The Alpha's Mate

Addison is the Alpha Female of the Evergreen pack, her father being the Alpha. At the age of 18, you can find your mate and perform the mating ritual. During Addison's 18th birthday party, the enemy pack, Shadow Moon pack, attack her pack. The Alpha of Shadow Moon pack, Lucas, kidnaps Addison but refuses to tell her why. Until her birthday...


9. Chapter 9

~I roll over with the sleep still in my eyes and stretch my body out, my bones cracking. Ouch, ouch, ouch. The smell of something burning wafts into my nose and I scrunch my face up. What is that? Is the house on fire? I shoot out of bed, alarmed and almost trip of my covers. Throwing open my door, I race down the hall towards the direction of the scent. The kitchen. I jump down the stairs and hit the ground, in a somewhat graceful landing and Eve peeks out of her room. I notice half her hair is straight and the other half sticking to the side of her head. I would’ve normally stopped to laugh but the fact that we might become a human crisp, makes me keep running.

“Addison!” Eve yells and chases after me, her half straightened hair flying around. I get to the kitchen to see Lucas flapping a oven mitten over a plate of something. I can’t tell what it was due to the lay of black covering it.

“Damn it. Damn it. Damn it!” He mutters and I cover my nose to block the smoke floating around the room.

“Lucas, what the hell was you doing?” Eve says from behind me. Lucas spins around and I avert my eyes to the floor. I’m not ready to find out if Lucas is or is not my mate.

Is. My wolf says confidently and I roll my eyes at the floor.

Shut up for once will ya? I snap and she growls.

“I was trying to make pancakes with fruit for the birthday girl. The fruit got really hot so I had to take it off. While I was throwing them away, the pancakes burnt.” He says, only slightly embarrassed.

“You’re suppose to put the fruit on after you make the  pancakes dumb ass.” Eve laughs.

“Do not curse!” Lucas shouts and Eve huffs. I let out a little giggle and I feel everyone’s eyes turn to me.

“Addison?” Lucas asks and my wolf rumbles at his voice.

“Yea?” I mumble and I see him step closer. Still looking at the floor, I turn my back to him.

“I am going to shower.” I announce before scurrying out of the room.

Why did you do that? My wolf all but screams. I choose not to answer her and hop up the stairs. Damien meets me in the middle of the staircase and I stare straight ahead of me.

“Don’t worry.” He says with a laugh.

“Huh?” I ask, taking a chance and looking at him.

“We’re not mates.” Damien says and I hesitantly touch his shoulder. Just making sure. In order to find your mate, you have to touch them. Not dirty. A simple poke. Of course looking them in the eyes helps get an idea of who it is but the touch is the only way to be sure. Then you have to go through the bonding ritual. Basically its just the usual, “I, Addison Evergreen, accept you, blah blah, as my mate,” then you make a small cut on your arm or some body part. You press the cuts together and bam, mated. I don’t like the process, I don’t think anyone does really, but it’s necessary.

“See? Told you. How did Lucas’s breakfast turn out?” He asks and changes his directions to walk me to my room.

“Black and crispy.” I laugh and he smiles.

“I told him just have Ms. Carter make it but no. He needs to make it.” He says and I stop in front of my door. It’s still open from the earlier incident and through the doorway, you can see my covers laying across the floor, pointing to the door.

“I will see you down in an hour for breakfast. Hopefully, edible breakfast.” Dam says and I grin at him. I quickly poke him again and he rolls his eyes.

“Done checking?” He teases and I nod. He turns his back to me and starts backs downstairs. I flick my lights on and grab the cover off the floor, tossing it back on my bed. I gather a pair of clothes, a Batman shirt, ripped jeans and my undergarments, then make my way to the bathroom.

“Addie!” I hear someone yell and I look over my shoulder. Eve runs up to me, her hair fully straightened, and looks to my clothes.

“Are you alright?” She asks and I nod.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” I ask.

“Reasons. Enjoy your shower.” She says, running off. Really? Ugh, whatever. I get to the bathroom and go to open the door but an angry Lucas walks out, almost running over me. I stumble away and he goes to grab my arms but I jerk back.

“Addison, why did you walk away this morning?” He asks and I stare at the Batman symbol on my shirt.

