The Alpha's Mate

Addison is the Alpha Female of the Evergreen pack, her father being the Alpha. At the age of 18, you can find your mate and perform the mating ritual. During Addison's 18th birthday party, the enemy pack, Shadow Moon pack, attack her pack. The Alpha of Shadow Moon pack, Lucas, kidnaps Addison but refuses to tell her why. Until her birthday...


8. Chapter 8

~~The first thing I noticed when I woke up was the second body in my bed next to me. The second was the familiar arms wrapped around my waist. My eyes fly open and after blinking the sleep away, I see the sleeping face of Lucas. He didn’t leave last night? Then I notice our position. Our legs were entangled together, my head on his chest, and one of his arms draped over my waist.  My face turns red and I try to slip away. His eyes scrunch up before they open, revealing his beautiful gray eyes.

“Good morning.”  He says huskily. Butterflies flutter around in my belly and I blush harder. Curse him.

“Morning.” I mutter and he smiles slightly. He searches my face and I shift my body. He releases me and I try to hide my pout.

Don’t get up. My wolf whines but I ignore her. Lucas smirks, telling me I didn’t hide it to well. Damn it! I roll out of the bed, away from his body and Lucas chuckles.

“I have things to attend to. You will spend some of the day with Eve and Damien. I will be by to get you so we can hang out before your birthday tomorrow.” He says and I nod.

“Sounds good.” I mumble, still embarrassed. I walk towards the chair where my clothes are still laying, since I haven’t put them away yet. Lucas walks past me and opens the door but hesitates before turning to face me. He bends slightly so his mouth is next to my ear, hot breath fanning over my skin.

“Don’t worry Addison. I will gladly hold you again tonight.” He whispers before shutting my door. My heart pounds in my chest and my wolf is practically prancing.

Mate, mate, mate, mate. Accept it. She cheers gleefully.

I shall do no such thing. We will know tomorrow. I answer and I can feel her annoyance.

You know he is. Just wait until he comes tonight to hold us. She teases, bringing back the raging butterflies. Oh no.

“Addison, what do you want to do today?” Damien asks and I look at Eve and Matt. They was being all lovey-dovey and a ting of jealousy stabs my heart. I want that, I think. Wait, what? No I don’t. Well, do I? Being able to have a mate to love me? Of course I want that. Who wouldn’t want that? But what if my mate tries to order me since he is the next Alpha in line? Would I take that? Do I want to lead? No. Yes. Maybe. I don’t know!  A million of thoughts run through my head and I edge closer to freaking out. I have until tomorrow. Tomorrow will seal my fate of finding someone. IF I find someone.

“Addie?” Damien’s voice drawls me back down from my mate-induced thoughts. I blink at him and lock the thoughts in the back of my head.

“Uh, yea?” I say like a retard. Damien chuckles and I pull my upper lip back in a snarl.

“Calm down Addison.” Eve teases and I laugh.

“Whatever. I don’t know what we can do.” I say.

“How about we watch movies, eat ice cream, and just hang?” Eve suggests and I shrug my shoulders.

“Sounds good.” Matt says, pulling Eve into his side. Another ping of jealousy.

“We will go get the food.” Damien says, motioning to me.

“We’ll get the movie.” Eve says. Her and Matt start walking towards another room that I’ve never been to.

“Coming?” Damien asks and we walks towards the kitchen. When we get there, Damien pulls out a tub of Cookie Dough ice cream.

“What business does Lucas have to do today?” I ask, curious. I  get us spoons and start raiding the cabinets for the any toppings.

“Training the new members. Why? Missing him?” He teases but I just shake my head.

“N-no. Just wondering.” I say, finding a bottle of cherries.

“Sure. I have whipped cream and caramel.” Damien says and I show him the cherries.

“Good enough?” I ask and he nods. We grab a 2-liter of Dr. Pepper and make our way back to the new room. It’s a bedroom. Lucas’s bedroom to be exact. I can tell because the familiar scent that is clinging to everything.

“Why are we in here?” I ask and Eve pats the spot on the bed for me to sit down. I slowly slide in next to her and my ass sinks into the comforter.

“He has a bigger TV and his bed is more comfortable. More room.” Matt says as Eve puts in a movie.

"Plus, he said not to be in his room so..." She says, making me giggle.

“What movie are we watching?” Damien asks and sits next to me. Eve throws the DVD case at us, barely missing my head.

“Grown Ups 2.” Damien tells me and sits the case on the bed. I hand the spoons out to them once Eve is situated on Matt’s lap.

“Where’s the bowls?” Eve asks and I groan.

