So when you have today - Justin hills/Kellin Quinn

Kellin had always told me that when I had today, I should say all that I had to say. And now when I have the two guys I've fallen hopelessly in love with I don't know what to say anymore.


2. Stay for tonight, if you want to - Chapter 2

Justin's POV

I smile and look down, seeing Rose had fallen asleep. I really missed her, I was so pissed at Kellin when he stopped talking to her. I don't know, maybe it's because she's my best friend or maybe it's because I like her more than that.

"You like her, don't you." Jesse calls out.

I cover her ears and glare at him. "Don't wake her up jackass."

"That doesn't answer my question." He says.

I sigh and look down at her, she looked absolutely beautiful. Her dyed purple hair was going in a few different directions, a small smile plastered on her thin, pale pink lips. Her makeup, done perfectly, starting to smear over her eyelids. A smile crept over my lips and I looked up at Jesse, by now everyone was looking at me.

A blush stains my cheeks and I nod. "Yeah, I do."

The guys all whistle and start cheering. "WOO YOU GO JUSTIN, GETTIN IT."

I glare at Jack as he yells that loudly, hearing it echo.


He wiggles his eyebrows.

"I'm taking her back to my house. Bye guys."

All of them raise their eyebrows at me.

"Oh fuck off." I mumble and pick her up.

I carefully carry her to the car and buckle her in, getting in the drivers seat. I begin to drive home and quickly glance over at her. She is so beautiful.

I get back to my house and carry her in. I walk up to my room with her still in my arms.

I've seen her without clothes (but we decided to forget about that) so I highly doubt she would care if I changed her. And I hope she knows I wouldn't do anything. I lay her on the bed, and somehow she's still asleep. I change her into one of my pairs of swear pants (which were huge on her) and a t-shirt.

I place her under the blankets and crawl in next to her, pulling her to my chest. And then I realize something.

I'm in love with my best friend, Alexandria Jaiden Rose.

*next morning*

Rose's POV

I woke up with my face nearing someone else's face close to mine. I have a spaz attack because I don't remember last night at all.

All I could think is the worst until the guy wakes up and I realize it's Justin.

"Woah woah woah Rose are you okay?" He fully wakes up immediately and look at me.

After I calm down and I shake my head at my stupidity.

"Thank you, and yes I'm okay bae." I speak slowly and kiss his nose.

He smiles and hugs my tightly. "How about we have a Justin and Rose day?" He asks and I smile wide, nodding.

"Since I know you love swimming, but have something's you need to keep to yourself. I realize that I have my own pool, so...." He trails off.

"Awe Justin. The only thing is I don't have a bathing suit.." I say sadly.

"Oh yeah," he says and jumps up, walking over to his closet.

He opens it and takes out a really nice black bikini.

"Do you always come prepared or?" I ask and he laughs.

"Always." He replies and hands it to me. I run into his bathroom and look at my outfit.

Awe, he changed my clothes. I quickly change into the bikini he had gave me.

I looked at myself in the mirror and grimaced at the scars marking my skin.

I swallow hard, scared to leave the bathroom. Though I know Justin wouldn't stare, it still makes me feel like a freak.

Why am I so scared to let Justin see me in a bathing suit? I don't know. Do I like him? I don't know.

I don't know.

I take a deep breath and grasp the door handle, turning it a bit. I open the door and I step out. I see Justin in swimming trunks and shirtless, looking down at his phone.

I bite my lip and say very quietly "Ta da.." I say and stare at him.

He looks up and widens his eyes, looking at my whole body. I shift uncomfortably and look down.

"Yeah.. I'll go change." I mutter and turn to walk back into the bathroom.

"Hey, Rose. Baby no. You're absolutely beautiful. Okay? Beautiful." He says and hugs me tightly.

I hug back just as tight and whisper in his ear "you're the first person that's ever called me beautiful." I say.

He pulls back and looks at me completely surprised. "You're joking, right?" He says and I shake my head.

"Well, baby. You are gorgeous. Now let's go swimming." He says and picks me up.

I felt butterflies in my stomach when he called me beautiful and I smile. He carries me into the backyard, and thankfully it can't be seen by anyone.

Just when I think he's about to put me down, he jumps into the pool with me.

I widen my eyes and swim to the top and squeak. "You asshat." I call out as he comes to the top, Laughing.

"You're a dick, Justin." I say and shiver.

He swims over to me and hugs me tightly. I bury my face in his neck and wrap my legs around his waist.

"I love you Justin." I mumble and kiss his shoulder.

"I love you too my lovely bunch of Roses." He says and I look at him.

"Did you just-"

"I did. Sue me." He says and I roll my eyes and swim away from him.

"Come backkkkkk I'm lonelyyyyy." He calls out and pouts.

I swim back over to him underwater and pop up beside him.

"Yay you're back." He said and I roll my eyes.

"You're such a child."

"But you love it."

"Eh, someday's more than others." I reply and he looks at me hurt.


"Oh shush, I love you boo." I say and kiss his cheek a few times.

He smiles and kisses my forehead. "Good. I love you too."

We fool around for a few hours and later I find myself sitting on the side of the pool, watching Justin show off.

He swims over to me and places his arms on the cement beside me, resting his head on my leg.

"Hey Roses?" He asks.

"Yeah love?" I answer.

"Wanna go out to eat with all the guys later?"

"Yeah sure, why not." I say softly and play with his hair.

"The only think is he'll probably bring Kate." Justin remarks and I shrug.

"Oh well, as I like to say, you win some you lose some."

He looks up at me and I smile at him.

"Sit next to me." I say and pat the ground next to me.

He pulls himself up and pulls me into his lap "You know you really are absolutely perfect Alexandria." He whispers.

"I hope you know that you are too Justin." I mumble.

I feel myself leaning closer, as is he. And I swear that time stopped as our lips connected. It was amazing. I thought that I liked Kellin but holy hell, my feelings are sky high for Justin hills.

I pull away a bit and peck his lips.

"I..... I think I love you Rose." He mumbles.

"Justin... I.. I love you too." I say and he looks up at me.

"You do?"

"I do." I say and kiss him again.

"So Rose, how about we just keep this between us for now, okay?" He says and I nod.

"I love you Justin."

"I love you too baby girl."

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