Behind Bars

My boyfriend, one of the best policemen in the entire country. Everyone say his good side, the side that kept them safe, little own do they know his dark secrets the way I do. The things he has done, and the things he will be sure to do. He was sentenced to guard the death row inmates. Men full of dark secrets, I guess that's how I like my men.


4. Touching

The touch of his lips was like something I had never known existed. It was intoxicating, and every second that went by without it made me want it more. I never knew something like that could make me feel like this. I was on my way home, and I couldn't get the thought of him out of my head.

What if he was lying to me, what if he really was a cold blooded killer. But what if he was telling me the truth, what if he really didn't kill those men. Something about his reaction to my question made every bone in my body think he was innocent. I need to know more, I need him to look me in the eyes, and tell me that he didn't kill them. If he can do that, I will do anything, and everything I can to get him free. Clear his name.

The day, and night went by so much slower, and I knew that it would now that I wanted to go back and see him. Every inch of my being wanted to see him, and wanted him. I was wondering if he felt the same way about me. My mind was racing, and the thought of him just wouldn't leave my head. His lips were so soft to the touch, I thought to myself as I ran my finger tips over my lips.

I tried to fall asleep early that night, I didn't want to deal with Kade. I don't think I could face him, he never made me feel that way. Plus the sooner I went to sleep the sooner I could go see Heath. I started looking into his case files on the internet, the stuff that the public was open to, just to see if there was anything they had to over look. With these type of cases they tended to not over look a lot, when another person's life is at risk. I knew that whatever I was going to do was going to be hard.

I woke up, "Hey baby." Kade said running his fingers through my hair.

"Hey." I said a little startled, and trying to sit up.

"Oh no, you can relax, I went and made us breakfast. I have to go though, I wanted to try and have lunch with you again." He said still running his fingers through my hair. I just smiled. His touch was nothing to me anymore, if anything it scared me more than excited me.

Whenever he laid his hands on me I got nervous, not knowing what he wanted to do. "Thank you babe." I said leaning my head into his chest. He just kissed the top of my head, and got up. I watched him put his boots on, and walk out the door.

He did keep his word though, on the counter was a plate of eggs, bacon, hash browns, and toast. It smelled so good, I think I almost ate the plate. I wanted to clean up, and look nice for Kade today. Maybe this was the next step, the step in making things the way they were when we first met. When I was worried about him all day while he was out there.

I showered, and then went to my closet. I was trying to find the dress he loved. I pulled it out of the closet, and started to slide it on. It was skin tight, and complimented my body so well. I dried my hair, and started to curl it, not tight curls, but making loose waves almost. I only did a think layer of upper eye liner, enough that you could barely notice. Then added the mascara. He always told me I didn't need cover up. I would admit my skin was very nice, I almost rarely got break outs, or bad spots.

I looked in the mirror, and I looked nice, I was just hoping that Kade would think the same. I grabbed my keys off of the counter, and went out to our favorite Chinese food place. We hadn't eaten there in forever, and I knew he loved it. I just wanted to make him happy today.

The wait on the food was 20 minutes, and then I would make it to the prison just in time for lunch. I thought to myself. I couldn't fight the undeniable fact that I wanted to see Heath more than I wanted to see Kade. I finally got the food and, left the store. I started to drive to the Prison. I was excited, I could barely sit still. I got out of the truck, and it was right in front of where they men had recreational time. Most of them were outside watching me walk into the building.

I caught Heath's eye, and I could see him watching me with every step I took. I tried not to pay any attention, and just kept my head forward.

I got into the building, and the same guard that had escorted me the fist time was there waiting for me.

"If this is going to be a regular occurrence, I think I need to know your name." He said smiling at me.

"Sam, yours?" I asked smiling back at him.

He was a big guy, he almost looked like he belonged in the prison. He towered over me, and he was African American. He looked like he could snap your neck any second, but he seemed like one of the nicest men I had ever met.

"James." He said, and we started to walk to the lunch room.

"Your man Kade, he seems to have a few anger problems here." James said looking at me, almost as to suggest something.

"Yah, it's normal for a man in his position. His family was killed when he was very young. He has no respect for the men here, and neither do I." I said.

"You seem to have a lot of respect for Heath." James said almost instantly. "Why is that?" He asked.

"I couldn't tell you why, or what caught my attention, but he is different than all the men here." I said smiling at the thought of him, but quickly trying to hide it.

"I see what you mean, he is different I have noticed it. I don't know why, most men here either cry everyday until their sentence day, or act like it doesn't even faze them. Some of them go crazy." He said.

Before I could say anything else we were face to face with Kade. "Hey babe." I said kissing him, and then







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