“Damn it! I knew we left something!” Damien exclaims and I get up.

“I’ll go get some. Don’t start the movie without me.” I say before rushing towards the kitchen.  Lucas’s scent was driving me insane. I grab 4 bowls and on my way back, Kylie pops up. Shit.

“Well well. If it isn’t little miss defenseless.” She sneers and I roll my eyes. I continue walking past her but she rushes in front of me.

“Leave me alone Kylie.” I say.

“Or what?”

“Why do you hate me? I haven’t done anything to you.” I say emotionless. She looks surprised by my answer but instead of replying, she rolls her eyes and stomps off. Well then. I get back to the room and hand everyone their bowl. I wait until everyone has a bowl of ice cream before getting me a bowl. I put whip cream on top, do a few swirls with the caramel, and top it off with a cherry.

Where’s Lucas? My wolf asks.

Training. I answer. I swirl my spoon around in the ice cream before taking a good sized bite.

 One tub of ice cream, two movies, and a million of lame jokes later, Eve and I finally leave. We go back to my room, with the food and drinks of course, to have girl time.

“Lucas is going to come by soon to collect you.” She states as she pours a bunch of caramel into her mouth.

“Collect? I’m not a item.” I reply, sitting on my bed, grabbing the whipped cream. The toppings are always better than the actual ice cream. Well, I always thought.

“I know that. You should let me do your makeup so you can be beautiful when he comes.”

“How about no?” I say and she narrows her eyes. Something I’ve come to notice everyone in this damn house does.

“Please? For me? Just this once. If you don’t like it, you can take it off.” She reasons and I stare into her green eyes, shaking my head.

“Why not?” She whines.

“I hate a lot of makeup.” I say and she grins.

“So I won’t put a lot on you.” She says.

“Fine.” I relent and she runs out of my room. While she is gone, I grab the laptop and turn it on. I click on the account with my name on it and it brings up my screen. It’s already connected to the internet so I just click on internet icon. Thousands of adds pop up and I ignore them, typing in ‘’ The login screen flashes on the page and I type in my user ID and password. 98 unread inbox messages. Most of them was advertisements but I had a couple from friends.  Nothing too important so I don’t bother replying. Eve comes back with a big cheetah print bag full of makeup, which she dumps on my bed.

“What happened to just a little?” I ask and she rolls her eyes.

“I need options.” She points out, like it so obvious. She sits in front of me and starts separating the makeup into sections. Foundations of my pillow, eye shadow on my lap, eyeliners on her lap, etc.

