So when you have today - Justin hills/Kellin Quinn

Kellin had always told me that when I had today, I should say all that I had to say. And now when I have the two guys I've fallen hopelessly in love with I don't know what to say anymore.


37. I've ran out of song lyrics PLS don't hate me - Chapter 37

A/N I'm really finding it hard to write chapters so, I'm going to be ending this story sooner than expected. I'm skipping to the 9 months mark, when she's having the baby. Thank you for sticking with me and this story through the times. I LOVE YOU GUYS <3

Rose's POV

Let me tell you. When yore about to give birth, it is insanely fucking painful. I'm sure that I may have broken Justin's hand by now but I didn't give a shit.

"Roses, just breathe." He speaks softly.

"Listen here you dick, I'd like to see you about to push a fucking CHILD out of you, and then tell you to breathe!" I groan. "Next time, you're getting pregnant!" I exclaim and grip his hand tighter.

"Baby, I don't think that works like that." He chuckles.

I grit my teeth as the doctor come in and looks at me. "Just here to check things out." He says and checks everything.

He looks at me and looks back down. "It seems..." He mutters and looks back at me. "You're 10 centimetres dilated. You can start pushing."

I nod and grip Justin's hand and stare at the white wall behind the doctor.

"And.. Push." He says and I push as hard as I can.

Extreme pain courses through my body and a scream escapes my lips. I try and not think about it and focus my eyes back on the wall, but squeeze them shut again when it's time to push.

An eternity passes and more pain surges through my body. And other push, and another scream. Then nothing but a baby crying fills my ears. My eyes begin to water and the doctor furrows his eyes In what looks like extreme confusion.

"W-what's wrong?" Justin asks him and he looks from me to him and blinks a few times, looking back down.

"There's another baby.. Were you aware you were having twins?" He asks and my eyes widen.

"You mean to tell me, there's been two babies in me this whole time?! I have to do that again?!" I exclaim and he nods.

"It never showed up on any ultra-sounds?"

I shake my head.

"Well, there is definitely another baby. But you need to wait to push." He says and I see the nurse rush off with my baby in her arms.

"So... We kinda got a two for one deal.." Justin jokes and I stare at him.

"I have to do that again. And you're making jokes. You better be a fucking saint after this is over, taking into consideration I just might fucking kill you." I seethe through waves of pain.

He widens his eyes and I grasp his hand tightly.

After a full 20 minutes of pure pain the doctor returned and smiles at me. "It's time." He says and I breathe in shakily.

"Whenever you're ready." He tells me and I nod.

An agonizing pain tore through my body and a mangled sob escaped my lips. I pushed as hard as I could but something wasn't right. It just felt so wrong. My whole body was burning with an odd pain and my mind wouldn't let me channel it out.

It wasn't distinct enough for me to place what the pain felt like, I just knew it was there and it burned and it drove me insane.

The doctor looks at me with a worried expression and without warning Justin was being rushed out. I cried and reached for him but he was gone.

"Alexandria, listen to me. Push as hard as you can. But only when I tell you to. When I say stop, stop. Got it?" He states firmly and I nod.


I push as hard as I can and pain once again takes over, but I didn't care. I heard a cry and I knew the baby was okay. Well, at least somewhat okay. But I knew I wasn't. My heart wasn't beating at a regulated pace and my vision blurred and black spots entered my vision.

I don't remember much after that, but sleep seemed to take over. After all the exhaustion of pushing two children out of you finally Loomed over, but I knew it wasn't sleep.

Justin's POV

I was taken back to the waiting room and tears were falling. I knew something was wrong. It was obvious. Everyone was out in the waiting room ad I'm sure by seeing my facial expressions they knew something happened.

"Justin? What happened?!" Kellin.

"There... We have twins. But, something went wrong with Rose." I sob out and Tay pulls me into a hug.

I collapse into her arms and I shake my head, refusing to believe she might not be okay. Tay and I sit in the chairs and soon a nurse in plain, light blue scrubs walks out, holding two baby's. One wrapped In a pink blanket, and one in blue.

My eyes soften and the tears stop as she walks over to me. "I presume you Know what the names will be?" She asks, handing me the boy. I smile softly and nod.

Tay takes the girl and the nurse hands me the papers.

The first born was the boy, and he had dark hair, like Rose. He had a mix blue and green in his eyes and his nose looked like Rose's. He looked just like her, with few aspects of me. He was absolutely perfect.

Of course we had the names picked out, one boy and one girl. We didn't think we needed both, but apparently we did.

I filled out his birth certificate with extreme delicacy. If anything, I could not fuck this up.

Greyson Kellin Hills.

I smiled and looked at Tay, asking her if she wanted to switch.

"Hey guys, meet Greyson Kellin Hills. One of the newest members to the family," I tell them and Kellin snaps his head up, smiling.

"His middle name is named after me?" He asks and I nod.

I hand him to Tay and take my little girl from her. A smile forms on my lips and I small sob escapes. I kiss her forehead softly and smile. She had a little bit more of me than Rose, but still perfect nonetheless. Her and Grey looked extremely alike, I carefully wrote down everything needed and smiled.

Greyson Kellin Hills and Cadence Tay Hills.

My perfect babies. I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect, but now all I could wish for is our WHOLE family to be okay...

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