The Alpha's Mate

Addison is the Alpha Female of the Evergreen pack, her father being the Alpha. At the age of 18, you can find your mate and perform the mating ritual. During Addison's 18th birthday party, the enemy pack, Shadow Moon pack, attack her pack. The Alpha of Shadow Moon pack, Lucas, kidnaps Addison but refuses to tell her why. Until her birthday...


5. Chapter 5

~~“Addison, come on. Get up!” Someone groans and I bury my face deeper in the comforter.

“Go away.” I mumble and whoever is attempting to get me up, shakes me. I prop myself up on my elbow and my blonde hair falls over my face.

“Oh, that’s attractive. Wouldn’t you say so Lucas?” Eve teases and points to the side of my mouth. I sleepily feel where she is pointing and my eyes widen in embarrassment. Dried drool is going all the way down my chin to the pillow where you can see a small wet circle.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” I grown and wipe my mouth, shooting a glance at Lucas. He is trying not to laugh and I just want to smack him. Remember. One chance.

“Fine! I’m up!” I say and flip the pillow over, hiding the evidence. Eve rolls her green eyes and hands me a small stack of clothes.

“Get dressed. Tour than we will get cleaned up before going shopping.” She explains. I totally forgot about the tour and shopping trip. I usher them out and unfold the clothes. There was two outfits. One for the tour and the other for shopping, I assume. One outfit consists of  a simple gray long-sleeved shirt, a pair of ripped denim skinny jeans, brown furry boots and a black beanie. The other was a black tank top, beige skirt that goes to mid-thigh, a leather jacket and strap sandals. I slip on the first outfit and pull my hair back into a ponytail. I walk downstairs to see Kylie and Eve in a heated conversation.

“You know she doesn’t belong here! He should’ve left her with the rogues.”  Eve flounders for a comeback but when she see’s me, she turns to Kylie with the meanest glare she can muster.

“Listen here you stuck up witch, I can ruin your life. My brother is the Alpha. You’re just a little whore that wants in his pants but let me tell you something, he will never go for you. So how about you go take your dyed-blonde self somewhere else where someone gives a shit. Oh that’s right, there isn’t such a place.” She spits out, making me gasp. Kylie turns around and when she see’s me, she stomps right in front of me.

“You did this! You ruined everything! You’re just a spoiled brat that can’t stand up for herself! You have to have defenseless Eve do it! You couldn’t fight for yourself back at your territory! That’s why your poor stupid friend got his ass kicked while you ran! Lucas took you in as a charity case! He hates you!! He regrets saving you!” She screams. The part about Lucas stings my heart but I pass it off.

“Ky-” Eve starts but I hold my hand up to silence her. I can fight my own fights.

“If anyone ruined this, it you. I was going to get a tour of the house but you had to stick your pointy nose in someplace it doesn’t belong. I didn’t ask Eve or Tyler to stand up for me but they did anyway! You know why? They’re good people! You’re just a bitter, unloved bitch who clearly didn’t get enough hugs from daddy dearest when you was little! So before you talk to me about being a ‘spoiled brat’ you might want to take a hard look in the mirror, if it doesn’t break honey. Because the only spoiled brat I see, is you.” I rant and her mouth pops open. Then she attacks me. I land on the ground with a thud and her on top of me. Her tiny hands wrap around my throat as she lets out a gargled battle cry.

“Lucas!” Eve yells and takes off running somewhere.

Fight back! Let me out! My wolf screams. I ignore her as I flip me and Kylie over, ripping her hand off of my throat, letting oxygen fill my lungs. I go to punch her but someone grabs me, yanking me off her like a rag doll. She goes to jump me but Damien grabs her. Wait, if he has her, who has me? I glance over my shoulder to a seething Lucas.

“L-Lucas. S-she started this! She was t-talking about my dad and called me a s-sp-spoiled brat! I had to d-do so-something” Kylie stutters pitifully, terror all over her face. A deep growl erupts from his throat, frightening me.

“Evelyn?” He spits out, clutching me to his chest. I’m not going to attack her, no matter how much I want too. Let me go!

“Total bullsh-” She starts but Lucas must’ve did something because she shut her mouth.

