Blood Thirsty

Four Teenagers with Completely Different lives end up in the same hospital. A group of doctor play with the Teenagers genetics and change them into supernatural creatures. They have to work together to find the cure to become human before it to late. Escaping the hospital they go on a long journey to escape the doctors.


6. Victoria Janet Evergreen - 5

School is finally over with....

Gabby and I go to photography class after school to do some extra credit.

"You know, I think, I am going to take pictures of my horse out on the farm." Gabby smiled.

"I am going to do the tree's out in ravenville." I grinned. 

We head on our way to take the photos.

As I reach the forest it begins to rain down softly. 

This forest was my favorite place to be alone. 

Taking my camera out and I head out into the forest.

The forest stung my nose with a fresh earthy smell. 

I take pictures of the rain running down the leaves.

Something snapped behind me. 

I turn around quickly and find a rabbit.

Turning around something hit my head..

I see a figure with a metal pipe, before falling on the ground.

Trying to crawl away, the figure hit my head again.

Darkness washed over me.....


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