"Ready?" She asks me and I shrug. I don't want to do makeup but I already agreed so I guess I have to do it. I lay the laptop on the bed and face her. She grabs foundation and dabs it across my face. No backing out now, I think.                                                                                                         ***
 After she was done with my makeup, she grabbed a mirror and let me look into it. I was pretty but she didn't stick with the 'not a lot' part.
"Do you like it?" She asks hopeful and I smile at her.
"I like it." I tell her and she pulls out tweezers from her bag.
Do not let her come near us with that! My wolf yelps at me and I raise an eyebrow.
Why not? I ask and Eve stares at me, waiting for me to acknowledge her.
Pain traps. Do not let her touch us! She demands and I roll my eyes. So what?
"What are you doing with those?" I ask her.
"Plucking your eyebrows." She says and my wolf whines. Damn it.
"Do you have too?"
"No but I want to." She replies simply and I shake my head.
"Then no. I don't want my eyebrows messed with." I tell her and she puts them away. That was easy.
Thanks. My wolf sighs and I grin.
"What do you want me to do with your hair?" She asks and I shrug. I don't know.
"Don't shrug at me. Tell me." She growls at me.
"Uh. How about you just leave it down?" I suggest.
"No. Can I curl it?" She asks and I nod.
"When is he suppose to come to 'collect' me?" I ask and she pulls a phone out of her pocket. She has a phone? That I never knew about?
"I don't know. Text him and ask him. I am going to get the curling iron." She says, tossing her phone on my lap. The eye shadow clinks and she runs out of the room. Again. I press a button and her background pops up. It was her and Matt hugging in front of the pond. That's sweet, I think before swiping the screen to unlock it. A bunch of app icons' pop up and I click the contacts icon. I type in 'Lu' and Lucas's name pops up. Below his name is 'Matt <3' Sweet, again. I click on Lucas's contact and his number pops up. I press 'Send Text Message.' A second later, a blank message screen pops up.
'Hey, what time are you coming to get me?' I send and put her phone on bed beside me. Eve returns holding a curling iron and hairspray.
"Did you text him?" She asks and I nod.
"Yea. I asked him when he was coming." I tell her and her phone lights up with a new message. I swipe the screen and click 'View Now.'
'Addison? Whenever you'd like me to. I can come right now.' Lucas replies.
"He says he can come right now if I want him to." I tell her and she shakes her head.
"Tell him no. We will text him when you are ready." She tells me and I click the reply button.
"What kind of phone is this?" I ask her and she stares at the phone, as if thinking about it.
"I don't exactly know. It's one of Damien's old ones. Lucas says if you stay here, he will buy us both a new phone. I am trying to get a iPhone but I don't think he will let me have it." She says and my eyes widen.
"If I stay here?" Is all I say.
"Yes. If you stay. You'll find out a big reason you should stay later." She says and brushes my hair. She catches a tangle and I wince.
"Sorry." She mumbles but keeps brushing.
'No. Not right now. I will text you when Eve is done making me pretty. Yes, it is Addison.' I say and he replies instantly.
'Okay. Talk to you then.' I don't reply because I have no clue what to say. So I just exit off the messages.
"You can play a game while I fix your hair." She says and I smile. I scroll through her list of apps and click on Subway Surfers. I will always love this game.
 I die about 22 times before she is done with my hair. I exit the game and go to her camera. I pop up instantly and I flinch back. Wasn't expecting that. I stare at myself in her camera and touch one of the curls. It was soft and when I pulled it, it bounced back. It reminded me of the party. You know, before I was taken. Eve must have seen the sad look on my face because her eyes widen in worry.
"Thanks. I like it." I tell her quickly and she hugs me from behind.
"What are best friends for?" She asks and I grin.
"Exactly. Want to take a picture with me?" I ask her and she nods. I snap a few picture of us and hand her the phone back.
"Keeping these forever. Now I am going to pick your clothes out." She tells me and looks at the pile of clothes on my chair. She grabs them all and stares at me.
"Why didn't you put them away?" She asks and I shrug. She goes through them and puts them in my dresser.
"Here. Wear this." She says and hands me some clothes. It's a simple gray sweatshirt and ripped skinny jeans. She turns around and I change quickly.
"Done." I tell her and she turns back around.
"You can text him and tell him you're ready." She says and hands me her phone. I go back to her message list and click on him.
'Ready.' I send him and give it back to her.
"Tomorrow, I will come back in here and we can talk about the joys of being 18 before you have to see people." Eve says and I smile at her.
"Thanks." I tell her. I think it'd be better if I have girl time before I have to see other people. Potential mating people. Someone knocks on my bedroom door and I laugh.
"Come in?" I call and the door creaks open and Lucas peeks his head in.
"Ready?" He asks and I nod.
"See you later Eve." I tell her and she waves bye before Lucas pulls me out of the bedroom.
"What do you want to do?" He asks me and I bite my bottom lip.
"I have no clue." I tell him and he looks at me.
"Want to go to my library?"
"Can we?" I squeak and he chuckles, nodding. He leads me to the library and holds the door open for me, before locking it behind us.
"Why did you lock it?"
"So no one can come in here." He answers simply, shooting me a dimpled grin.
"Oh." I mutter.
"Are you sure you don't want to do something tomorrow?" He asks and I nod.
"One party is enough for me." I tell him.
"I'm sorry about that." He tells me but I shrug it off.
"Its fine now."
"Do you miss them?" He asks.
'What?" I asked, confused.
"Your pack. Do you miss them?'
"Well, yea."
"I did what I felt was right."
"You felt kidnapping me was right?" I ask, a spark of anger shooting up my spine.
"I'm sorry. You will understand later."
"Will everyone stop telling me that? I don't want to understand later! I want to understand now!" I growl and Lucas looks at me.
"Calm down Addison." He says quietly and my wolf sighs when he says my name.
Don't you dare say the damn 'M' word. I tell her and she huffs but doesn't say anything.
"Fine." I answer and he runs his fingers through his hair.
"I want you to smile."
"I don't know. Just, smile." He says like it's the easiest thing in the world.
"Make me laugh."
"It seems to me like we have a predicament." I say and he laughs. I smile slightly and he smirks at me.
"There it is!" He exclaims, making me blush. Yea yea.
"Oh, be quiet." I say and he grins.
 That night before I go to bed, Lucas stops by. I had fun during our library visit.
"Addison?" He whispers into the dark room. I turn over in my bed to face him. Well, the figure of him.
"Will you promise me something?" He asks.
"I'll try." I answer, waiting on his request.
"Tomorrow, promise you won't hate me forever." He requests. What? Why would I hate him?
"Why would I hate you?"

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