“Kylie was saying you should’ve left Addie out with the rogue’s to die and she was a spoiled brat. That you hate her and regretted saving her. That Addie is a defenseless and she can’t defend herself.” Eve tattles and Lucas sets me on the ground gently despite his fury. Why is he so mad? It’s just me. The girl he kidnapped.

“Kylie as Alpha of the Black Moon pack, I am sentencing you to two days in the cage, no food and no social interaction what so ever. Then you will be let out but you will serve Addison for a week. ” He says and Kylie lets out a heart wrenching sob. The cage? What? Serve me?

“The cage is literally just a huge cage where he sends people who disobey him. He doesn’t like banishing them to rogue life. Unless absolutely necessary.” Eve whispers.

“Aren’t you an Alpha by your own blood right? Can‘t you decide punishments too?” I ask.

“I’m adopted. I was a rogue pup when his parents found me. They took me in as their own. I have no Alpha blood.” She says and I hug her. She was rogue?

“Damien, take her to the cage.” I hear Lucas demand and Dam leads a sobbing Kylie out the backdoor.

“Thank you.” I mutter and he grunts, anger still probably coursing through his system.

“Anytime.” He answers.

“Let’s get the tour over with. I want to go shopping.” Eve says, completely ignoring the recent event. I smile at her but let her lead me around the house.

 After seeing every single room in this house, me and Lucas both just want to go outside. But when Eve promised me a tour, she meant it. Finally, Eve takes us outside and my wolf yips in pleasure.

“This is the pond.” Eve says, a smile spreads across her face.

“Ohhh. The famous pond.” I tease and Lucas stares at me.

“Yes. The one and only. Where I found my mate.” Eve says dreamily.

“I think it’s cute but I’d rather just, well, just meet him. When Tyler turned 18, I thought we’d be mates for sure. We’ve always been so close, I thought we was meant to be.” I say and Lucas growls lowly, stepping closer to me. I walk around the pond, watching the small fishes swim under the surface.

“But he is 19 and never found his mate.” I finish and with a weird look at Lucas, I turn back to Eve.

“This is the only thing I can show you back here. The rest is pretty boring.” Eve says and I nod, not understanding. Learning about the marble floors in the bathroom upstairs wasn’t boring at all, I think sarcastically. But I did learn there is a huge library in here. I admit, I love reading.

“You can go let your wolf loose.” Eve says and they both stare at me.


“Change. I want to see you’re wolf.” Eve says but I look down, embarrassed.

“Why? She’s nothing special.” I mutter, only making her  whine.

You know I’m kidding. I say.

“Not was a certain someone said.” Eve teases and my gaze snaps to hers.

“Who?” I ask.

“No one. Show me.” She pleads.

“You first. You‘ve heard about mine but I‘ve never heard or seen yours.” I bargain. Without a word, she jobs off behind a large oak tree and a few seconds later, a medium-sized midnight black wolf comes out. Her green eyes stand out and I pat her head,

“You’re beautiful.” I compliment and I hear a little rumble in her chest.

“She is saying ‘Your turn.’” Lucas says suddenly. I almost forgot he was here. Almost.

“Are you going to too?” I ask and he nods.

“Yes. Too make sure you don’t run.” He says, only slightly teasing.

“Whatever macho man.” I retort and he smirks.

“First I’m an egotistical ass and know I’m a macho man?”

“You’re skipping kidnapper.” I say and he shrugs.

“That was once.” He replies and Eve puts her paw against my jeans.

“What?” I ask Lucas, referring to her.

“Go change.” He says and I nod. I run over to where she went and see her clothes threw over a low branch. I quickly strip and throw my clothes next to hers. I swear if someone is watching, I’ll kill them. My wolf practically jumps at the chance to be let out and I feel the heat take over my body. My body involuntarily bends over and instead of my hands being on the muddy ground, my snow white paws are.

About time. She thinks before taking off in a run towards Eve’s wolf. She jumps in the air, playfully tackling me. Lucas watches us a few minutes before starting towards our changing tree. I jump in front of him and bend down low.

“What?” He asks, trying to step by me but I stop him again.

