Blood Thirsty

Four Teenagers with Completely Different lives end up in the same hospital. A group of doctor play with the Teenagers genetics and change them into supernatural creatures. They have to work together to find the cure to become human before it to late. Escaping the hospital they go on a long journey to escape the doctors.


5. Nicholas Hayes - 4

"She is HOT!" I grinned up at Matt.

"I can't believe your going on a date with this babe!" He puffed his chest out and laughed.

Meggy Burns is so Hot.... And my best friends going on a date with her.

Getting in my car, I speed to school with Matt.

School is for football.... I hate school...

Dolly Ann passed right by me... OH DAMN!

Her blonde hair and blue eyes were stunning...

"Close your mouth, your drooling!" Matt smirked. 

Ringgggggg............Oops late to class again.

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