Behind Bars

My boyfriend, one of the best policemen in the entire country. Everyone say his good side, the side that kept them safe, little own do they know his dark secrets the way I do. The things he has done, and the things he will be sure to do. He was sentenced to guard the death row inmates. Men full of dark secrets, I guess that's how I like my men.


1. Bitter Truth

I was scrubbing the blood off of the floor like I have so many times before. My blood that was still dripping from the tip of my nose, and the corner of my mouth. It was starting to get mixed up with tears. This wasn't the first time, and I knew that it wouldn't be the last. Who could I tell the cops? Hard to do that when a cop had done this to you in the first place.

"I have to get going to work, drop my lunch off at 12:00." Kade said, and then the house door slammed shut. I closed my eyes, and let a couple more tears escape, then took a deep breath to calm me down. I felt the left side of my face where the first blow had hit me. It was starting to swell, which was weird because he would never hit me hard enough to leave proof. My nose had finally stopped dripping blood, and I finished cleaning up the mess.

I hopped in the shower to wash off the little splatters, and drops of blood off of my skin, and then put my clothes in the washer.

I changed into tights, and a nice baggy blouse, it was a light blue. I  used my make up to cover up the redness on my face, and to hide the swelling a bit more. He didn't like it when I looked sloppy, or messy especially out in public.

I slipped on my boots, and headed out to the truck. I drove down to the grocery store, it was maybe a fifteen minute drive from our house. Looking on the streets, and at all of the houses, and trailers you could tell that it wasn't a good neighborhood. It was where the people that couldn't afford a lot, you would normally see two families living in a two-three bedroom house. Some of the biggest drug dealers lived down here. Kade liked it, he said that all the crime kept him busy, and sometimes I was thankful that it did.

I got to the store, and started to make my way to the front doors when I heard, "Hey beautiful." I turned around and it was Kade's partner Danny.

"Hey handsome, how come you aren't at work today?" I asked grabbing a cart, and starting to walk beside him.

"The wife's mom is sick, we couldn't find anyone to take the kids." He said looking at the two little boys that were almost attached to his hips.

"Well aren't they handsome." I said kneeling down.

"Hey Sam." The one said looking at me, and smiling. The other just hid behind his father. He was shy, I couldn't blame him, even though I had known him for a year now.

"Well I hope everything is going to be alright." I said smiling.

"Listen now that Kade is going to be working on death row for the next month, if you need anything, or anyone fives you any trouble just call me." He said grabbing my arm, and looking at me. He smiled. Danny would never hurt me, he was an honest cop. I gave him a smile, "Thank you, it means a lot." I said, and then started to push my cart in another direction.

I had just finished paying for my groceries, and walked out to my truck. I could smell weed, and booze when the breeze blew by my face.

"Damn girl, you are looking so fine today." A man said. It was Craig, he would hit on anything that moved. He was a young guy, maybe 19, but he thought that he owned this town, and all of the women in it.

"Not today Craig." I said trying to find my truck keys in my purse. He just continued to walk closer, and closer. "Craig I mean it, you think you would stop creeping on women that are dating cops." I said stepping back from him.

He pushed me up against the truck, and the alarm started to go off. My shoulder hurt, he was gripping it so tightly.

"Help!" I screamed out, but most of the people just kept on walking by. 

"What do you think you are doing?" Danny asked running out of the front door of the store.

"Man, mind your own god damn business." Craig said, and then turning back to me. Danny just kept on getting closer, and Craig went to push him away. Danny didn't hesitate, he grabbed Craig's arm, and  twisted it until he fell to the ground in pain.

"Let me go man, you are gonna break my arm." He said, I could hear the pain in his voice.

"Go into the store, and tell the check out lady to call the cops." Danny said to one of this sons. He nodded, and took off back into the store. He came out seconds later.

"I need to go, I am going to be late for Kade's Lunch." I said turning towards the truck, and picking my purse up off the ground.

"No Sam, you are going to have to stay here and make a statement, and by the looks of the color your shoulder is turning, you are going to need to get checked out." Danny said still holding Craig on the ground.

"I can stay to make a statement, but I can't stay to get checked out, I will go to the hospital tomorrow." I said.

"Alright, but you have to promise me that you are, Kade would kill me if I let you walk away hurt." He said.

"I promise." I said smiling.

The cops showed up within ten minutes, and the statements took another ten. When I could finally leave the drive to the prison was another 20 minutes. It was on top of the big hill in town, everyone could see it.

I parked the truck, and a guard was sitting there waiting for me.


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