The Alpha's Mate

Addison is the Alpha Female of the Evergreen pack, her father being the Alpha. At the age of 18, you can find your mate and perform the mating ritual. During Addison's 18th birthday party, the enemy pack, Shadow Moon pack, attack her pack. The Alpha of Shadow Moon pack, Lucas, kidnaps Addison but refuses to tell her why. Until her birthday...


11. Chapter 11.

~~With a defeated grunt, I lay back on the bed and stares at the ceiling.

I really don't understand to why you're mad. My wolf speaks up and I roll my eyes, her voice eliciting another grunt.

Don't you ever shut up? I growl to her and I can feel her roll her eyes as she snarls. I try to shut her back out but this time, she fights. Usually I can overcome her but this time, I couldn't.

You will stop shutting me out! You will accept him as our mate! I will not let your stubbornness stop us all from being happy! We are meant to be together and you're pushing him away! She growls and my heart stops beating as her words fall over me. Go to him? Or stay here in my room?

Go. To. Him! She pips in, her voice one of pure rage and desperation.

"No." I say to myself in the quiet room and before she can answer, I slam the block up. I don't care what she says to me later, she can fuck herself. Giggles erupt from my mouth as I clutch my stomach at the realization of what I said registered in my mind. Herself is technically myself. I hear someone walk past my bedroom door but I can't stop the laughter. The shadow of someone standing in front of the door peers in from the bottom crack.

"Who is it?" I laugh and the door opens slightly, revealing Eve.

"What's so funny?" She asks me and I look at her, shrugging.

"Nothing. Just my thoughts." I tell her and she walks over to my bed, sitting on the edge. I can tell she has been crying and my laughter comes to an abrupt end.

"What's wrong?" I ask her and her teary eyes meet mine. I crawl over to her and wrap my arms around her thin frame. She leans into me and I hear her sniffle.

"Lucas. You. I don't want you two to reject each other. Why won't you talk to him? It's eating him from the inside out." She whines as her eyes flash from her normal green to a bright green and then back. Her wolf will be taking control pretty soon.

"Eve, calm down. I will go talk to him tomorrow. I want to sleep." I tell her and she nods slowly.

"Promise?" She asks like a child who just got a cookie.

"I promise." I tell her and she stands up. Her eyes go back to normal and she gives me a one-armed hug. That shit tricked me. Before I can mention it, she is walking to my door.

"The only reason he didn't tell you was because he was scared you'd reject him before you even saw what he was like. He wants you to like him for his personality before the mate pull had any effect." She told me and left, shutting the door. Darkness cloaks me like a blanket and I fall back into my bed. Burying myself into the pillows, I try to get some sleep.


After what feels like forever, I finally stop tossing and turning. The mate pull won't let me sleep. It's pulling me to his room. Maybe if I just saw him. I stand up and walk to my door. I turn the knob before I change my mind and run down the hallway to his room. I crack the door and peek my head inside. All I see is darkness.

Help me out? I ask my wolf and get a hug in return.

I'm trying to see out mate. Don't huff and just help. The second I say that, the darkness becomes light. I see his clothes tossed everywhere, scratches from her must have wolfed out line the wall. It wasn't like this earlier. With a sigh, I focus my attention on him. HIs back is turned to me and I take the advantage to sneak in. I try to stealthily climb into his bed, thinking he is asleep. I was wrong. The second I get in bed, he turns to me and stares at me. HIs gray eyes bore into my blue ones, causing my wolf to howl and butterflies flap around.

"Addison?" He mumbles like he doesn't believe I'm really there, but a fragment of his imagination.

"I can't sleep. I'm sorry. I'll go." I mumble and start to get back up. My wolf whines in agony and Lucas's eyes turn a dark gray as if steel, signaling his wolf is angry and wanting out. My eyes flash to the claw marks on the walls and my heart catches in my throat. He must have noticed because his eyes went soft again.

"You can stay. I'm happy you came to me." He says and his arms are around my waist before I can run off. I find myself being pulled against his chest and his face buried in the crook of my neck, smelling me.

"Why must you sniff me?" I ask causing him to chuckle. His breath fans over my neck and Goosebumps rise up on my arms.

"You smell wonderful." He compliments and my cheeks turn a bright scarlet, flaming.

"T-thank you." I stutter and he pulls back to stare at me, grinning. I feel him pull the covers over us and I burrow into his side.