“I need a shower.” I say and he steps closer, making me step away.

“Addison, what’s wrong?” He asks, concern evident in his voice.

“Nothing. I just really need a shower.” I say and I hear him inhale deeply.

“You smell fine to me. So talk and actually look at me.” He says, whispering the last part. How about no? I’d rather not.

Look. My wolf demands and I shake my head. Wait, I don’t smell bad? How would he know?

“Did you just smell me?” I ask with amusement.

“Yes, yes I did.” He chuckles and I grin. I instantly feel stupid for staring at the floor grinning.

“I, uhm, really need a shower.” I say and he quickly steps closer to me. Before I can move back, he is directly in front of me. Fortunately, not touching me but close to it. I feel his breath hot against my forehead and his breath smells like strawberries. That little shit ate the fruit!

“You ate the fruit didn’t you?” I ask and he chuckles.

“Possibly.” He says simply. I cast a glance towards the bathroom and he bends down quickly. I shut my eyes and he groans.

“Look at me Addison.” He says and I shake my head.


“Why not?” He asks and my wolf whines.

Yea. Why not? She pips in.

“I don’t want a mate. They’re super clingy and controlling. I‘m better off without one. Thus explains the hesitation to look at you.” I say, lying my ass off.

“So you admit, I am a potential mate?” He says and I almost open my eyes. Almost.

“Th-no! That is not at all what I just said!”

“If you admit you was lying, it means you want a mate and you have a superstition its me. If you say you was being honest, it means you just don’t want a mate but you, again, have a superstition that its me. Seeing as how you refuse to look and/or touch me, I will take matter into my own hands. Enjoy your shower birthday girl.” He says cockily before walking away. When I am positive it’s safe, I open my eyes and rush into the bathroom. Butterflies flap around like little winged maniacs in my stomach.

“Take matters into his own hands? Yea right.” I mutter. I look in the mirror to see my cheeks flushed red and my eyes widen. Please tell me I wasn’t like that this whole entire time. Damn it! I strip my clothes off after turning the hot water on and wait before sticking my hand in the water. Ouch! Hot! I turn the cold turn on and try testing it again. Too cold! I turn the cold water down some and feel it again. Still too cold. I turn the hot water up and it becomes too hot. Hot, cold, hot, cold, hot, cold, and back to hot. The cycle continues for another two minutes before I finally get it the right temperature. Not perfect but I am tired of messing with it. I step in and sigh when the warm water hits my skin.

“Warmth!” I cheer and close my eyes. Mine and Lucas’s encounter flashes through my mind and the butterflies go berserk. His strawberry scented breathe, the way my name rolls off his tongue, his oddly attractive cockiness and his cleverness flitter through my mind.

Look at him! Touch him! My wolf exclaims and I block her out. Her hormone crazed chatter isn’t helping my weak state of mind. Get your mind off of it.

“What to think about?” I murmur and turn my back to the water to get my hair wet. Tyler pops into my mind and I grin. I wonder how he’s doing. I wonder if him and Sarah are getting along. Is he looking for me right now? I wonder if he has found his mate in the time I have been gone. How would he react to me liking Lucas? Probably kill Lucas and lock me away. Wait, what?! Did I just say ‘like’ and ‘Lucas’ in the same sentence? Nope. Not happening. I feel my wolf pushing against the block  in my mind to say something but I refuse to let her in. Knowing her help, I will march right up to Lucas and kiss him! How bad would that be?

“Not that bad.” I groan and grab the shampoo. It smells like coconut. I squirt some in my hand and run my fingers through my hair, catching a few tangles. If Lucas is my mate, would I be happy or angry?

“Probably a little bit of both?“ I say to myself.  I have no clue. I would be happy to find my mate but angry he kept it from me.

 Change of topic, I think again. Something that won’t lead back to him. Hmm…think Addison. Not a single safe topic pops into my head as I rinse my hair of the shampoo, the coconut smell filling my nose. Where’s the conditioner? I glance around the tub and find it sitting at the edge. I grab it and narrow my eyes at the bottle. Coconut scented shampoo and lilac scented conditioner. Who does this?! I use it anyway and when I go to rinse it out, some drips into my eyes. The sting in my eyeball makes me flinch and I rub my eyes. No help at all. I cup my hands under the shower head, one eyes clinched shut and splash the water into my face. The stinging fades and I breathe a sigh of relief. I finish rinsing my hair and washing my body before stepping out.

