The Alpha's Mate

Addison is the Alpha Female of the Evergreen pack, her father being the Alpha. At the age of 18, you can find your mate and perform the mating ritual. During Addison's 18th birthday party, the enemy pack, Shadow Moon pack, attack her pack. The Alpha of Shadow Moon pack, Lucas, kidnaps Addison but refuses to tell her why. Until her birthday...


2. Chapter 2

People rush for the doors, almost pushing me down in the process. I want to run but my legs are frozen in fear. Tyler’s hand wraps around my wrist tightly, jarring me into action.

“Go to the basement!” He screams but no body listens. They just keep trying to get through the doors but Tyler and I are in the way and they no better than to push me. Perks of being Alpha female. Tyler looks at me and nudges me. Confusion and fear must be evident on my face because he mouths ‘Command’ at me. Oh.

“Everyone to the basement! NOW!” I order and several of them glare but take off towards the basement when we move out of the way. Another perk of being the Alpha’s daughter, no one can resist my commands except other alpha’s, I think before I am being jerked towards the backdoor.

“Where are we going? What about the basement?” I scream at Tyler, worry filling my voice.

“Alpha Daniel has ordered me to take you to the safe house. He says Lucas will expect him to keep everyone in the main building so I am suppose to take you to safety and protect you.” Tyler huffs and I run to keep up. Heeled boots are NOT for running. The safe house is a little brick shack out in woods, hidden behind a bunch of tall, wide trees. Dad had it built a few years before my birth to make sure he could protect mom in case this situation happened, but now it’s for me and mom. He is a fighter so he don’t hide. Wait….mom!

“Where is mom?!” I exclaim, refusing to take another step towards the door. I will not leave here without my mom. Tyler throws me an exasperated look and adds more force behind each tug.

“Tyler, where is my mother?” I ask again through gritted teeth. So help me, if he does not tell me, I will find her myself.

“In the study! Your dad won’t let her leave! Something about not enough time! Addison, I have a command to get you to safety! Please, don’t make me disappoint Alpha Daniel and get you hurt.” Tyler pleads, nervous sweat glistening across his forehead as his brown eyes flitter back and forth between me and the door.

“Fine.” I relent and he swings open the backdoor, checking for danger before pulling me towards the small path leading towards the woods. I try to keep up but my boots aren’t allowing me to. I told Sarah no heels in any form but she begged. Look what heels got me: Inability to run. I feel one heel sink into the mud and when I yank at it, it cracks. I groan but I can’t stop to take the boots off due to Tyler’s relentless pulls. We run across the backyard, me glancing over my shoulder for someone following us.

“Run faster!”  Tyler screams at me and I glare.

“I’m trying! My boots broke!” I yell back. With a roll of his eye, he stops and motions for me to take the shoes off. After struggling with the damned zipper, I hastily take them off, throwing them across the yard and listen to them thud against the hard ground.

“Done.” I say and Tyler reaches for my wrists but with a snarl from me, he drops his hand. We take off in run again, dodging rocks and I notice movement from the corner of my eye. I instantly grab Tyler and lay flat on my stomach. He starts to pull me up but when I yank him down and he lands with an oomph, I point out the tall figure in the distance. The figure was just watching the attack, it’s back turned to us. I put a finger to my faded red lips and motion for Ty to be quiet. The person hasn’t seen us yet.

“Thank you.” He mouths and I nod. He’s my best friend, I wasn’t going to let him get us both killed. I notice a second figure walking towards the first figure and I see Tyler tilting his head, his ear kinda pointed to them. Wolf listening. Most people, humans, assume us wolves change completely but that’s not it at all. We can use certain wolf traits without fully changing.

Need assistance? My wolf asks, eager to help.

Hearing. I answer. Suddenly I can hear everything. The sound of crickets hopping through the grass, birds fluttering through the trees and most importantly, the conversation between Figure #1 and Figure #2.

“We managed to get inside and there was signs of a party of sorts.” Figure #2 says I a deep voice and I hear a grunt in reply. Figure #2 is a guy.

“Probably for daddy’s little princess.” Figure #1 says, also guy. I hold back a growl at his little remark about me. I’m not a princess. I’m a badass knight. I see Tyler smirk and I glare at him.

‘”Princess my ass.“ He says to me through the pack bond. The pack bond is a mind communication system so we can talk to the rest of the pack in private if we are close by. Distance kills it.

