Blood Thirsty

Four Teenagers with Completely Different lives end up in the same hospital. A group of doctor play with the Teenagers genetics and change them into supernatural creatures. They have to work together to find the cure to become human before it to late. Escaping the hospital they go on a long journey to escape the doctors.


4. Peirce Brooks - 3

Damn it! 

Why does mother have to drink 24/7?

She layed passed out on the coach... With her head in a pillow, she moaned.

I head out the door and lock door behind me. 

Getting into my truck, I head to school. 

Finding a parking spot, I head to my friend Aaron's car.

There he was smoking a cigarette. 

"You know that's going to kill you." I smirked.

"OKAY...MOM!" He punched my arm.

We make it just in time for class... just as the bell rang. 

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