Best friends NOT forever

Ashlyn and Jessica had been Best Friends Forever since they were
two when Jessica's parents make her go to another school
will their friendship last or not

1. Hello

Jessica's pov [only 2 years old

It was my first day of school I'm very shy , but I kinda don't know what that means .

When I first go in the

teacher welcomes me in but I don't really feel welcome ...


(3 months later)

the teacher told my mom she was getting worried because I didn't talk for 3 whole months but then

my teacher had an Idea !!

So the next morning I walked in she hugged me so tight now I felt welcome . Then a girl walked up and

Said," Hi my name's Ashlyn do you want to be friends with me ?"

Ashlyn and I became Best Friends we did everything together





this might be a short chapter sorry it's my first book


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