“Daniel has a daughter?” Figure #2 asks.

“Yes. Never met her. Never intend too either. How is everything coming?” Figure #1 says. Never intend to meet you too buddy, I think starkly.

“Who are these people?” I ask Tyler. He shrugs and I focus back on them.

“We can’t find anyone. They’re hiding.” Figure #2 says and a quick cheer passes through my mind. Tyler pokes my back and starts slowly army crawling towards the woods. I follow after him and try to be as silent as possible but a loud growl stops up. Figure #1 and #2 turn to us and I hear their feet hitting the ground as they run to us. The growl came from a rusty colored wolf right behind us. How did we not hear her coming?! The figures get within eye sight and Tyler pulls me up before shoving me behind him. He crotches down and my wolf whines to be released.

“Tyler.” I whisper, trying to step back but he growls, making me stop. I notice the 2 unknown figures watching the encounter. Figure #1 is a, against my better judgment, hot. He has gray eyes that sparkle in the moonlight and brown shaggy hair, similar to Tyler’s but darker. He is about 6”1 with broad shoulders and a chiseled jaw. His tight red plaid shirt makes his abs stand out. I turn my gaze to the 2nd figure and see him about to transform. He has bleach blonde hair, hazel eyes and a few inches shorter than Figure #2. I glance at him, his gray eyes meeting mine for a second before I am pushed back into the rough bark of a tree by Tyler. Figure #1 growls and starts to move forward but Tyler’s violent growl stops him. His eyes harden and a spark of fear shoots up my spine. I’ve never seen Tyler so violent.

“Tyler?” I ask in his mind and he puts his hands against the muddy ground, about to shift. The rusty colored wolf growls again and gets ready to pounce. Suddenly instead of Tyler pressing me against the tree, his tall tan wolf is. His fur rubs against my exposed legs and a feral snarl comes from him. Another spark of fear shoots up my spine like a roller coaster. He takes a step forward and Figure #2 shifts. A sandy colored wolf with a white belly takes his place and he stands with the rusty one. They look at the only guy still standing, Figure #1, and when he nods his head, they move closer. A small gasp of realization escapes my lips and his eyes shoot to me. Figure #1 is Lucas.

“Who are you?” He asks, his voice hard as steel.

“None of your business.” I say with a sudden burst of courage.

“Give me your name!” He screams, using Alpha command. Oh hell no.

“I said no.” I glare and Tyler smacks my leg with his tail.

“Don’t intimidate him.” He says and I focus my attention back to the fight in front of me. Rusty goes to attack but Tyler smacks his paw across her face, making her jump back. I notice Tyler is larger than them but he is outnumbered.

“I just want your name.” Lucas says, about to loose control. His anger evident in his face.

“I’ll say my name if you call back your mutts.” I spit, earning a growl from them. I know I’m a wolf but I don’t attack others.

“No deal sweetheart.” Lucas says smirking, making Tyler throw him a evil look. My wolf threatens to break free but I rein her in, not without a struggle.

“Then no name sweetheart.” I say, repeating his stupid pet name. He puts his hand out towards his wolves and they sit instantly, not liking the idea one bit.

“Good job. Was the so hard?” I retort, and earn another smack from Ty’s tail. I hear Lucas chuckle before he narrows his eyes.


“Addison. Not that it’s any of your business.” I tell him and he puts his hand down, his stupid wolves jumping back up.

“You ass! You said you’d pull them back!” I exclaim and he shrugs.

“You never said for how long.” My wolf claws at the wall holding her back, very thin wall, wanting out.

“CONTROL HER! You transforming will just make them even angrier!” Tyler screams. Normally I would fight back but seeing as he is protecting me, I’ll let it slide. The sandy wolf jumps for Tyler and the she-wolf follows him. I yelp when Tyler jumps up, grabbing the sandy one by his throat, throwing him into rusty, knocking them both to the ground.

“Go Ty!” I cheer. Despite him in defense mood, I hear the rumble in his chest, acknowledging my comment. Lucas glares and when the two wolves start to close in on us, I realize we’re screwed.

“Lucas! This is unfair! Make Rusty back down! One-on-one!” I yelp and he looks at me, astonished.

“You called me ‘Lucas’.” He says.

“Nah dur!” I say, hastily trying to help Tyler.

