We were hiders

There will be secrets and there will be lies; but there will also be the truth and you know what they say about the truth – they say that it hurts. You will find within a mystery about magic and finding out who you really are. Are you ready?


5. We were finders

~~Chapter Four
We were finders
In which the mystery is solved

Gwen approached the park, it was once the place where the children would yell and scream in sheer delight. Where one would play on the swing - up and down, up and down. She would be pretending to be flying like an eagle. Where another two would play hopscotch. Jump - Jump, 1, 2, 3, 4, and a 5. Where a stray pair are making sandcastles in the sandbox. They would giggle in glee. Where three would go down the slide. It's a competition to see who can zoom down that metal shoot the fastest. It was the place where a boy monkeys around on the monkey bar. Another offers him a banana thinking he's at the zoo.
A place of joy - where innocence still stood. The Playground. But it was no longer that place.
Now it was a place of loneliness. Where the paint was crumbling in places and Mother Nature was the only occupant. It was sad really but she supposed that it was the way life was; things thrived and things declined. Gwen remembered a time where she was that girl who wanted to touch the sky on a swing. It was the place where she sat at that very moment, swinging forlornly on its eroding seat. The final letter was clutched in her hand, she found it in a box buried in the sand in the sand box. She was scared to open it. She opened the envelope with shaking hands. The note itself was small and there was not much written on it. She read it. She froze. She didn’t get a chance to do much else.

They snatched the girl off of that swing in that playground and dragged her into the nearby woods; her body made a shallow track in the mud, from her world into theirs. The girl screamed. They did not stop.
They had been waiting for the girl, they were starving suffering from a hunger that gnawed and burned. The hunger for the knowledge and the power that only she had. They got to the towering safety of the woods, where no one would see nor hear them and they crouched around her, trapping her. Their hands grabbed at her, hauling her this way and that as she tried to scream and fight. Then she caught a pair of familiar eyes, eyes that were warm and fine and told her that everything would be okay. She was placated by the eyes of the boy who she had come to like. As she turned away and lay, so still and silently, on the muddy ground, the eyes turned cold and lifeless. She could’ve screamed again, but she didn’t. She could’ve shouted and squirmed and done something, but she didn’t. She didn’t because those cunning eyes told her that it would be okay. She just stared up at the occasionally speared sky and let them drag her away. One picked her up and held something to her mouth.
She drifted away to the sight of those calming, yet cunning, eyes and to the sight of such a familiar tree stump.

When she awoke she was in a cellar. It was dark and the only thing that illuminated the room was a swinging light above her. But it wasn’t any lightbulb that she had ever saw; the light was green. It made everything else green and the shadows made her blood freeze in her veins, each shadow resembled that of a monster just waiting to wrap its jaws around her. It was terrifying.
She must have spent who knows how long in that cellar alone, cold and shiver, making herself sick with her worry and her thoughts. At last someone came for her. Gwen felt drugged though, something was swimming through her veins that wasn’t right, making her eyesight better, her sense of smell and everything of herself better. So when Rob stepped through the door she could see a dark something hovering over him, clinging to his back almost, like a second skin on top of his own. “You are exactly what we are looking for,” he said, his voice cold and twisted with his malice.

“What do you mean?” Gwen croaked, her voice gritty and horrible. She tried to sit up but failed due to her lack of strength. What did they do to her? Where was she? What did they want with her?

Rob dropped the envelope on the floor and the note scattered out. It landed a few paces away from her, the writing face up.

Dear my Wendy,
I am Merlin, you are my daughter. You have my power and you are going to be great...

There was more to it than that, but those were the only words that she allowed herself to read properly.

It had been a great shock to her. She was a wizard and she had power. Her father was Merlin, some legend of Arthurian stories. The stories were real and so was magic. It seemed impossible, mythical, unheard of, but there it was. Her whole life had been a lie, because her father had lied about who he was and he had kept that great lie that she was nothing but ordinary and safe and fine. She was so not ordinary, so not safe and definitely not fine. “What do you want from me?”
Rob laughed humorlessly, "We were sent here to retrieve heirlooms, weren't we? You would have never have guessed that the heirlooms we were sent to find was not an object, but a girl. A girl of magic, Merlins Magic, to capitalise it. Sent personally by King Arthur to find you, it was just that display that we found your true nature."

Gwen allowed the betrayal to swirl in her head. But then he laughed and the facade broke a little, just a fraction.

“We are a part of the same circle that your father and Morgana led back in the day, we want to overrule Camelot and avenge Morgana, and you’re going to help us.”
“You have no hope in hell of that happening,” Gwen retorted, her father may have been in that cause but he was only in it for the love of Morgana, maybe he thought that he could show others that her ideas had some proper reasons to them, or that he could change her motives. She was definitely not doing it even if the boy she like was on that side.
“Oh, you have no hope in hell of resisting. You have the power that we need and we will do anything to obtain it,”
Then she didn’t have control of her body. She was standing up and meeting Rob’s eyes without even realising it or meaning to do it. She was smirking then too, “It would be my pleasure to help your cause,” a voice said and it took her a moment to realise that she had said it. She hadn’t meant to. She would never mean to say those words. She tried to resist, she really did, but all she managed was to make herself fall. Rob stared at her with a merciless smile,
“I may not be as powerful as you are but you are inexperienced, not even a novice, times have changed and magic is no longer outlawed which means that there are lessons on the go. I found that my 'talent', to go by the words of your father, was possession of other beings, sinister magic if you want to be precise. Too bad that by the time you figure out your own talent, Camelot will no longer belong to King Arthur.” He spat and then suddenly she was walking again and talking again and behaving to Rob’s wills with just a wave of his hand.

