The Alpha's Mate

Addison is the Alpha Female of the Evergreen pack, her father being the Alpha. At the age of 18, you can find your mate and perform the mating ritual. During Addison's 18th birthday party, the enemy pack, Shadow Moon pack, attack her pack. The Alpha of Shadow Moon pack, Lucas, kidnaps Addison but refuses to tell her why. Until her birthday...


4. Chapter 4

~~ Anger coursed through my body as I jumped from my seat and stomped over to him. He smirks at me and the urge to beat the shit out of him increases.

“You!” I spit out and he chuckles. Way to go Addie. ‘You’ must have really intimidated him, I think sarcastically.

“Me?” He asks cockily. My anger intensifies and my hand twitches to smack the smirk of his face.

“Yes, you! You horrible, mean, nasty, disgusting asshole! Why did you bring me here?! Why not just kill me like you said you was going too?! Why did you attack my pack?! We didn’t do anything to your terrible ‘pack’ of mutts! Except Eve and Ms. Carter. They’re the only decent ones here! Respectful! Kind! And most importantly, the only ones I will spare when my pack kills you all!” By now I was in his face, well chest because my shortness as I yell. Lucas’s eyes go hard and his jaw clenches. He see’s right through my empty threat.

“You’re pack will do nothing to mine. It does not concern you why I did what I did. I advise you get out of my face.” He says angrily.

“I will not until you answer me! Why?! Tell me you stupid mongrel!” I scream and the next thing I know, I’m on my butt on the ground. He pushed me!

“Y-You-” I start but he cuts me off with a hand.

“Damien please escort her to her room.” Who’s Damien? As soon as the bleach blonde guy comes in my view, I growl.

“You attacked Tyler!” I scream and he shrugs, going to grab me but Lucas’s growls. Damien drops his hand and motions for me to get up but I refuse.

“He attacked me first.” Damien says.

“Bullshit! You and that bitch attacked him at the same time and he had to defend himself! You attacked my Tyler! My best friend! You and Lucas are on the top of my hit-list!” I bring the threat back. My wolf is chomping at the bit to be released. I was about to let her out when a hand grabs my shoulder. I go to attack the owner of the hand but then I see it’s Ms. Carter. My wolf calms down, knowing Ms. C isn’t a threat. Lucas gives us a look of utter shock but I only glare.

“I will go to my room. But I have to say something.” I say and Lucas raises a eyebrow.

“I hate you. I will always hate you. The stories show you perfectly.” I spit out and I see hurt flash in his eyes before they turn emotionless.

“Get her out of here.” He tells Damien and Ms. Carter starts to speak but Lucas is already walking away.

“Follow me.” Damien says and Ms. Carter turns to him. I grab her hand and she gives my hand a squeeze of reassurance.

“Go finish your chores maid.” Damien says and I shove him with as much force as I can muster. He stumbles a few inches before spinning around, his eyes ablaze. Bad idea, I think as I pull Ms. Carter behind me.

“I said follow me.” He snarls and I gulp, nodding. I’m all for fighting back but seeing as how I am already kidnapped, I’m just going to play good.

No! Fight! My wolf demands but I brush her off. As we pass a window, I glance outside to see Lucas running his hands through his hair. He looks upset and like he is restraining himself. I feel satisfied knowing I had hand in it but I feel a little amount of guilt. A very little amount but its there. He disappears from my sight and I focus back on Damien.

“If it’s any consolation, I am sorry.” Damien says as we get to the stairs.

“Sorry for what? Attacking Tyler or being a 14K prick?” I mutter and he laughs.

“I guess for both honestly. When I attacked, I was following instinct. My wolf was only set on helping Kylie by joining the fight but I knew not to harm you.” He offers an explanation but it just furthers my confusion.

“Why attack Ty? He was protecting me.” I say slowly.

“My wolf seen him as a threat.” Damien says and takes the stairs two at a time.

“But Tyler is like a little kid. He wouldn’t harm anyone.” I say and he throws me a look like I’m crazy.

“He threw me into Kylie! By my freaking throat!” He says incredulously making me giggle.

“You deserved it and so did she. You attacked my pack and might I add, on the day of my birthday party!” I exclaim.

“So it was your party.” He says simply, ignoring the ret of my statement. I hop up the stairs, trying to keep up with his long, stair-skipping strides.

“Yes. It was ‘Daddy’s little princess’s’ party.” I say, referring to Lucas’s words yesterday. Damien smirks and we take a right into a hallway. At the end of the hall, was the door belonging to the room I woke up in this morning.

“You little eavesdropper.” He teases playfully, reminding me a tiny bit of Ty.

“You attacked us. I think I deserve to listen to a conversation. About me.” I say and we stand in front of my door.

“Touché. He’s really not the bad guy you know. None of us here are. Maybe Kylie can a b-witch but she’s not bad. All the time” Damien says, as if pleading with me to believe him.

