Blood Thirsty

Four Teenagers with Completely Different lives end up in the same hospital. A group of doctor play with the Teenagers genetics and change them into supernatural creatures. They have to work together to find the cure to become human before it to late. Escaping the hospital they go on a long journey to escape the doctors.


3. Jasmine Selina James - 2

Brushing my long black hair, I wait for Lizzie to finish her makeup.

My goal today is to have Mark ask me to homecoming.

Putting my lip stick on, I look at Lizzie.

"Will you hurry up, bitch! We have to go now!" I winked at her.

She smiled and grabbed her bag and walked out the door.

When we reached school, Mark walked up to me and smiled.

His short brown hair and blue eyes, really stood out.

"Hey babe, go to Homecoming with me?" He smiled, I am seriously dying.

"Me?" I asked.

"No, Lizzie, right?" He smirked. My heart stopped. 

"Yes, that's me! And yes, I will go with you" She stepped from behind me. Planting a kiss on his lips.


I walked away from my best friend and my crush kissing... today was going to suck!

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