"Go to sleep Addi." He tells me softly and I get comfortable. Just as I was about to go to sleep, he mumbles something. I don't quite understand yet it sounds like "Sweet dreams my mate."

I woke up alone, though the spot next to me was still warm.

"Lucas?" I mumble, still half asleep. He doesn't respond. Where did he go? I sit up, rubbing my eyes and looks around. The door was shut and the clothes that were scattered across the room was gone. He cleaned apparently. Or maybe Ms. C did. Either way it had been cleaned. All evidence of his freak attack was gone, other for the scratches on the wall. A pout forms on my lips as I get out the bed. My feet hit the cold floor and I scurry to the door, opening it slowly. I hear a low growl behind me and I freeze.

"I take a shower and you decide to haul ass." I hear a chuckle and I glance over my shoulder at Lucas. A shirtless Lucas. My heart catches and I force myself not to stare.

"I didn't k-know where you was." I stutter lamely.

"I have a private bathroom." He says and points to a door. How have I not seen that? He starts walking towards me and I open the door more. Nope. He isn't get close to me without a shirt. This isn't not Jacob Black love story.

"Addison?" He smirks, seeing his affect. I bet he can hear my heart going crazy as the urge to run to him is deafening.

"Lucas." I squeak out and he steps closer. The door is fully open by this time and I'm about to run.

"Leaving so soon?" He asks tauntingly and I turn my back to him. His steps get closer to me and I chew on my bottom lip. I feel his breathe hit the back of my neck and I run.

I lean against my door when I get back to my room, my heart still going crazy.

Why would you leave then? My wolf whines. Good to know his shirtless self didn't only affect me. I don't answer her and I push myself off the door with my foot.  What to do now.  I haven't tried reaching my pack recently, maybe I could try and get ahold of them.  I wanted to but a little thing in me wouldn't let me.  What if I did get ahold of them?  Would I want to go home?  Would I really leave Lucas?  I groan and go over to the window.  I peer out at the pond and sigh.  I don't think I could leave him.  The mate pull would get to me and him both.  If I was to leave, there is no doubt in my mind he'd follow.   So my answer is no.  I couldn't leave.  Yes, I miss my pack.  But without Lucas, my mate, I'd get sick.  Sick as in loosing appetite, head aches, never leave my bed, and turning into a living corpse.  So excuse me if I don't want to leave. 

"So, where were you last night?"  Eve says from the doorway and I jump. Damn it! Why didn't I hear her?

You was so busy thinking about not leaving Lucas.  The smugness in her voice pisses me off and I shut her out.  Cocky wolf.

"What do you mean?"  I ask her and turn to face her.  Her hair is pulled up in a messy bun on the top of her head and she wears a tiny smirk on her bright pink lips.

"I mean, where did you sleep?"  She giggles and my face flames.  Internally cursing myself for being weak last night, I steel my back.

"In a bed.  Why?  Where did you sleep?  The woods?"  I tease and she scrunches her face up.

"Says the other wolf in the room,"  She starts and I smile at my joke, "I know you was in a bed.  But whose bed?  I came in here last night ad you wasn't here." She's caught me.

"I take it you already know, so go hang out with Matt."  I grunt and she squeals in victory.

"Well, the way you snuggled into his chest and he held you like you was going to leave, seemed to me that you aren't as mad." She giggles before running out the room.  Before I shut my door I hear her scream down the hall that she has pictures and then she's down the stairs.

 Mission A: get her phone and delete those damned photos.

Even though the small smile that plays on my lips, I roll my eyes at her.  Time to pick out an outfit for today. I walk over to my closet and start going through the clothes.  Pink tank top, black crop top, green Tom and Jerry hoodie, or a various selection of regular short sleeved shirts.

"Argh."  I glare and shut the closet door.  Guess today is a pajama day.  Wonder if I could go get another slice of cake.  Probably.  But what if I run into Lucas?  The though of his shirtless runs through my mind and I glare at nothing. 

"Just run.  Do it for the cake."  I encourage myself and walk to the door.  I peek my head out the door and Dam walks by.

"Damien."  I hiss and he pauses, looking at me.

"Addison?"  He asks, confused.

"Would you escort me to the kitchen for cake?"  I giggle like a child.  With a goofy smile playing on his lips, he nods.  I hook my arms with his and we start walking downstairs.

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