“Tell that to the stories. Oh, that’s right. You can’t because lying isn’t good. But neither is attacking an innocent pack. Guess the facts are working against you.” I say. I regret it as soon as Damien looks down with ashamed eyes. Low blow Addison, I think.

“Lucas has his reasons behind attacking your pack and taking you.” With that, he leaves. Great. I just brutally killed that friendship. I sling open the door and shut it, reaching to lock it then remembering there isn’t a lock. Gah! I grab the computer desk chair and stick it under the doorknob, successfully jamming the door shut. I flick the lights off and crawl in bed, under the comforter. Let me tell you something, it did nothing to comfort me. I stare at the shadows on the wall created by the quickly fading sunlight shining through the window.

“Tyler?” I whisper though the bond. Please let them here me. I don’t get anything in reply for a few seconds but then I can hear the faint sound of people in my mind.

“Riv…….fin….hope she...ther….blood….rouge…” I hear but I can’t tell who it’s from but honestly, I don’t care.

“Help!!!” I yell through the bond but apparently, they don’t here me. Probably the Alpha blood in my veins making my bond stronger. I bury my face in the plush pillow with a groan and listen to them talking about me for the next 10 minutes. What really sucks, I can’t speak to them or do anything to help. Finally, they are far enough away for their voices to disappear. Tears fall down my face and I let out a chocked sob. I probably look like a pig but I don’t care. I just need to cry.


 I wake up a few hours later, I can tell because it’s pitch dark outside and crickets are chirping, to banging on the door.

“Addie! Open the damn door!” I hear Eve yell. I numbly get up and walk over to the door. Without bothering to wipe my tear-stained cheeks, I pull the chair away and let her in. She looks like she’s going to scream but when she see’s my red, puffy eyes, understanding crosses her features. She pulls me into a hug and that’s when I notice Damian, Ms. Carter, and Lucas is standing behind her. I pull away and offer a smile to Damien and Ms. Carter, blocking Lucas out.

“Oh, honey. Are you okay?” Eve asks, drawing my attention back to her.

“I’m fine. Really.” I say and I pull her in the room.

“Ms. Carter, would you like to come in?” I ask and she gives a quick glance to Lucas before shaking her head.

“No ma’am. I’ve got chores to finish.” She says, scurrying down the hall.

“Ma’am? I’m not old enough to be a ‘ma’am’.” I say and everyone laughs, including Lucas.

Whatever. Damien, I’m not sorry for what I said but I am sorry for upsetting you.” I tell him and he nods.

“What is she talking about?” Lucas asks, turning to Dam. Yes, I will call him Dam now.

“None of your dang business Mr. Me Man, I Own You.” I glare and Eve stifles a laugh. I shut the door before he can reply and slide the chair back under the knob. I flick the light on and Eve sits on my bed.

“Want to talk about it?” She asks and I shake my head.

“Not really.” I tell her.

“Understandable. How about tomorrow, I give you a tour of the place?” She suggests.

“Even the outside?” I ask, slightly excited. My wolf barks, happy to be out.

“Yes, even outside.” Eve says.

“C-can I let her out?” I ask nervous.

“Her? Oh. Yea, sure. As long as you don’t run away.” Eve says.

“I make no promises.” I say.

“Then, I’ll talk to Lucas and see what he says about it.” She offers and I shrug. He’ll find out eventually.

“Deal.” I say and she lays back on the bed.

“This room has always been my favorite. This bed is amazing.” She sighs in contentment.

“I love this bed. Hey, where is a bathroom? I need to, uh, do my business and shower.” I say and she gets up.

“Follow me. I’ll get you some clothes from my room.” I pull the chair out of the way and we walk downstairs to her room. As soon as her door is opened, I am invaded by green and the scent of Twilight Woods. She goes through her large wooden dresser and throws me a pair of yoga pants and a plain gray, baggy t-shirt.

“You can borrow a pair of my underwear but I think you win on the upstairs department so my bras’ probably won’t fit you.” She says and throws me a pair of underwear. They’re new, thank God.

“Thanks.” I say and she shuts her bedroom door.

“We have to walk by the dining room to get to the shower and I think they’re eating right now.”

“Isn’t there another bathroom?” I ask, whining.

“Yes but this bathroom has a huge bathtub with jets.” She smirks. I grin and we start towards the bathroom. Like she said, we pass the dining room and Lucas, Damian, a little boy and another girl is eating. The girl turns to glare at me I look down.

“Are you coming to eat?” Lucas calls.

“With you? No thanks.” I glare and he smiles, surprising me.

“What are you staring at then? Go.” The girl says, smirking. She thinks she is better than me, I think with a snort.

“I haven’t determined yet.” I watch as her smirk falls.

“Listen here, you don’t belong here. No one wants you here. I will happily treat you like I treated you’re lame ‘protector’.” She says and stands up.

“Kylie!” Lucas yells and she bends her head in submission almost instantly.