“Did I say you could call me that? NO!” He yells after a few seconds of deadly silence besides the sound of growling.

“Call one of them off.” I demand but he ignores me, nodding to his wolves. They both jump and Tyler tries to catch one like last time but sandy tackles him. Tyler yelps in pain and surprise. My eyes widen and fill with tears.

“Run! Turn! RUN! I’ll distract them!” Tyler yells at me but I’m frozen.

“Austin!! Tyler is being attacked!” I tell him. I sense his worry through the pack bond.

“I’m on my way.” Austin replies.

“Addison, go to the safe house. Be careful.” My dad’s powerful voice booms in my head and I start to back away but Lucas takes a step forward. Austin’s silver wolf jumps in front of me and nudges me back. Lucas sets his eyes on Austin and I start running.

I can hear them fighting behind me and it makes me run faster.

“Addison. Stop running.” I hear Lucas chime evilly from somewhere near me. My heart beat thuds in my chest and I full out sprint towards the safe house. But before I could get there, Lucas is in front of me.

“I said stop running.” He snarls. I stumble backwards and take off running in the opposite direction.

Let me out! My wolf begs and scratches at my wall. I sigh, knowing she’s my only chance of survival.

“Addison, co-!” Lucas yells for me but is cut off by me transforming into a sleek white wolf. My red dress rips down the middle and pools at my furry paws. I hear him groan in frustration and I run. My intensified eye sight shows every little detail of the woods and my hearing picks up Lucas’s heartbeat a few yards away. I pump my legs faster and jump over a fallen tree.

“Addison, I will get you.” I hear Lucas say. I growl but can’t help the sliver of fear that stabs through my heart.

How far are we away from the River Rush territory? I ask as I dodge low hanging branches and Lucas.

About a mile and a half. My wolf answers and I push her to run as fast as she can. My white paws hit the ground hard and the wind whistles through my furry coat.

“ADDISON!” Lucas screams, making my heart stop.

“I’m heading to River Rush territory.’ I tell my dad, Austin and Tyler.

“Are you okay? The wolves that were fighting Tyler and me just left a few minutes ago. Heading your way.” Austin responds. Shit. Now I have to outrun 2 wolves and one very pissed off Alpha. This should be easy, I think sarcastically.

“To be honest, no. Lucas is dead-set on getting me. Why?” I ask, whimpering in fear and confusion.

“I don’t know Addie. But he won’t get you. Not if I can stop it.” Austin says. Before I can reply, Tyler speaks up.

“Addie, run. Don’t stop until you’re safe. You’re my best friend. I can’t loose you. Run like you’ve never ran before. I love you Addie.” Tyler says, heartbroken. I feel my eyes tear up and run down my furry cheeks.

“I will Ty. I love you too. Stay safe.”  I say before the connection is broken from the distance. I see the ice blue marker up ahead, marking the start of the River Rush territory but between me and the marker is rogue territory. I run through, the moon light shimmering off my fur from the opening in the tree tops. Some rogues catch my scent and jump in front of me. I crouch down, snarling but the odds are 5-to-1. Not very hard to guess who’s going to win. I am bombarded with the thoughts of the rogues. In rogue territory, any wolf can hear the other’s thoughts. Alpha or not.

“Kill, kill, kill, kill.” One thinks while the others are really similar. All about me getting hurt. But one really catches my attention.

“Protect. No harm shall come to her.” I look for the owner of the thought but I am only answered with hard, blank, evil stares.

“Please. There’s an Alpha after me. I need to get through. I, Addison Evergreen, daughter of Daniel Evergreen, Alpha of the Evergreen pack, command you to let me through.” But I only succeed in making them even more angrier. Suddenly I am pushed down by a black and tan wolf. My head hit’s the ground hard and I fight to keep consciousness. The new wolf growls at the rogues and they start to move forward but he bites one and they all jump back. Chain reaction, I think.

“She came on our territory. She is ours to take and do as we please.” One rogue speaks up. The wolf that pushed me down and his gray eyes look down at me. My breath comes to a sudden halt in my throat. Lucas.

“I saw her first. You will leave her to me or I will kill you too.” Too. Meaning I am going to die. I try to struggle but black dots invade my vision. My last thought before I blacked out was: I believe the stories now Grandma.


Thoughts? Tips? Anything? I love feedback. Thanks for reading.

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