She didn’t like it, not one bit.

She found herself then walking out of the cellar and across woodland after woodland with a sword in her hand and fury boiling in her veins. Fury at herself for being so weak and fury at Arthur for killing her mother. Rob’s voice in the back of her head told her that they killed her chance of a family and things of that like. That fuelled her anger more at the other side and yet she didn’t want to be mad which made her mad at herself. It was a vicious cycle.

Eventually, their group (which contained many people wearing dark smirks) came face to face to the other side. What she presumed was King Arthur, a brave man with blonde hair and a mass of muscles, stood at the front of his army and although they all grim they looked brave and determined.

Then they fought. Blades met with other blades. Power rippled in the air. Blood erupted everywhere from both sides, and people went down. One moment Gwen was looking at the ground, she realised that she was in the centre of the battle, and she was alone (for one precious moment) and she saw something strange. She saw the body of the same exact woman she saw in the painting and in a strange dream; the body of Morgana le Fay, her mother. She was bloodied, with a huge bloodstain on her chest from the wound in which caused her death, yet she still looked beautiful. She looked peaceful in her death. Looking to her left Gwen saw her father, holding his dying love in his arms. He looked broken. Those things couldn’t be real, could they? Gwen looked farer to the left and saw Rob, and then she looked to the right and saw Rob? Wait, what?

There were two Rob’s. One with dark eyes and one with light, determined ones. She looked to the left again and the dark eyed Rob melted before her eyes, becoming a more bulky man than he was. He had worn a glamour in order to fool her and become Rob. That was when her compulsion broke.

Her anger was fiercer than it had ever been before.

She screamed.

First everything went quiet. Then all of a sudden, the sounds started.

The images of her father and mother became brighter and she could see others fighting around them. Their astral forms caused the people around her to become dazed and frightened as the spirits fought invisible enemies. The light intensified and the wind picked up. Blinding and rushing, she collapsed to her knees and allowed everything to crash like waves above her. It was all a tornado of magic. 
Usually the sound of a tornado depends on what it is hitting, its size, intensity, closeness and other factors. This time the mass of wind produced by the influx of power wasn’t hitting anything, it was just swirling around them blowing their clothes and skin fiercely. The most definitive sound was a continuous rumble, almost like a close by train. Sometimes some would think that the tornado produced a loud whooshing sound, like that of a waterfall or of open car windows while driving very fast. But it was not as bad as it could’ve been, that tornado could have sped through civilisation and tornadoes which are tearing through densely populated areas would have produced all kinds of loud noises at once, which collectively may have made a tremendous roar, and caused a wide range of damage and destruction.

Everyone, from both sides, was blown away and in the centre there stood Gwen (a poor, raging girl) unleashing everything that she had on to the world. Power was just pouring off of her and if she didn’t stop or someone didn’t stop her soon, she would not only destroy everything and everyone, but destroy herself. The people around her, the King and the William's who had been called back, looked on with puzzled eyes. They had to do something. Anything.

Rob, and the brave soul that he possessed, stepped forward. “What are you doing?” Sebastian, hissed and shouted at the same time. Rob just shot him a look that basically said ‘what does it look like I’m doing?’
“You can’t go in that power storm you’ll be killed,” Melanie shouted in reply to his look.
“They’re right, Robin if you do this there is no guarantee that you or Merlin’s daughter will come out alive, the power is too great,” King Arthur shouted to him. His eyes were fixed on the spiritual form of his long gone friend, Merlin who was in the centre kneeling and crying over his dying love.
But Rob knew what he had to do.

He was preparing to run and he could feel his siblings and his parents hand on his arms trying to restrain him, stop him, but it didn’t work.
He ran full pelt into the eye of the storm.
The wind was so intense that with each step that he took he thought that he was going to get blown away and impaled by something. The raw magic burned at his skin, challenged his own traces of magic. But he had to get to Gwen.

It was that determination that made him get to Gwen in the centre of the power storm. “Gwen you have to stop this!” He shouted, once he found her kneeling on the ground. Her eyes were glowing a violent, royal purple and her hair was whizzing around her. She looked beautiful despite the chaos around her.
“I can’t,” she seemed to say as she looked at him, tears streaming down her cheeks, “I don’t know how to!” she shouted, "I don't want to," and she didn't because she saw her father again through it all and she was finally doing something. Albeit it was an impossible something, but it was something nonetheless.
“Okay, okay,” Rob muttered as he came to kneel opposite her. He put her hand on his heart like when she had a panic attack and tried to think of a way to help her stop it. “Okay, just breathe with me, in out, in and out nice and slow.”
“This isn’t a freaking panic attack Rob,” Gwen shouted. She was what their family was looking for, what everybody was looking for, her power could cure the mysterious illness that had swept Camelot. But right now she could kill herself, that knowledge and a lot of others.
Rob tried to think of anything, absolutely anything that would get her to stop the storm, he only had one option left and that was on a whim. “I am going to tell you a secret and then you can’t slap me,” He shouted. He leaned down to her ear, “My real name, my full birth given name is Robin Hood,” he whispered and then he kissed her.

The storm then stopped.

It was all over. Once everybody was able to see once more, they found the two bodies of Gwendolyn Hunter, the daughter of Merlin, and Robin Hood, the adoptive son of the family of William, leaning with their heads touching, gasping and smiling for everything they were worth.

It was finally over.


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