“If you’re trying to be a smartass, first you’ve got to be smart. If you’re not, you’re just an ass.” I say, eyeing her up and down. She goes to say something but with one look from Lucas, she stomps out the backdoor.

“Someone had daddy issues.” I mutter and Eve pulls me towards the bathroom but no before I hear Damien burst out into laughter.

“She’s a hoot!” I hear him say before I’m shoved in a bathroom by Eve. Her eyes are twinkling in delight and her smile is stretched across her face.

“Oh, I love you.” She says and explains how to work the bathtub jets.

“Thanks.” I say and lay the clothes on the sink.

“I’ll go get us some food. Broccoli or no?” She asks before she leaves.

“No. Ew.” I say and she nods, shutting the door. I quickly strip of her clothes and get in the bathtub. I turn the jets on and enjoy the warmth, bubbles and the jets.

 I get dressed and pull my wet hair up in a towel before hurrying towards my room.

“Addie!” I hear and I spin around to see Lucas. He holds his hands up in surrender and gets closer but not to close.

“I’m not here to fight. Eve mentioned you wanted to let your wolf out tomorrow?” He asks. I nod, not daring to open my mouth. I can’t control the curse words that might slip out.

“I will accompany you to make sure you don’t run.” He says and I glare. Screw holding my tongue.

“I don’t need you to watch over me! I think you’ve done enough.” I say.

“I don’t understand why you hate me. I saved you from the rogues. I could’ve let them kill you.” He answers and my anger fades. I never thought about that.

“Exactly. After you are done running around tomorrow, I will take you, Eve, and Matt out shopping.”

“Why?” I whisper.

“Oh, so she finally backs down? I interrupted your party, I took you away and you have no clothes.” He says and I go to retaliate but he waves, walking away.

“Stupid, egotistical ass.” I mutter and go to my room. Eve isn’t there so I pull my hair down and shiver as the cold, wet locks hit my neck. I turn the light off but leave the door slightly cracked. Right before I fall asleep again, my stomach grumbles. Eve never came back with my food. I wait a few minutes, hoping to fall asleep but my stomach is preventing me from getting comfy. I wrap a blanket around my slender shoulders and walk back downstairs. It’s dark so I run into a wall quite a few times. I finally get to the kitchen and start reaching for the light switch but instead, I find a hand. A scream irrupts from my throat and I stumble away. I hear a laugh and the light comes on. Damian.

“You put Kylie in her place.” He says and starts rummaging around in the cabinets.

“Well, you was wrong. She Is a b-witch all the time.” I say.

“You barely know her. Lucky Charms?”

“I know enough. Yes please.” He pours some Lucky Charms into two bowls and passes one to me, getting milk from the fridge. He pours some over our cereal and I thank him. I start eating it and he watches, clearly amused.

“Lucas is going to love you, if you stop biting his head off.” He says.

“So I’ve been told.” I reply dryly. He shrugs innocently and motions me to follow him towards the dining room. We sit down across from each other and I throw my legs over his lap.

“Do I look like a leg rest?” He asks playfully.

“No. More like the whole damn chair.” I tease and he grabs a marshmallow from his bowl, throwing it at me. I try to catch it but fail. I grab a rainbow marshmallow from mine and throw it at him. It hits his forehead and sticks. I almost fall out of my chair laughing as a small trickle of milk runs down his face.

“Oh, it’s on.” He says and throws a handful of cereal and milk at me.

“No! I just took a bath!” I laugh as the flying food hit me. I grab pieces of soggy cereal that stuck to me and throw them back. We chase each other around the dining room, throwing cereal at each other. I jump on his back and drop a few pieces in his hair. He grabs my legs and spins around quickly.

“What is going on?!” Someone screams and we immediately stop spinning. It takes a few seconds for my eyes to see straight but when I do I see an amused Eve and Ms. Carter but a mad-looking Lucas. Kylie is no where to be seen, fortunately. Dam drops me but I land on my feet. Thank you quick reflexes.

“Sorry Alpha.” Damian says and I hide behind him.

“I’ll clean this up.” I say and Ms. Carter shakes her head.

“It’s fine. I’ve got it.” She says and starts walking towards the kitchen.

“Damian, may I speak to you? Alone. Eve, take Addie and make sure she is fed. Then you both go to bed.” Lucas growls out and storms away. I roll my eyes at him and I walk over to Eve.

“I’m not hungry anymore.” I say and she nods. After I clean the milk and cereal off of me, she leads me to my room and tells me goodnight.

“Night.” I murmur and shut the door. I turn the lights off and lay under the covers, looking out the window. Maybe I should give Lucas a chance. He did save me after all. He might've kidnapped me and ruined my party, dispite the fact is was almost over, but still. I could've got killed. I'll give him a chance but one wrong move, I hate him again.

“Come on Ty. I know you’ll find me. You’ve always been there for me.” I speak through the bond before closing my eyes and forcing myself into a dreamless sleep.

Sorry if this chapter...or xc

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