“Towel, towel.” I mutter , my eyes scanning the room and finding not a single towel.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” I groan. Water drips off my body and pools at my feet. Yell down the hall or air dry? The chance of getting Lucas to get me a towel is high but embarrassing. So, air dry it is! I slip my undergarments on and stand in the tub so I don’t create a bigger mess in the floor.

 After what seemed like forever, which was most likely 15 minutes, I was dry enough to put the rest of my clothes on, the jeans being too long. The back slips under my feet. Eh. What’s it going to hurt? I leave my hair down letting water droplets seep through my shirt. I walk to the kitchen and see everyone sitting around the dining room table. Everyone being Lucas, Eve, Matt, Damien, Kylie, Ms. C, and a few other unknown faces.

Other pack members. My wolf says. When did I unblock her? It doesn’t matter,

“When is she suppose to get here?” I hear Kylie whine.

“If you don’t want to be here, go. I honestly don’t care If you’re hear or not.” I snap, making everyone turn to face me. The unknown people laugh and throw me a thumbs up. Clearly no one likes her that much.

“About time.” Kylie says and goes to stand up but Lucas growls.

“Sit down!” He orders and Kylie drops back into her chair like a ton of bricks. I stare at Damien to avoid looking at Lucas. Damien is safe. Damien is not my mate.

“Come on deary. Come sit down. I made you a special breakfast.” Ms. Carter says and I smile at her before sitting in an empty seat next to Dam and Eve.

“Thank you.” I tell her and she waves it off, setting a plate stacked high with pancakes in front of me. Tiny pieces of strawberry is scattered over the top and a drizzle of syrup is running down the pancakes.

“Hey, look! it’s the creation Lucas failed at.” Eve laughs and I cover my mouth to keep from laughing.

“Eve, be quiet. At least I tried.” Lucas says and I smirk.

“Yea. Tried being the key word.” She retorts and I grab a strawberry off the top of my pile, watching them.

“If I had another hour, I could make the best breakfast ever.” 

“McDonalds does make some pretty good breakfast foods.” Eve points out and I can’t help but laugh. Lucas grins and stares at me but I still refuse to look in his eyes.

“Eve, be quiet and eat.” Lucas says. Eve steals a strawberry off my plate and Lucas glares.

“That is her breakfast. Do not steal her food. We asked you if you wanted strawberries and you said no.” Lucas says and Eve pops the piece of fruit into her mouth.

“That was before I knew it was good.” She says, chewing on her strawberry.

“Don’t eat her food.” Lucas says.

“It’s fine. Sharing is caring.” I say and Lucas huffs.

“You’re too nice.” He says and I grin.


“Eat and then gifts.” Eve says and I take a bite of my food.


 So far I have gotten a new outfit, money, jewelry, and a new diary. The diary was from Ms. C. She told me how she had a diary when she was my age. I also had new friends. The unknown people turned out to be really nice. No mate. I still haven’t looked at Lucas.

“Addison, look at me.” Lucas says for the tenth time.

“No.” I repeat.

“Can I go?” Kylie asks and Lucas shakes his head.

“Fine!” She groans and sits at the table.

“Look at him.” Eve says and I shoot her a glare.

“I said no.”


“No!” I exclaim and Lucas reaches for me. I jump back and he frowns.

“Addison, please.” He whispers and my wolf rumbles.

Yes Addison. Please. She says and I roll my eyes.

Love sick pup. I tell her. No response.

“Addie.” Damien says and I stare at him. Safe person.


“Look at him.”

“No.” I say and walk backwards away from Lucas.


“I don’t want to because if I do the-” I say but I am cut off by me tripping over my too long jeans and falling down. Right before I hit the ground, Lucas grabs me. Sparks fly everywhere when his skin touches mine. My wolf howls and my body shivers. I finally look at Lucas and see the biggest grin ever on his face. My skin tingles from his touch and I just want to hug him.

“Addison.” He mumbles and it brings me out of my spell.

 Most people would be happy they found their mate. But I was downright pissed

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