“What?” He repeats, bending down to eye level. I try telling him in my mind but it doesn’t go through. I run around the tree, grabbing the edge of my shirt and accidentally knocking my bra and jeans to the dirty ground. I shake the shirt in his direction and he ‘Ahs’

“I get it.” He says before heading towards another tree. I place my shirt down with the fallen clothing before prancing back to Eve. Lucas returns, his black and tan wolf bringing back memories. Eve sits in front of me and Lucas lays on his belly.

Pretty. My wolf thinks but I shake my head.

No. Kidnapper. I reply simply before walking towards the pond. The fish swim away from me quickly and I watch myself in the reflection. My white fur is a little dirty from the fall but nothing I can’t clean later. My dark blue eyes sparkle and I splash my paw through the water. I feel someone nudge my back leg and I turn to see Lucas. He nudges me again and I tilt my head to the side. He nudges yet again but this time, he runs. I want to ignore him but my wolf instincts kick in, so I chase.


 I walk around my room and wait for Eve to come get me. After our game of tag ended, we changed back and went to get ready for shopping. I had the outfit on but the skirt was shorter than I thought. It didn’t show anything but it was too short for my comfort. Coming right at mid-thigh. I let my blonde hair down and it fall in straight strands down my back.

“Ready?” Eve says as she walks in. I eye her outfit and glare. She gives me a short skirt but she is wearing black leggings, a gray/black strip shirt, white heels and her hair is in a braided bun.

“I hate you.” I say and she offers me something black. A belt.

“Love you too.” She says. I put the belt around the top of the skirt and we walk downstairs. Lucas and another guy with brown curls is waiting for us.

“Matthew meet Addie. Addie, Matthew.” Eve says, wrapping her arms around his waist.

“Hi.” I say and he nods.

“Hello.” He smiles. Lucas eyes my exposed legs and I fidget.

“Shouldn’t you wear pants?” He asks, his eyes scanning me.

“Calm down.” I grin and Matthew chuckles.

“Ready?” Eve asks and we all nod. Her and Matt walk down the hall hand-in-hand, leaving us alone.

“You look beautiful. So did your wolf.” Lucas says and a blush colors my cheeks.

“Thanks. Your wolf was pretty.” I say nervous.

“What about me? Right now?” He asks but under his cocky statement, I can sense his curiosity.

“I don’t know. You’re ego is covering it up.” I joke and he smiles down at me.

“Humph.” Truthfully, I find him extremely attractive.

“Oh so you find me attractive?” He asks and I look at him confused before I realize I said it out loud.

“Eve!” I yelp and walk away from him quickly. I walk out the door to see Eve and Matt making out in the car. Lucas walks out and I hear him fake gag.

“PDA!” I yell but Eve flips us off.

“Mates.” I mutter.

“You don’t want a mate?” He asks, slightly worried. Why? Lucas and his mood swings. One minute it’s Macho Man attitude, then Grown Little Kid, then Worried and Caring.

“I do but I don’t think I’d be that involved like they are. Making out, touching every chance they get.”  I explain as we make our way to his car.

“Who do you think your mate is?” He ask and I cast him a wary look. What is this? 21 Questions: Wolf Style?

You. My wolf answer, surprising me.

“No clue. I don’t think I’ll find my mate. I mean, who’d want me anyway?” I say before realizing I just told him my deepest fear. Being rejected by my mate. His fingers wrap around my wrist and pull me into a stop.

“You are an amazing girl Addison. You will find your mate. I’m sure of it. You may be a smartass sometimes but you’re sweet. Even to people who don’t deserve it.” He says and walks off. He gets in the car, leaving me stunned. What the hell was that?!

He is not our mate! I’m still mad about the kidnapping thing! I exclaim as I start towards the car.

We wish. Get over it! He did save us after all. You said you’d give him a chance. She sighs and I roll my eyes. Stupid guy makes even my wolf a little love/like-sick. I hop in the car and he pulls out of the driveway quickly.

“He won’t reject you.”  Eve chirps from the backseat, content in Matt’s arms. I choose not to answer as I watch the tree fly by the window.


So? Thoughts?

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