I can sit by myself to watch you try to get Lydia and Scott all lovey dovey with Allison while I'm all alone" I say trying to push him out of my room and into his. 

  "Please" Stiles whines and I groan. 

  "No" I whine back mocking him still trying to push him towards his room. 

  "Why won't you come with us" He asks grabbing my arms to stop me. 

  "Why do you want me to come" I ask trying to free my arms but his grip tightened. 

  "Gee I wonder" Stiles says his voice leaking with sarcasm. 

 Ever since we found out Erica was a werewolf earlier he had been even more over protective. 

  "You think I want to let Derek turn me into a werewolf" I ask defensively. 

  "I think you want to be with Isaac" He says his voice becoming slightly softer. 

  "Turning won't change anything Mackenzie" He whispers. 

  "I know. I know it won't change anything. I have been through a lot Stiles but I don't want to change who I am. I won't let Derek give me the bite Stiles" I say and he seems to ease a bit. 

  "I believe you. Just stay safe okay. Call me if anything happens" He says and I nod. He places a quick kiss to my cheek taking me by suprise before heading back to his room to finish getting ready. 

 A few minutes later he's heading past my door again. 

  "Be good" He calls to me. 

  "That's funny coming from you Stilinski" I call to him hearing him laugh before heading out the front door. 


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